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Though clothes free or nagna yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in India, the practice of nude or naked yoga has only recently begun to gain acceptance in Western yoga circles. So though  Nagna (naked) yoga is a growing trend among modern practitioners,  it isn’t new. The Naga Sadhus of India have engaged in the practice as a part of their spiritual life for centuries. In the sixties hippies did naked yoga. Now ordinary everyday yogis and yoginis can be found doing yoga sans clothing. Yoga challenges have become common on Instagram.

Good morning good early EARLY morning! I am teaming up with @PintSizeNurse to bring you #NakedSoulYoga the #LoveTheSkinYoureIn edition. Every cycle of naked soul yoga has focused on some sort of cause or another but the true meaning of it has always and will always be self-acceptance and self-love. This particular go round of the challenge hits home for many because in society so many are taught that the body or the person they are is flawed and that is furthest from the truth. December 18th through the 24th Dara and I will offer a daily pose and a reminder that you are beautiful exactly as you are. At the end of the challenge we will pick one winner who will receive a prize from the good people at @ShopClothesFreeLife (thank you again for being so generous 💜). All you have to do to join is: before anything understand YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE NUDE TO PARTICIPATE 1. Repost the challenge pic and use tags #nakedsoulyoga and #lovetheskinyourein 2. Follow both hosts @pintsizenurse and @iamreneewatkins and our sponsor @shopclothesfreelife 3. post your interpretation of the days pose and make sure you tag the hosts, sponsor, and use the hashtags 4. MAKE SURE YOUR PAGE IS PUBLIC so we can see your awesomeness (you can using lighting, angles, and edits to cover your sacred bits picsArt is my favorite app for edits) 5. And always HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE

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