Should naturist activities be restricted to those over 18 years old

Reaction to a Calgary Natruist group plan for an all age swim at public facility got us thinking about this week’s talk up Tuesday question

Should naturist activities be restricted to those over 18 years old? Read some of the articles below then talk up tell us what you think!

This Nudist Swimming Event Has Triggered A Huge Freak-Out In Calgary (via BuzzFeed)

Naked truth: Calgary naturist group blasted for public pool tradition (via CTVNews)

  1. Chrisb avatar
    Chrisb 8 months ago

    Certainly not.

    i was brought up in a nudist family, saw my parents and grandparents naked all the time.

    nudity was never an issue.

    my kids were brought up the same way and I have two very well balanced kids who are happy with their bodies.

  2. Greenbare avatar
    Greenbare 8 months ago

    The primary “work” of all children is learning all the information and behavior they will need to be functional adults. Children need and have a strong desire to learn about themselves and their own species by passively observing a wide variety of members of their species, including adults and other children. Anyone or any culture that systematically deprives children of an opportunity to observe and learn about their own species is being harmful and deliberately hurtful to its children.

    I have found on various social media that many nudists began going naked at a young age, often around 9 or 10 years or even younger. Often they report becoming nudists in opposition to their parent’s compulsion for clothing. My own experience was sneaking out at night and running naked through the town, or going to the woods and running naked through woods and fields beginning about age 9. Most children these days find ways to access nude pictures on media. They have a STRONG natural desire to observe and learn about their own species. It would be very beneficial for children to have an opportunity to casually observe their own species going about normal activities rather than the “porn” and other nudity they see on-line. Nudity is natural and beneficial to children of all ages whether their parents are there or not.

  3. peejayess avatar
    peejayess 11 months ago

    Follow the prudes’ ideas and we confirm there is something wrong with being naked. The world is not full of paedophiles, as these alarmists would have u# believe.

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