naturism and racial color blindness

A conversation on Twitter prompted this poll about the approach naturist should take in interacting with people of color. Share additional thoughts in the comments section  

Should naturists try to be racially colorblind?

One thought on “naturism and racial color blindness”

  1. EcoLou avatar Lou says:

    ,Nudists and all people should not be RACIST. To ask someone with eyesight to NOT notice the color of another’s skin, is a bit ridiculous, don’t you think. I recently joined a global pen pal club. I am seeking friends in Asian and Africa because I want to learn more about Asian and African people, language, and culture among many, many other things. Am I a racist when I do a search for “Asian” and/or “African” people to converse with?? I could really benefit from a more diverse group of friends. I feel as though I am missing out on so many experiences in life because my daily life is very monochromatic.

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