Sevilla Short Film Review

Sevilla Short Film

The 2012 released Sevilla short Film is described in its blurb as follows.

Three youngsters take a road trip to Seville that will change their lives forever.

That description doesn’t even begin to express the incredible story.

One reviewer on Letterbox says

It is nearly jaw-dropping what this film emotionally accomplished in it’s almost too-brief 11 minute runtime. Letterbox review

My take

They are correct there is a lot packed into this 11 minute short film. If you are looking gratuitous nudity best to move along. If however, you want to take a ride on an emotional roller coaster with three friends on a road trip then scroll down and watch.

You will find a well-directed story that weaves an engaging plot of exuberant, joyful and unexpected experiences. Through a seamless integration of flashbacks director Brad Schouw takes the viewer into the heart soul and mind of the three road-trippers. The viewers  unsuspectingly  drawn into the freedom and happiness that spills unto the screen.

The characters two brothers and one of their girlfriends who find no anxiety in sharing a precious moments of simple nudity. Instead the simple nudity takes on meaning of bonding and kinship. While I would not describe this as a naturist movie I believe this short film represents the future direction of nu gymnosophy. Simple moments of non sexual nudity experienced among friends and family.

My rating

The film quality is top-notch. The acting more than adequate, and the story compelling. Though it isn’t naturist movie per se the 11 minute it takes any naturist to watch would be well spent. For its dramatic twists and powerful storytelling I give this film a big thumbs up. View the Sevilla Short Film from YouTube in the naturist movie database

Visions on the male nude in contemporary art review by Will Forest

Review of Ramírez Muñoz, Miguel A. Visions on the male nude in contemporary art. Universitat Overta de Catalunya, 2017. Final Postgraduate Work in Contemporary Art by Will Forest nudescribe in English and. Spanish

In English:
Ramírez Muñoz’s brief work presents a catalog of masculine nudes, both paintings and photographs, in order to classify, without completely limiting, these works to some of the diverse perspectives on that exist on the topic. Specifying that in today’s world art often lacks references, Ramírez Muñoz problematizes what a human body, in and of itself, can mean, even before taking on what end up being many orientations toward the specifically masculine nude, for example the naturist tradition, the anthropological nude, the nude self-portrait, the quotidian nude, the transcendent nude, and the erotic nude, this last category including representatives of both the queer gaze and the feminine gaze. Some of the featured artists are Fernando Botero, Andrés Serrano, Lucien Freud, and Mu Boyan, although there are about a hundred artists whose works are displayed, in color, in these 126 pages.

As far as naturism is concerned—a topic of interest to this format—the history of the FKK movement is treated briefly at the beginning, as a new representation, at the dawn of the twentieth century, of the nude body’s healthy role in nature. Some of Gerhard Riebicke’s photos represent that time period, along with paintings by von Hofmann, Munch, Sorolla, Enckell, Jansson, and Brown. Ramírez Muñoz also includes a sample of photos by Diane Arbus, who, according to the author, “parece verter sobre el [naturismo] una carga de oscuridad, aparentemente acorde a su predilección por lo feo y marginal” [seems to infuse naturism with a dark charge, apparently in the spirit of her predilection for the ugly and the marginal] (6). There is also a sample of photography by Jock Sturges who, if it was true that he photographed both men and women, nonetheless shows, according to Ramírez Muñoz, that within naturism “se ha centrado mucho más en la figura femenina o infantil, considerada como más estética y desprovista de un significado de violencia que muchos quieren ver en el desnudo masculino adulto” [there has been much more focus on the female figure or on the child, considered as more aesthetic and lacking a sense of violence that many want to see in the nude adult male] (6).

The author achieves a convincing thesis, that onto the artistic male nude there can be an endless range of meanings projected, from carnal pleasures to the abuses of torture, in political, philosophical, ecological and other contexts, and, moreover, that these meanings can exclude each other, or coexist, according to the perspective of each viewer.

The book Visions on Male Nude in Contemporary Art is available for free here

Reseña de
Ramírez Muñoz, Miguel A. . Universitat Overta de Catalunya, 2017. Trabajo Fin de Postgrado en Arte Contemporáneo.

En español:
La breve obra de Ramírez Muñoz presenta un catálago de desnudos masculinos, tanto pintados como fotografiados, para clasificar, sin del todo limitar, estas obras a algunas de las diversas miradas sobre el tema que existen. Especificando que ya en el mundo de hoy el arte muchas veces carece de referentes, Ramírez Muñoz problematiza lo que puede significar un cuerpo humano de por sí, antes de abordar lo que terminan siendo muchas perspectivas hacia el desnudo especificamente masculino, como por ejemplo la tradición naturista, el desnudo antropológico, el autorretrato desnudo, el desnudo cotidiano, el desnudo trascendente, y el desnudo erótico, éste último abarcando tanto visiones queer como visiones femeninas. Algunos de los artistas destacados son Fernando Botero, Andrés Serrano, Lucien Freud, y Mu Boyan, pero hay alrededor de cien artistas cuyas obras son representadas a colores dentro de estas 126 páginas.

En cuanto al naturismo, tema que nos interesa en este formato, la historia del movimiento FKK es tratada brevemente al principio, como una nueva representación, al alba del siglo XX, del papel saludable del cuerpo desnudo dentro de la naturaleza. Algunas fotos de Gerhard Riebicke representan la época, con unos cuadros de von Hofmann, Munch, Sorolla, Enckell, Jansson, y Brown. Ramírez Muñoz también incluye una muestra de fotos de Diane Arbus, quien, según el autor, “parece verter sobre el [naturismo] una carga de oscuridad, aparentemente acorde a su predilección por lo feo y marginal” (6). Aparecen también fotos de Jock Sturges quien, si bien fotografiaba tanto hombres como mujeres, muestra sin embargo que, según Ramírez Muñoz, en el naturismo “se ha centrado mucho más en la figura femenina o infantil, considerada como más estética y desprovista de un significado de violencia que muchos quieren ver en el desnudo masculino adulto” (6).

El autor logra una tesis convincente de que sobre el desnudo masculino artístico se puede proyectar un sinfín de significados, desde los placeres carnales hasta los abusos de la tortura, en contextos politicos, filosóficos, ecológicos, etc. y, lo que es más, que estos significados pueden excluirse, o coexistir, según la mirada de cada quien.

Will Forest nudescribe
The book Visiones sobre el desnudo masculino en el arte contemporáneo is available for free here

Naturism in France the app review

Naturism in France app is an offering by the French department of tourism to help tourists plan and take a naturist vacation in France. The app feels the way I imagine France, elegant yet easy to explore. It is visually pleasing to the eye and the information it provides is relevant and easy to use. Of all the apps we have reviewed it is by far the best in this regard.

Ease of use

Don’t be fooled by the simple interface, it is what makes the app so very powerful and usable. Hidden behind the four squared main screen is all the information you need to plan and naturist vacation in France. The app lets you discover options by region (northern, central, south west and southeast France) or location (mountains, seashore or countryside).

Once a user has made that choice a list of potential destination venues is provided. Chose a venue from the the list and  find information about the venue. This includes contact information, facilities and external link to more information and a way to share the venue.

At the bottom of that same screen are device specific links to start phone calls, open map with venue, send an email or view the venue web site. The map screen provides a view of naturist options including beaches throughout France. Click on a map item and get  addresses and GPS coördinates and available contact information for the item.

Minor flaw

The only flaw that prevented a perfect score for this app was several broken links on the venue listings to the Naturism in France website. But that does not degrade the performance of the app much. If you are planning on going on a naturist vacation and you are considering France as a destination then you should definitely get this app.


The app is available for iOS iTunes App Store and Android devices Google Play Store  download using these links or QR codes.

The Raw Ones review

The Raw Ones, a glimpse into the nudist world of the past. I was unsure how to describe this film. It is listed as a documentary. It views like a Planet Earth style nature with a  scenes of activity with background music interspersed with narration. It sounds like a polemic against censorship of erotic literature, art or the naked body. It is a glimpse into the past world of nudism.

In some ways The Raw Ones is a contradiction. A person simply looking for “tits and ass” could well be drawn to this film’s many naked bodies. However, there is little or no hint of sexuality or sexual overtones in this movie. The people in the film while naked engage in a vast arrange of ordinary non sexual activities. The narration with its strident attack against censorship of the erotic or sexual. The narration seems out of place based on what is happening on the screen. People are shown trampolining, sailing swimming, eating, running, diving, playing horseshoes, and reading. All normal everyday activities but they are clothes free.

The narration however, spends little time discussing those activities as a part of the freedom and liberation of nudism. Scant attention is given to the healthy benefits of this clothes free life. Instead the film  seems focused on the battle against censorship of nude erotic art and literature. This may be indicative of a shift in approach highlighted in the book Naked1) Naked A Cultural History of American Nudism.

The nudist movement that began in the 1930s promoting health, nature, and family transformed in the late 1960s and early 1970s into an assortment of organizations that challenged the heteronormative boundaries of sexual liberalism.  – Naked A Cultural History of American Nudism Brian Hoffman

The Raw Ones provides a perfect contrast between the nudism of the sixties and today. It is also clear from this movies is how different nudism and nudity is approached in the age of social media. It is also instructive that the movie does not, could not anticipate the existence of social media and high degree of censorship that accompanies it.

There are some quote gems to be found in the narration among the quotes of Supreme Court Justices and French philosophers. They make the film worth watching all the way through if you get tired of the narration. Some examples below.

Social nudism is mainly an outlook on life rather than an instinctive urge. Nudists, on the whole, are distinctly more ethical and social-minded than members of the general populace, and they should not be confused with isolated and invariably severely disturbed individuals who get into trouble with the law for exhibitionistic or voyeuristic acts.”

Albert Ellis psychologist quoted in the movie The Raw Ones

“We believe in the essential wholesomeness of the human body and regard it neither as an object of shame nor a subject for degrading exploitation. We believe that sunlight and air are vital to human life and well-being, and that exposure of the entire body to these elements is desirable at such time and at such places as are fitting and proper for the purpose. We believe that we are entitled to enjoy the benefits of such exposure, without interference as long as we do not cause injury to our fellow citizens. Nudism is potentially one of the steps to greater human acceptance and, therefore, human awareness and growth.  – American Sunbathing Association quoted in The Raw Ones

One challenge for me watching The Raw Ones is the the complete absence of any black or brown bodies. For all the clothes free bodies on screen, not a single person of color was represented. We know they existed in the nudist community. It suggests that while the golden age of nudism was liberated it was still segregated. Apparently the liberation and free the movie proclaims and is not available to all.

One wonders if this movie could be made in the US today as in the movie Le Vive Nu there is some childhood nudity. In the end The Raw Ones feels dated. While it may have been pushing the envelope when it was first released, the intention behind the film seems out of step with the contemporary world of nudism. So much has changed, so much has not, and so much has gone backwards. Still the film represents a glimpse into the world of nudism of days gone by.

View on YouTube

Transcript here

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O’naturel Paris review – fine dining clothes free guest post Howard

On the evening of 9 February 2018 myself and my wife went to O’Naturel for a meal as part of a few days in Paris to celebrate her 50th birthday. I have been a naturist for a few years now, but my wife has only relatively recently started occasionally joining me at events.

You have to book in advance, but this was very easy via their website (which includes a menu in English), and it wasn’t long before I received an email confirming my booking request. The restaurant isn’t in the very centre of Paris, but it is not far away, and was easily reached using the city’s Metro system. The door to the restaurant is locked for privacy, but on arrival you just have to press a button outside to request attention. This was answered quite quickly, our reservation confirmed, and we went in.

We were directed to the changing room in order to undress, where there were plenty of lockers available. Mine was big enough for all my clothes and my small rucksack. We were provided with pairs of slippers, which came in sealed cellophane bags. Once naked (apart from the slippers), and carrying just our locker keys, we proceeded through another door into the restaurant, and were seated at our table.

The food was as you would expect in a French restaurant – prepared to a high standard and well presented. We thoroughly enjoyed it. For starter I had snails. I’m not sure if it was intended to be in keeping with the style of the restaurant, but they too were naked (i.e. not in their shells). It did make them rather easier to eat than the previous time I had had them and needed to ‘extract’ them!

A nice touch came at the end of the meal when the staff came out with couple of lit ‘sparklers’ in a small receptacle, and they and the other diners all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my wife (I had mentioned in my booking that it was her birthday).

The atmosphere at the restaurant was friendly throughout, and we were well attended to.
The prices were perhaps a little on the high side, but acceptable given that it was a good standard of French restaurant, and in Paris. Added to that we were prepared to pay a little extra for the opportunity to dine naked. It certainly made it a memorable part of my wife’s birthday celebrations.

Howard (@howardsmith1964)

Poster for the movie ""

Nudisten movie review

Nudisten or Nudist is a Swedish film short from director/writer My Sandstorm. The mockumentary, follows the daily life of Kerstin, (played by Carolina Malmborg) who decides to become a nudist shortly after an unexpected break up with her boyfriend.  The language is swedish with English sub titles. While being filmed by her fake documentarian Kerstin struggles to deal with the response of the people in her town. She recounts threats of arrests from the police and penalties for being clothes free in public. Kerstin complains that the townspeople are forcing her to wear clothes while she is not forcing them to be naked. She reaches an awkward compromise to avoid future penalties or community service.

During a visit from a friend Kerstin states that she feels most like herself when she is nude. She suggests others are responsible for associating nudity and sex as her friends thinks. The movie takes the viewer inside Kerstin’s everyday clothes free life as well as her attempts to connect in the broader society. Watch the film to see how it all works out.

I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. The measured acting is not over the top for a mockumentary. The quality reflects a documentary feel. The story does a great job of depicting how ordinary people who choose to live clothes free (however they came to the practice) may struggle to find a respectful relationship between their friends family and neighbors and their clothes free preference. Take fifteen minutes to watch this you want regret it.

iSwimNude – version 3.0 review

iSwimNude by – naturist places worldwide, version 3.0. Previous versions  and updates of this app have been reviewed before.

iSwimNude Version 3.0 is described as …the App for the naturist. It’ll show you where other people go swimming in the nude and allows you to post your own locations. It does list free beaches, resorts, campgrounds and a lot more!

The latest version boasts a new interface, with a new look set of icons. It also comes with full support from the iPad the previous design primarily for the iPhone. Also included is an option to save and manage favorites. The search enhanced functions and links to variety mapping apps including Google maps, Waze, Apple Maps or feature in the version update.

The new version feels much smoother and looks slicker than previous versions. All legacy locations are imported so they are still accessible. The app opens up the list view one of four views which includes map, favorites and settings. Searching for locations is simple. Type in a region postal code or other location identifier city, state latitude longitude and get results. The results can be filtered by options like resort, campground, beach, sauna, pool, and club. Selecting one of the results from the list displays it in the details pane of the list view.

From the detail pane you can edit the current entry, read comments or add your own (which requires a logged in iCloud account) and add it to favorites select the map icon to view the location on the map. The location coverage is global and the legacy user sourced entries combined with new ones added in this new version gives great coverage.  That means anyone should be able to find a location to try.

The map view shows the location on the map with option to get directions depending on the selected map application. Selecting the info icon opens a pop up window with the information for the details pane. If you previously downloaded the app, I suggest you definitely get the new version. It is a huge improvement in performance and best of all its free. If you use this app come back here and giving a rating. Now go swim nude.


naked and happy blog review

Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy blog is a more than pics award winner. This review is a part of that award. However it was a joy to do the naked and happy blog review.

Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

What we like: This blog has been around for quite some time. We followed it on and of for many years. As the blog slogan (My thoughts on naturism and my experiences as a nudist) suggests this blog shares a  combination of personal experiences and suggestions of ways to promote naturism and nudism. The series of nudist/naturist ideas to do now up to #48 is an excellent example of pictures combined with information. Using images to enhance communication of ideas makes the blog interesting and engaging.

Washing the dishes, mopping the floor or dusting your library seem much more fun when done naked. I really never understood why, and I doubt there are any scientific study about this, but it’s a personal fact. House chores seem less painful when done naked. And if you can share them with your spouse, they are even funnier.

What we look forward to: Seeing how many more nudist ideas the blogger can share.

what could be improved:  Honestly while there is always room for improvement this site is on the right track and meets all the criteria for our more than pics award.

camp natural blog review

camp natural blog is a more than pics award winner. This review is a part of that award. This camp natural blog review was easy to do and a pleasure as well.

Camp natural

What we like: This blog site is a prime example of a more than pics awardee. Beyond the home page image of a sunset in nature on the home page blog site for Midwest Naturist Campers: Wilderness, Camaraderie, Acceptance has few images.  What you get instead is serious stuff. Serious information, serious thoughts serious naturist and nudist content. By serious we mean good, informative, well-reasoned content well worth the reading every time they publish a new post.

Alas, those trips can be hard to come by these days. Searching for that feeling you visit some of the clothing-optional resorts and campgrounds here in the midwest. And though they are nice and friendly, there is something missing. Something found from just being out in the wilds, with no RVs or golf carts coming and going.

What we look forward to: More of the same. We hope they can resist the picture pull and continue to post excellent more than pics reads for naturist nudist and clothes free outdoors activity.
what needs improvement The minimalist no pics design and look of camp natural blog works. It is definitely a plus to communicating no nonsense naturist outdoor stories and perspectives. The site could use just a bit of personality maybe some color to make it more visually attractive.

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the naked Venus review

This 1959 movie The Naked Venus was apparently inspired by the success of the previously released movies of the sort. While the nudity in the movie may have seemed salacious at the time these days it will seem quite time. I think it accurately reflects the naturist/nudist experience. This is definitely not one of the nude exploitation films of the era.

This The Naked Venus has all the elements for the makings of a good drama. The acting for the most part is god though a couple of the actors go over the top with their roles. The production quality is good enough with the one exception being the court room shots which sometime have a contrived feel. Nudist camp footage shot in Europe was interspersed throughout the film.1)IMDB

The story pits a French wife who is a nudist married to an American GI wanna be artist after the war against her controlling American mother-in-law. The mother-in-law strives to wrest control of her grandchild from her mother by manipulating her son into divorcing his wife. One reviewer on IMDB described it as Kramer vs. Kramer in a nudist camp.2)IMDB review Add sub plots of gold digging ex-girl friends ambitious lawyers, helpful nudists and this turns out to be an enjoyable movie. Amazon video has it available for streaming see the link above.


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2. IMDB review