Project Type: Poetry 2016

"On Body Hair" by jochanaan

  “On Body Hair” by jochanaan Outside in open air I feel my hair waving Under clothes I don’t feel it but when I free myself it rejoices with …

"Navigate" by Isaac

  “Navigate” by Isaac 21.5 years round the sun and your vessel is searching for its North Star crashing on the sharp peaks of your hips that soften on …

"Solar Angel" by Anthony Crowley

“Solar Angel” by Anthony Crowley Awakening of the sun embracing the soft innocence of skin freedom like a bird in flight I hear the call of the natural wind The …

"Escaping" by Moniqua

  “Escaping” by Moniqua In the shadows I hide, So no one can see me. I’m afraid of what’s inside, For it’s itching to cross the boundary. I’m not …

"Summer" by Scott Redcloud

  “Summer” by Scott Redcloud My body, sun kissed in summer’s heat radiating aura, bittersweet. Stepped in the water now underwater Oh I feel complete.  

"Release" by Misty Gish

  “Release” by Misty Gish Dough waiting for the fire It’s how I feel When my skin meets sun. Lighting strikes across my chest With white, stretched fingers Memories …

"The Body as Poetry" by Bex

  “The Body as Poetry” by Bex I am light and unbound energy I am breath and space and sky I am that which was created by that which …

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