Sevilla Short Film Review

Sevilla Short Film

The 2012 released Sevilla short Film is described in its blurb as follows.

Three youngsters take a road trip to Seville that will change their lives forever.

That description doesn’t even begin to express the incredible story.

One reviewer on Letterbox says

It is nearly jaw-dropping what this film emotionally accomplished in it’s almost too-brief 11 minute runtime. Letterbox review

My take

They are correct there is a lot packed into this 11 minute short film. If you are looking gratuitous nudity best to move along. If however, you want to take a ride on an emotional roller coaster with three friends on a road trip then scroll down and watch.

You will find a well-directed story that weaves an engaging plot of exuberant, joyful and unexpected experiences. Through a seamless integration of flashbacks director Brad Schouw takes the viewer into the heart soul and mind of the three road-trippers. The viewers  unsuspectingly  drawn into the freedom and happiness that spills unto the screen.

The characters two brothers and one of their girlfriends who find no anxiety in sharing a precious moments of simple nudity. Instead the simple nudity takes on meaning of bonding and kinship. While I would not describe this as a naturist movie I believe this short film represents the future direction of nu gymnosophy. Simple moments of non sexual nudity experienced among friends and family.

My rating

The film quality is top-notch. The acting more than adequate, and the story compelling. Though it isn’t naturist movie per se the 11 minute it takes any naturist to watch would be well spent. For its dramatic twists and powerful storytelling I give this film a big thumbs up. View the Sevilla Short Film from YouTube in the naturist movie database

The Raw Ones review

The Raw Ones, a glimpse into the nudist world of the past. I was unsure how to describe this film. It is listed as a documentary. It views like a Planet Earth style nature with a  scenes of activity with background music interspersed with narration. It sounds like a polemic against censorship of erotic literature, art or the naked body. It is a glimpse into the past world of nudism.

In some ways The Raw Ones is a contradiction. A person simply looking for “tits and ass” could well be drawn to this film’s many naked bodies. However, there is little or no hint of sexuality or sexual overtones in this movie. The people in the film while naked engage in a vast arrange of ordinary non sexual activities. The narration with its strident attack against censorship of the erotic or sexual. The narration seems out of place based on what is happening on the screen. People are shown trampolining, sailing swimming, eating, running, diving, playing horseshoes, and reading. All normal everyday activities but they are clothes free.

The narration however, spends little time discussing those activities as a part of the freedom and liberation of nudism. Scant attention is given to the healthy benefits of this clothes free life. Instead the film  seems focused on the battle against censorship of nude erotic art and literature. This may be indicative of a shift in approach highlighted in the book Naked1) Naked A Cultural History of American Nudism.

The nudist movement that began in the 1930s promoting health, nature, and family transformed in the late 1960s and early 1970s into an assortment of organizations that challenged the heteronormative boundaries of sexual liberalism.  – Naked A Cultural History of American Nudism Brian Hoffman

The Raw Ones provides a perfect contrast between the nudism of the sixties and today. It is also clear from this movies is how different nudism and nudity is approached in the age of social media. It is also instructive that the movie does not, could not anticipate the existence of social media and high degree of censorship that accompanies it.

There are some quote gems to be found in the narration among the quotes of Supreme Court Justices and French philosophers. They make the film worth watching all the way through if you get tired of the narration. Some examples below.

Social nudism is mainly an outlook on life rather than an instinctive urge. Nudists, on the whole, are distinctly more ethical and social-minded than members of the general populace, and they should not be confused with isolated and invariably severely disturbed individuals who get into trouble with the law for exhibitionistic or voyeuristic acts.”

Albert Ellis psychologist quoted in the movie The Raw Ones

“We believe in the essential wholesomeness of the human body and regard it neither as an object of shame nor a subject for degrading exploitation. We believe that sunlight and air are vital to human life and well-being, and that exposure of the entire body to these elements is desirable at such time and at such places as are fitting and proper for the purpose. We believe that we are entitled to enjoy the benefits of such exposure, without interference as long as we do not cause injury to our fellow citizens. Nudism is potentially one of the steps to greater human acceptance and, therefore, human awareness and growth.  – American Sunbathing Association quoted in The Raw Ones

One challenge for me watching The Raw Ones is the the complete absence of any black or brown bodies. For all the clothes free bodies on screen, not a single person of color was represented. We know they existed in the nudist community. It suggests that while the golden age of nudism was liberated it was still segregated. Apparently the liberation and free the movie proclaims and is not available to all.

One wonders if this movie could be made in the US today as in the movie Le Vive Nu there is some childhood nudity. In the end The Raw Ones feels dated. While it may have been pushing the envelope when it was first released, the intention behind the film seems out of step with the contemporary world of nudism. So much has changed, so much has not, and so much has gone backwards. Still the film represents a glimpse into the world of nudism of days gone by.

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Transcript here

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Nudisten movie review

Nudisten or Nudist is a Swedish film short from director/writer My Sandstorm. The mockumentary, follows the daily life of Kerstin, (played by Carolina Malmborg) who decides to become a nudist shortly after an unexpected break up with her boyfriend.  The language is swedish with English sub titles. While being filmed by her fake documentarian Kerstin struggles to deal with the response of the people in her town. She recounts threats of arrests from the police and penalties for being clothes free in public. Kerstin complains that the townspeople are forcing her to wear clothes while she is not forcing them to be naked. She reaches an awkward compromise to avoid future penalties or community service.

During a visit from a friend Kerstin states that she feels most like herself when she is nude. She suggests others are responsible for associating nudity and sex as her friends thinks. The movie takes the viewer inside Kerstin’s everyday clothes free life as well as her attempts to connect in the broader society. Watch the film to see how it all works out.

I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. The measured acting is not over the top for a mockumentary. The quality reflects a documentary feel. The story does a great job of depicting how ordinary people who choose to live clothes free (however they came to the practice) may struggle to find a respectful relationship between their friends family and neighbors and their clothes free preference. Take fifteen minutes to watch this you want regret it.

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the naked Venus review

This 1959 movie The Naked Venus was apparently inspired by the success of the previously released movies of the sort. While the nudity in the movie may have seemed salacious at the time these days it will seem quite time. I think it accurately reflects the naturist/nudist experience. This is definitely not one of the nude exploitation films of the era.

This The Naked Venus has all the elements for the makings of a good drama. The acting for the most part is god though a couple of the actors go over the top with their roles. The production quality is good enough with the one exception being the court room shots which sometime have a contrived feel. Nudist camp footage shot in Europe was interspersed throughout the film.1)IMDB

The story pits a French wife who is a nudist married to an American GI wanna be artist after the war against her controlling American mother-in-law. The mother-in-law strives to wrest control of her grandchild from her mother by manipulating her son into divorcing his wife. One reviewer on IMDB described it as Kramer vs. Kramer in a nudist camp.2)IMDB review Add sub plots of gold digging ex-girl friends ambitious lawyers, helpful nudists and this turns out to be an enjoyable movie. Amazon video has it available for streaming see the link above.


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The story

Imagine living through a Ground Hog Day experience naked. Yep naked, that is the premise of the new Netflix original movie Naked. Rob Anderson (played by Marlon Waynans) wakes up on his wedding day naked in an elevator. He makes every attempt to make it to his wedding and his betrothed but is returned to the elevator naked after an hour to relive that hour again, starting each hour off without clothes.

From this initial premise “Naked” evolves into add a bit of romantic comedy. Lead Marlon Wayans and the rest of the cast (which includes some familiar faces) give serviceable comedic performances.

Clothes free elements

Though the main character Rob spends a significant part of the movie without clothes, the nudity is all implied. Simple nudity is not expressed in positive terms, rather it is the main source for comedic elements of the movie. Which leads to negative depictions and comments.


In the end while the story, acting and production are decent, “Naked” is a predictable romantic comedy.  Nudity is used as a prop for laughs. It lacks the poignancy, creativity and inventiveness of Ground Hog Day. The elements of romantic comedy are overshadowed by nude hijinks. I rate it 3.1 out of 5 stars

Check out “Naked” available for viewing exclusively on Netflix

Unashamed A Romance – review 

Though it billed as a romance this vintage black and white film from the so-called nudist exploitation movie era is much more. While it has most of the characteristics of the nudie movies of the era, Unashamed tackles some significant social issues. Issues of race, racial preferences, love triangles, social inequality and definitions of beauty all current in society today emerge in the plot of Unashamed.


The bulk of the movie takes place in a in the setting of a nudist camp called Olympic fields. The main character in the story a mixed raced young woman named Rae works to get the attention of her hypochondriac boss. Her efforts lead to her boss Robert going to the nudist camp on advice of his doctor. The rest of the plot unfolds from there with lots of bare bodies participating in the kinds of activities typically experienced in nudist circles. There is volleyball, archery, swimming, calisthenics, singing around a camp fire and communal meals. There is even an inexplicable presence of a nudist ventriloquist who spouts on-screen quips.

Things do not work out as planned for Rae.  The attention of her boss is captured by a young socialite who accidentally stumbles on Olympic Fields while running away from her “cloistered” life. The unexpected ending has a Shakespearean feel to it. The age of the original media shows in the streaming but it does not impact the ability to enjoy the movie. This movie is worth watching if only to give the viewer an example of nudist media from a by gone era.

Unashamed A Romance is available for viewing on Amazon Prime for free or can be purchased for streaming on Amazon. Using the link below will support this web site.

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Image from the movie "Embrace"

Embrace the documentary review

Part biopic, part documentary is my description of the exceptional movie exploring the issue of body image in modern society. Australian woman Taryn Brumfitt  engages women in exploring the question of beauty, body image and body acceptance.  Brumfitt’ journey into the subject started with her own revelation of negative body image and her desire to not pass that on to her daughter. The first part of the movie  chronicles Brumfitt’s experience with body image issues. Then viewers follow her as she travels the world from the Dominican Republic to New York to talk with fashion editors, photographers and others about navigating the current  perception of beauty in Western culture.

Embrace provides a great deal of useful and accurate information about the way social media, the fashion industry and diet industry create a false impression of the ideal female body. There are interviews with experts on body image as well as ordinary folks who had experiences that required them to rethink their ideas of beauty.  The sexualization of girls in fashion, the conditioning of boys to view women as objects through video games are some of the pertinent issues explored.  Also featured in the movie is the Sydney Skinny, an event in Australia in which Taryn participated.

When the credits started to roll after an hour and a half I found myself wanting more. It felt as if she had only begun to scratch the surface of such a deep-seated issue. I found myself wishing the voice of black women or at least native aboriginal women was present in this film.  The bodies of women of color have  tended to be extremely fetishized in western culture. Also women of color have been forced to adopt the beauty standards of the dominant culture to be accepted and get ahead. There is a segment which shows photographs of women of color but no extended  interview where women color give their expert voice to their experience.

There is also definitely an opportunity for someone to make a similar movie from a male perspective. Having heard about this movie for some time and following Brumfitt’s promotional tour through her Twitter account I am glad I was finally able to see her effort. Brumfitt does a good job of taking the viewer inside the experience of the women in the film. She has definitely accomplished something worthwhile that will be meaningful for many people. The overall quality of the filming was top-notch. While there was lots of home video footage, it didn’t make the movie feel cheesy or cheap. In fact, that gave it a more personal homey touch. Naturists/nudists and those who live clothes free will want to watch this because it addresses a subject that is large part of the experience. I wholeheartedly encourage the reader to watch this documentary movie. It is currently playing on Netflix or can be rented/bought using the links below from Amazon. EMBRACE IT!

Would like to hear impressions from women who have watched the movie.

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naked in the 21st century a review

imageNaked in the 21st Century by filmmaker  T.L. Young is a documentary posing as a film, about the making of a film, posing as a movie. Did you follow that? Well not everyone will or does. This cinematic effort by author and filmmaker T.L. Young is very reminiscent of his literated offering American Nudist a Lost Journal. Like the book this film is a bit of a mashup, trying to be several things at one time.

Despite the challenges of low definition video, the collage-like character film and a not so smooth soundtrack, there is lots to like about this movie. NAked in the 21st Century is an exploration of twenty-first century expressions of simple nudity with frank, authentic discussions of naturist values and ethics are worthwhile viewing. Throughout the film various  “actors” talk about their experience with simple nudity and the impact that has on their lives.

People ask all the time what our policy on single men is … Marital status should have nothing at all to do with someone’s ability to be a naturist. – Steve Payne Owner Desert Springs Inn

Through a variety of video clips from vintage nudist films, news reports from, and photo montages from various clothes free venues, the viewer gets a glimpse into the naturist/nudist world. The range of issues covered includes: the predicament of the single male; diversity in nudism; nudist etiquette; the shrinking participation in nudism,; a lack of young voices; as well as safety issues related to family naturism. The journey can be jarring at times. Though this film will never measure up to modern cinematic expectations, there is much to learn and appreciate from this documentary film/movie.

While it is unlikely this film will garner any technical awards, T.L. Young should be commended for trying to use the medium of film to communicate a realistic perspective on simple nudity as expressed in naturism/nudism and clothes free living. I hesitate recommending the purchase or rental of the movie, however it is available on Amazon Prime for free viewing. It might be a good discussion starter for exploring nudism/naturism or clothes free life.

Free the Nipple Movie

Free the Nipple starts with with a rousing soundtrack providing background for the opening of credits overlayed on the visual of a group of caped women running frantically down urban streets. Their exposed breasts at the beginning of the movie are pixellated symbolizing the social and cultural censorship, the inequality of top freedom for men and not for women and the hypersexualized nude representations of women.

Right off the bat the docudrama expresses the motive behind the free the nipple movement. A contrast between the arrest of women running bare-chested through downtown streets and the acceptance of violent behavior (ex. mass killing of movie goers) is highlighted.

The stage for the drama is set when a young “starving” reporter With (Lena Esco) interviews Liv (Lola Kirke, currently starring in the Amazon Orignal Mozart In the Jungle) about the movement and is challenged to join the movement. With loses her job and when she is unable to sell the interview article she finds motivation to join Liv to help take the movement to the next “national” level. The rest of the movie documents the efforts of the two women and several others they recruit to break through and receive national media attention for their movement. There are conflicts among the leadership of the group, ups and downs of setting up a large protest in the nations capital. The movie chronicles the relationship between Liv and With as the movement develops.

There are some passing sexual undertones, which emerge from the relationship between With and Liv. The film culminates with a somewhat murky expression of the goals of the movement part sexual freedom, part body freedom, part top freedom. The leaders of the group share a message after its members complete a night of illegal activity promoting the movement their quest for top equality.

From a purely cinematic standpoint, the movie is a bit of a mixed bag in this reviewer’s opinion. While the acting is of a high quality especially for the lead characters, the cinematic feel of the movie is more small screen than large screen.

The end of the film seemed cobbled together, rushed and unfinished. It’s almost as if in real life they ran out of funds for the movie and had to make tough choices about how to end it.

However, that in no way takes away from the message or lessens its overall impact and quality. In fact, it makes it perfect to view gathered in a small group around a television in someone’s home. Whether you agree with the group’s approach to top freedom and equality or not, this is an engaging film. The movie challenges its viewers to think about the socially conditioned view of the female body and the way violence is glorified and bodies criminalized.

Currently available on Netflix for streaming I encourage readers to have some friends over for a free the nipple party to watch and discuss the movie and the implications of the movement.

See full cast and crew at IMDB

Educating Julie Movie Review

The 1984 movie Educating Julie tells the story of a university student given the assignment to write a paper on nudity in the 80s. It follows the experience of Julie and her reluctant boyfriend Steve as they explore the clothes free lifestyle. The movie holds together quite well as we observe Julie’s struggle with her body image as well as how to get the information she needs for her assignment. After an initial visit to a nudist camp Julie and Steve divide the research with Steve taking the seamy strip club side of things and Julie focusing on her growing interest in naturism.
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