The Clothes Line by Mike G

My body 
covered with an assortment of clothes
Socks, shoes, trousers, shirt
Everything hidden or just about
Head and hands still exposed
While fabrics and colours weave a projection
of the way I want you to think I see myself.

If a poem is a naked person,
Perhaps I should take my clothes off; now.
Just lay them out in a line.

Would you react differently if I was
a stranger or a friend,
Young and handsome, or old and wrinkly
Built for comfort or for speed, male or female?

Sometimes even the president of the united states has to stand naked
But It's All Right, Ma (It's only ME!)
This is NOT a wardrobe malfunction!

I am taking the freedom to be myself.

Now you'll find out if I'm fat or thin,
Or not actually human with a data socket instead of a penis!

Take my word for it,
you do not have to drink Evian water 
to have skin so beautiful you will be happy naked!
You WILL BE happy naked!
Let your skin breathe 
Feel the breeze tickle you
Glide through water like a fish

Ramble naked across the countryside
Ride your bike down leafy lanes
Just lay your clothes out in a line - Go bare

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