Without Clothes, Life Goes On…..In A Good Way

It’s a crisp autumnal morning and you get out of bed to begin the working day. However, you’re wearing nothing at all, completely naked and you ponder what to do next? For many naturists, the answer is simple, carry on. There are some who dont like to sleep in the nude so when they get up, the first thing they do is undress.

Life continues on with or without clothes, we continue to work, watch TV and where it permits go into our gardens and enjoy the weather. The only difference is the dress code.Attitudes towards Naturism are changing as seen from British Naturism having an increase in membership by 10%, that is fantastic and I’m glad to be part of this great organisation. However, there is still lots of work to be done to ensure Naturists are protected and allowed to continue their business in the public sphere.

I’m still looking forward to getting a picture with a great view in my birthday suit, that day will come be it here or elsewhere in the world. But as the article says, life goes on without my clothes and Im enjoying every minute.


A journey to answer a simple question, why be nude?

It’s a question that even to this day I struggle to fully answer as I’m still on a journey of discovering why I prefer to be naked in my spare time. I still have questions that I hope in time will be answered but I’m certainly enjoying the journey.

I keep imagining myself in woodland walks, mountain paths, rivers/lakes but instead of being clothed I’m naked. I don’t fully understand why I am but I’m always on my own and it doesn’t seem to bother me that I’m naked. It just feels like the norm and since I’m on my own, it doesn’t really matter.

I imagine the spectacular views of the hills, mountains or the sea like in the picture be and it looks fantastic. Some day I hope to achieve a photo like this because I think for some reason it’s rather cool. They are enjoying the view, enjoying nature and it doesn’t matter that they are naked.

Naturists do have different reasons for being naked such as getting back in touch with nature or improving their body confidence. I really do enjoy the comfort factor and also that to me there is no real difference from wearing clothes to not wearing them. There are times when clothes are required e.g. when it is cold but if given the choice, I’d prefer not to have anything on at all.

So this comes back to the original question, why do I prefer to be nude? I would say that I believe that nudity is no big deal and I’m not concerned about being nude.

I think the best I can summarise is the definition from the book – The Complete Guide to Naturism and Nudism – Naturism is the enjoyment of getting as naked as possible, wherever and whenever appropriate, alone or with others, just for its own sake. The main characteristic of nudism is the enjoyment of being naked.

My journey is far from over and I’m enjoying the experience. I still have something’s to tick of my naked bucket list and hope to keep going after those goals in the years to come.


What does Naturism mean to me?

The clothes free lifestyle is something I’ve enjoyed over the past few years but I’ve often been thinking, what does it actually mean to me? I look at the picture below and think that is something I would love to do. I’d love to be able to find somewhere like this, sit and enjoy the world go by and most importantly enjoy the view.

It’s sometimes hard to explain why I would do this naked instead of doing it clothed. Whether it be in a forest trail or a mountain track, I just envision doing it in my birthday suit. No one else around, just me, alone, to explore what the world has to offer. That is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Naturism is just ordinary people just deciding not to wear clothes. I choose to be naked rather than wearing clothes as it gives me a sense of freedom. An escape from the daily trials and tribulations life can throw at you. It helps me relax, unwind and is more comfortable.

It’s been good for my physical and mental health as well, I can be a bit of a worrier at times but that doesn’t seem to happen as much when I’m naked. The holidays and trips to clubs has allowed me to meet other naturists. They’re just ordinary people of different ages, shapes and sizes who enjoy a beer at the pool or on the beach without any cares in the world.

It also makes me happy. I know that sounds strange, but it really does. I refer back to the picture above, being able to do that would make me very happy. To look out to a view like that and enjoy it in my birthday suit is something I dream about achieving one day in my life.

Naturism is now a part of my daily life, being naked in my own home or on my holidays is just great and it’s important to me.

So to answer the question – what does Naturism mean to me? It means being happy. Isn’t that what we all want in life? I certainly think so. We get one go at life, may as well do the things that make you happy. And sitting here, typing this while in my birthday suit, I dream of one day being able to getting to the top of the mountain to enjoy it all.

Photo Credit from British Naturism.

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the challenges of a clothes free advocate

It’s not easy trying to find an affordable place to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, especially one with a vacancy rate of 0.2% so I’ve been living in shared accommodation for the past three years in Vancouver, BC. Now this is fine as far as the rent goes but not so good when you’re a clothes free advocate and long time nudist who doesn’t see the need for clothes other than in certain social or work situations.

So how do I manage to share a house with others who are not naturists? Quite simply with difficulty, but luckily I do have a large upstairs suite, with en-suite bathroom so I can at least be naked in my own space as much as I like, as I am now writing this blog.

Of course, as a professional figure model I do get to spend most of my working life naked anyway although in a completely different context to everyday clothes free living.

It’s always nice when my housemates are away and I can cook and clean clothes free as well as lounge in front of the TV for the evening as nature intended!

Hopefully my girlfriend and I will be moving to another part of Canada that has more affordable accommodation possibilities, although we would like to live and work on a naturist site full time, having experienced 24/7 clothes free living for the past three years in Portugal.

newbie’s first nudie experience

On July 12th was my 38th Birthday and for 2 years now ive been embracing the nudist life but mainly practicing as a home nudist but also been venturing out on my patio, I figure it was time to inhance my growth and try something new so why not a good time to try it on your day of birth, a true celebration! So I experienced my 1st Nude Resort! Won’t say I was Nervous but Anxious and turned out to be the opposite of preconcieve notions (just individuals sexualizing the whole automosphere of the resort and being gawked at) it was welcoming, calming, relaxing, pure freedom! It Confirmed my truth in this lifestyle, still been on a liberating high! 😍


Contact. Human contact. Body to body. Soul to soul. We crave touch, affection, and intimacy from one another. A part of us will die without it. Take a look around and see how many wounded souls there are, better yet, how many you feel.

We can plainly see on all social media how people arereaching out in the wrong ways for love and attention. This online world we have built is phenomenal but it is destroying so many of us. I feel the disconnect everywhere I go and through the people I meet. It is heart breaking to me.

I have reached out to physically touch people and emotionally help them only to be looked at in fear, suspicion and/or doubt. When will all this distrust end? We need to learn how to love one another no matter the religion, race, job, etc. This connects with labels once again. Shed this all and you will see a drastic change.

Here is what I have experienced in my life. How you react or respond to others is the ultimate decision you can ever make. Becoming aware of your actions and words will change your life. Trying to understand a fellow humans experience will give you vast expansion in how you view things.

Every person you meet has gone through something and a simple word, touch on the hand or if you dare, a hug, can make such an impact on them. I have been both a giver and a receiver and nothing feels better than human contact.

This disconnect leads to people forming relationships simple because they are lonely and staying together because they are terrified to be alone or going back to someone that is toxic.

We are social beings and cannot hide from the fact that we need others and we need touch. Lets see how you feel when you think of those moments when; a child holds your hand; a friend greets you with a great big warming embrace; a stranger asks you how your day is and lightly touches your arm; someone that is simply in your presence in the time of need;  your partner touches the small of your back, hugs you when you’re feeling down, kisses you when the passion arises.

What comes with contact? Compassion and love for a fellow human being and I mean a genuine for everything that surrounds us.  It truly seems love is the answer to everything andit is what makes the world go round. If we learn how to love ourselves it will only blossom and grow into something more wonderful than we can imagine.

health and agriculture

We have health problems in this world.   Oodles of them.    Why?       It’s been a long time since our race was perfect.   Lots of deterioration has happened.    But since we are what we eat,   and we can do something about what we eat usually.      That’s one area we have control over.       And I’ve discovered interesting things about it.      There was a Dr Northern some time back who was a real doctor,   real in the sense that he really wanted to find out what causes disease and how to prevent it.    He hired a young chemist Cary Reams (who’s been called Einstein’s brightest student)  to help him and they did extensive research in nutrition.    What they found is that our soils generally are badly out of balance and/or low in minerals.   The exact correct balance of minerals needed was found by Reams as he did radioactive mineral tagging to trace what plants did with minerals.   And then bears out in real life application.    It turns out that what makes a plant healthy is the same that makes us healthy and disease free when we eat the product.

In 1936 Dr Northern spoke before US congress urging them to do something about the health problems caused by nutrient depleting of our soils.   But nothing happened.   And then WWII took everyone’s attention.    After the war there were chemical companies who’d rapidly accelerated their production for the war effort who suddenly found themselves without a market for their products.   Land grant universities were established for research,  and thy figured out how to work agriculture into a big marked for their chemicals.   And so it’s gone ever since.  The focus is in the wrong place to obtain healthy plants and the resulting healthy animals and humans.  Then the medical industry grows substantially to manage the diseases that develop,  for profit.     Ever wonder why cancer research is always an ongoing thing and yet a cure is never really found?     Oh but the cure has been found,  over and over again,   both prevention and cure.  But it’s ignored and kicked out of the system.    Why?   There’s no money in it for the system.   The hospitals would go broke if everyone were taught how to be healthy,  the drug companies would have no market for their drugs,  the chemical companies would loose out if farmers were taught how to grow really healthy food that stops disease in it’s tracks and backs it up.     But the information is available for private research.    Reams work was never written up by himself,  but he taught others.   Two men mainly took it up,  Dr Scow, a veterinarian,  who established International ag labs, and A Dr Alex Beddoe, a dentist who wrote a book called Nourishment Home Grown.  And others working on it as well later on.   A system being called nutrient dense,  or high brix.    And the results are obvious once anyone gets a taste.  The flavor of nutrient dense produce is superb.   Better than anything you ever tasted from normal agriculture.

But now there’s another side to it as well.    I’ve come to see that the original plan of lifestyle implemented by our Creator in the garden of eden,  is the very best for our health.   Simply stated;    Naturist gardening,  and eating what grows without any modification.    But even there, if it’s not grown nutrient dense,  it’s still not going to create the best health, or be very appetizing.      So combine naturist gardening with an implementation of Reams system of nutrient dense agriculture,  and then consume it right from the plant without a hint of modification,   and you have a plan that can’t be beat.     Why raw?      There’s several people in just the last few hundred years who have tried it with interesting results.     One man on a raw vegan diet was able to build endurance till he ran 100 miles per day several days on end.     He just never got tired and kept going.  So we are operating physically on a very low level, very inefficiently, on our normal cooked and flesh food diet.   And longevity?   One man lived to be 132 (guessed at by his last wife, since there were no birth records and he wouldn’t tell)   and died of a trail riding accident.   One man lived to 152 and died when his diet changed.    And finally one man in china lived to 256 on such a diet.   1677-1933. Which is the only really long term experiment I know of in modern times free of accidental death or violation of the diet.     Check out Annett Larkins on youtube.   What’s going on with her?      But trying to eat that way from the grocery store?  Forget it,   the food is worthless in nutrition and flavor.    Only solution is learn how to do nutrient dense agriculture and grow it myself.

Back to the Naturist gardening life where we came from over 6000 years ago.  Sunshine on the skin is a big part of good health.  But what we eat is a much bigger part.    I just learned that chlorophyll when consumed and circulating in our blood,  will generate extra amounts of disease fighting antioxidants when exposed to the light that passes through our skin.   So eat that raw chlorophyll and get naked in the sun.     Addicted to cooked food or animal flesh?  Then just eat yerself into the grave.  Forks spoons and knives are the most effective grave digging tools around.    We have the opportunity to eat ourselves into life and health if we’ll just determine to do so.    And I’ve come to realize that we can readjust our mental attitudes intelligently,  according to reason,   we don’t have to follow inclination.    I see that once I get myself on that high brix raw diet,  everything else will seem  so low quality as to be worthless,  won’t even desire it.  I’m fed up with the grocery store diet, it’s gettin me down,  have to get something better going.

naturist web directory upgrade

Just a few months ago we launched the first version of our naturist web directory. At the time we thought it was pretty good. We focused on searching out and adding sites listings to the directory. But we weren’t satisfied we wanted to make the directory as useful as possible for our visitors. So we gave the directory a major upgrade and overhaul. The purpose is still the same to provide a directory of web sites documents an information covering all things genuinely naturist, nudist and clothes free. There are naturist directory that list naturist locations, some that list web sites we list it all. Web sites, beaches, hot springs, places to go, services, recreations and much more.

For visitors

With the upgrade we have been able to add several new features to the web directory. Let s take a look at the overall visitor experience. Visitor can still add their site listing to the directory. But now visitors may claim ownership for a listing that belongs to them by submitting relevant information establishing proof of ownership. Each listing still has a thumbnail of each web site as well as a URL link. Listing now also include location maps where relevant. Also more images, as well as contact information can now be added to the listing, and reviews of the listing may be submitted.

The search capacity is upgraded to include location search in addition to the category and keyword. Now you may search naturist businesses, services or places to go near you or within a specific distance range. Listings may be browsed as a list, grid or map (for listings with locations) on the index or by category from the directory home page. Site listings may now be rated a reviewed by visitors. See a site that isn’t appropriate or a dead link, report it. Find a site listing you want to share. There is a button for that, you can share listing to all the major social media platforms and email. Logged in users may bookmark favorite site listings.


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social media accounts

site owners

There are also new features for site owners. As shared before listings may be claimed through a simple process. Listings remain free however site owners may purchase additional listing features. These features include featured listings which displays listings at the top of lists and on the directory home page. Paid plans also include a contact form to generate leads from you listing and the ability to add a site to more than one category, and other contact information. None of these were previously available. There is a small fee charged for these features to cover the cost of reviewing all information for accuracy and to be sure the site is genuine naturist, nudist or clothes free. Addon listing feature can be accessed from a user dashboard.

That is just a snapshot of all the new features now available in the naturist web directory. By the way we are on the front page of directory searches for naturist directories. So go find and claim  your site listing now.

save the date for artist chat feb 17

Save the date Feb 17 for our chat with naturist artist and creator of the comic strip the secret life of a naturist @natfabart  Fabien will share his creative process and talk about his naturist life

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