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Vegan Crispy Sweet and Sour chicken

Vegan Crispy Sweet and sour chicken

  • Difficulty: medium
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My first ever attempt at Vegan Crispy Sweet and Sour chicken. Batter is ready here we go!

[recipes-notes]We came across this recipe from a follower on Instagram barefootvegan69 who gave us permission to post it in the clothes free kitchen. barefootvegan69 is a vegan, barefooter, naturist who regularly posts his vegan eats on IG. [recipes-notes]


  • Vegan chicken alternative
  • Diced vegetables spring onions, pineapple, sweet peppers
  • Sweet and sour sauce


Ok cut the Vegan chicken into chunks coat in your batter and Deep fry for 5 mins (I don’t normally use deep frying methods but couldn’t see and other way with this recipe).

5 mins is a estimate when they are golden brown take them out.

Bang in your pineapple, spring onion, and pepper for approximately 4 mins

Chuck in your Chicken and your sweet and sour sauce and stir for about 5mins

There you go done and only took me 10 mins. Serve with rice as pictured here

Thanks to barefootvegan69 on Instagram for allowing us to share his vegan recipe.

Toronto nude cruise event report

I recently hosted the Toronto nude cruise event. We have many nudist/naturist outdoors and indoors activities in the Toronto, Ontario naturist community.  Still I kept thinking about something new to spend time in our one button birth suit. It came to my mind the idea of a nude cruise trip event on lake Ontario where we can socialize and make more nudist friends. Toronto, Ontario and in general Canada is being more friendly towards nudism/naturism. I called this cruise company to find out if there was a possibility of having a nude cruise on one of their sail boats and I got a positive response.

Sail boating nude cruise

Being on a cruise boats it is completely legal to be nude as soon as the boat starts sailing away from the dock as it is private property. I tried previously in 2017 to do a Toronto nude cruise event, but that failed due to a mistake. I started up too late, and the turn out was bad because I didn’t have the needed time for advertising.  I decided that I wouldn’t give up on my plan but try again this year (2018), and start advertising early. Advertising is very important, when hosting an event like this for the first time. People didn’t know me, won’t know anything until it is happening in real time.

As soon as the sail boat started moving away, I just noticed that everyone was already nude, the Toronto nude cruise was underway! The music was playing, the staff started serving little entrees and the bar was open. I  checked with every group to see if they  were alright, or if they need anything. It really made me happy watching everyone’s face wearing only that nudist specific smile, while dancing, chatting and socializing. All the other boats that passed by gave us great support by waving at us, as did people on the shore, when we got close enough for them to see. I also broke the virtual friendship barrier a few days before the event with Nick and Lins from Naked Wanderings. They were my special guests and big thanks for both of them for all their support.

Not for profit

I didn’t plan for any profit, for the Toronto nude cruise. All I wanted was for everyone to have a good time. I hope if they’re satisfied with the atmosphere then they would recommend the next event to others. That is exactly what happened. During the event people asked me to do it next year and they already want to recommend to their friends. As it was my first big event, I recognize I made mistakes. The worst one in my opinion, was my welcome speech. I’m not good at speeches, and although I warned multiple times, one of the participants took pictures without consent. After his phone was checked, all the pictures where deleted from his smartphone. With all the mistakes, I learned how to better prepare for next year’s event will be even better. There were some issues with the food, although the food there was s lot of it and it was good.

Anyone trying to organize an event like the Toronto nude cruise is welcome to contact me with questions. I’ll be pleased to help. I want to give special thanks to all those groups and people who helped me advertising my event! Remember – Every start is from low below and slowly can go higher if there’s will and optimism.
Attila Deak

Go Natural magazine the Canadian Naturist Federation publication will be printing a version of this report in the near future. Follow AttilaD2 on Twitter

Quinoa Bowl w/ Hummus Dressing

Quinoa Bowl w/ Hummus Dressing

Quinoa Bowl


  • 1 c quinoa
  • 1 ripe avocado, sliced
  • 2 c frozen/fresh broccoli
  • 2 c fresh spinach, chopped
  • Pink Himalayan sea salt to taste
  • 1/4 c Hummus Goddess Hummus Salad Dressing


Cook quinoa as usual. While that is cooking, steam broccoli. When broccoli is almost done, add spinach.

Once everything is cooked, in a bowl, combine cooked quinoa, broccoli and spinach, mix well. Top with sliced avocado and hummus salad dressing. Enjoy!

homemade potato crisps (chips)

home made potato crisps

  • Servings: Two
  • Difficulty: easy
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This homemade potato crisps recipe comes from barefootvegan69 one of the most prolific posters of vegan food options on Instagram. You should definitely follow for plant-based meal ideas. He is a barefooter, naturist and vegan not necessarily in that order. As you can see below he posted this from his clothes free kitchen.
Today I decided I going to try to make my own Crisps cos I fancy some and it healthier to do your own and above all you know what goes in it. Oh yes and it’s Clothes optional cooking day for me so cooking in the buff is recommended.


-Two potatoes 🥔


Slice the potato as thin as you can then put in cold water to get rid of starch

Into the oven or Tefal

Pat dry and season with whatever you like. I not your Father so I not going to tell you what to do so you decide on your own flavour.

There you go all done simple and vegan put them on a cooling rack and you got your own home made Crisps made by you from scratch so you know what’s in them so now you can get on with your Movie night or Netflix and Chill if you have Netflix & Chill buddy that is.

Skinny dip or chunky dunk on International Skinny Dip Day

This Saturday July 14 2018 and every second Saturday in July has been designated International Skinny Dip Day by the American Association for Nude Recreation

Skinny dipping or chunky dunking as some call it is a popular activity among naturists. No naturist clubs or venues allow clothed swimming in pools even if they give the option to be clothed out of the pool. Some naturist/nudist venues host skinny dip events. Some on the day other through out the year in conjunction with other skinny dipping events like the world record.

The options for skinny dipping are many and varied. If it is your first time consider inviting a friend to join you for a trip to a naturist venue. If you know a safe clothing optional swimming hole or beach in your area consider that. Make a day, pack a lunch and enjoy some naked time in nature.

Whether it is on International Skinny Dip Day or some other opportunity we think everyone should try skinny dipping. See our map of places to explore It’s fun, feel great, once you try you’ll never want to wear a swimsuit again.

seven things to try for nude recreation week 2018

Every year some national naturist and nudist organizations sponsor National Nude Recreation week in the United States. It is an opportunity to highlight many of the fun activities that can be enjoyed clothes free. In the spirit of the week we thought we would highlight seven (one for each day) of the popular recreational activities enjoyed by naturists clothes free. Here are our suggestions of seven things to try during nude recreation week 2018.

1-Run a race of just go for a run

Several naturist venues around the world host naked races typically 5ks throughout the year. Some festival include a naked run as part of their regular activities. If you aren’t into the competition then consider a casual run or jog on your own. Running is beneficial to overall health and running naked gives the body a chance to soak up important vitamin D while burning calories. Wear your sunscreen. Based on recent guidance from he British police, folks there no longer need to fear being charged while simply going on a naked run.

Surf’s up

If the surf and sand is more your thing, during nude recreation week 2018 consider naked surfing. There are a few clothing optional beaches around the world you there are waves suitable to hang ten and let it all hang out. In recent years Tambaba Beach in Brazil, featured a clothes free surfing contest.

View this post on Instagram

Just a little #nakedsurfing … more to come

A post shared by Life Of Joe (@joebuc) on


Naked hiking may be both invigorating and relaxing at the same time. It all depends on the hiking terrain and surrounding vistas. Some prefer walking hikes over less challenging terrain while other prefer the tackling a climbing hike taking on steeper terrains. What ever option you choose, be ready with lots of water and appropriate footwear. Consider a group hike if possible, it is safer and usually provides great conversation to pass the time. There are a few resources for free hiking groups on the web. If naked solo hiking is your thing don’t forget to stop and take it all in. The earth, the flora and fauna of your surroundings.

Volleyball – bump set spike

Naked volleyball is a huge thing in naturist circles. Many venues host large tournaments for players of all levels. Most venues have at least one hard surface volleyball court, some have sand courts. A visit to a clothing optional beach like Gunnison in New Jersey, often provides opportunities for fun and competitive clothes free beach volleyball. Discover more naturist volleyball.

Ballgame of Pickleball or Pétanque

Pickleball a hybrid court game played with a Wiffle ball is recent but popular recreational sport enjoyed by many clothes free. The rules of the game can semis head spinning at first but once understood folks seem to have a great amount of fun. Another popular long time recreational activity at naturist venues is Pétanque. The game is like Boules and Bocce Ball this could be the perfect fit for your nude recreation week 2018.

Skinny dip for nude recreation week 2018

Skinny dipping or chunky dunking as some refer to it may be the oldest nude recreational activity on record. It was a part of life growing up for most in America until the last century. Finding a beach, swimming hole or spring to skinny dip has become more challenging in the US in recent years but with some effort your search will be rewarded with what most naturist say is the best experience ever. If you are fortunate enough to have your own pool to give skinny dipping a try.
International Skinny Dipping Day is marked at the end of nude recreations week 2018 so plan accordingly if you want to celebrate with a skinny dip. Many naturist venues will be hosting events.


In recent years naked or nude yoga has burst on to the naturist scene. Naked yoga outdoors is by all accounts and exhilarating experience. Nude yoga indoors is a close second. Naked yoga meditation is tops above all because all a person needs to do is sit and let go. So why not grab a mat and head out into nature feel the sun on your skin as you do your favorites poses or just sit and listen to the wind for nude recreation week 2018.

Play a game for nude recreation week 2018

For something a little less active or to rest from the more active nude recreation week 2018 options, how about playing a game. Naturist gamers enjoy playing their favorite video game sans clothing. A board game outdoors in nature with a circles of friends is a wonderful clothes free social experience. Be sure to keep the bug repellent close by.

Whether you try one of these seven or one of the countless other nude recreational activities (, we encourage you to give nude recreation week a try. (See examples like kayaking, tennis and biking below) Search our naturist directory for places to go and explore or find events in our naturist event calendar. Feel the Freedom!

Clothing optional hot spring summer?

Summer 2018 is starting out to be a real burner with high temperatures all around the world. While the current heat wave might not suggest a visit to a nearby hot spring,  we think you should put it on your summer naturist to do lost. Hot springs or hot pools are popular all over the world, particularly in France, Germany, New Zealand 1) New Zealand Hot Poolsand Switzerland. A visit to clothing optional hot spring 2) First-timers guide to clothing optional hot springs is a great opportunity to soak in in all the benefits of a hot springs clothes free.

Soaking in hot springs is not safe for everyone. Some people, including pregnant women, children, elderly adults, people with high blood pressure or other heart conditions and people taking prescription medications, may experience a serious health risk soaking in hot springs. Consult your medical provider to determine a safe, process in visiting a hot spring.


Benefits of clothing optional hot springs

There are many benefits to a soaking in a hot spring. All will be enhanced by being clothes free. Here are a few of the benefits commonly cited by those who frequent hot springs

  • It helps boost circulation
  • It is relaxing and de-stressing
  • May provide relief from chronic pain
  • Can help with some skin conditions
  • Heat clears congested nasal passages

Visiting a clothing optional hot spring

The first thing to consider is whether the hot spring is clothing optional. Not all hot spring locations allow or encourage being clothes free. Some actively discourage it. Some hot springs are located in remote areas off hiking trails on public lands that may not easily accessible. Some are not accessible during the summer months, plan your trip accordingly. Other hot spring are located in private facilities that charge a fee.Many but not all hot springs are fed by natural springs. Some private facilities may not. Be sure to do research if that is important to you.

Etiquette at a clothing optional hot spring

There is etiquette to be considered using a hot spring and in particular a clothing optional one. If your hot spring of choice is private rather than public but sure to check the policy in advance as some may have a quota or couples/adults only policy. Be prepared to encounter mixed gender, mixed age and a mix of clothed and clothes free people 3) Adventures of Soaking With Naked People At Terwilliger Hot Springs especially at hot springs on public lands. Hot springs in Japan are called Onsens. They are typically clothing optional or clothes free but gender segregated.

There hot springs scattered across the United States, however not all are clothing optional. The western states of the US particularly California 4)California hot springs and Oregon 5)Soak Oregon seem to have a high concentration of clothing optional hot springs.

We have been compiling listings clothing optional hot springs in the naturist web directory (See map below). Not all hot springs we know of are in the listing only ones that a clearly clothing optional. If there is a clothing optional hot springs you know that isn’t listed in the directory consider adding it to the directory.

We hope this helps you to take a visit to a clothing optional hot spring off your naturist bucket list.

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Five must read books for your summer naked reading list

Today is naked reading day. Reading is a great way to relax and pass time while clothes free camping, on a nakation or just doing a clothes free a chill at home. Reading naked makes reading even better. We have picked five book recommendations from the clothes free book club recommended reads to add to your summer naked reading list.

Catherine Roberts’ book 101 Things to do Naked is a perfect read for a newbie to clothes free living or someone who is considering trying naturism or clothes free life. The author explores some of the ordinary everyday things to do naked that embody the clothes free life. The book is written with a wit and humor that makes it easy to read. Read our review here

If you are looking for something with more depth sink your teeth into Mark Haskell Smith’s exploration of the nudist life Naked at Lunch. Smith travels the world to explore the varying expressions of the nudist lifestyle. He records and and reports his experience in a thoughtful and engaging way. When the book published in 2016 it was considered a breakthrough work of naturist/nudist non fiction.

People have been getting naked in public for reasons other than sex for centuries. But as novelist and narrative journalist Mark Haskell Smith shows in Naked at Lunch, being a nudist is more complicated than simply dropping trou. “Nonsexual social nudism,” as it’s called, rose to prominence in …

When you are ready for some fiction pick up CoEd Naked Philosophy by Will Forest. This wonderfully written and engaging novel takes the reader inside a college philosophy class that explores the nature of human interaction and relations when people are naked. Forest’s work is a pioneering piece in the naturist fiction genre.

Fans of Sci-Fi should look no further that PZ Walker Mirror Earth series. There are currently three books in the series which in our opinion more than hold their own with anything in the mainstream of the genre. Walker adeptly takes the reader inside a multi-dimensional world where Mirror Earth’s exist one textile based the other clothes free. What happens when the worlds intersect? Add this naturist fiction favorite to your reading list and find out.

Earth. The future. Researchers have discovered how to detect fluctuations in time and found that there is the possibility for alternate realities. Complicated calculations, big laboratories and big interests are at stake. A group of researchers is dedicated to pursuing the biggest experiment

Seeking something a bit more on the creative side then pick up some crayons and a copy of Nude a coloring book by Karl Gude. The artist/author gives the “reader” a creative outlet with well drawn lines figures ready for coloring. Our interview with Gude gives some insight to his intention for the book and his hopes of the stress release owners of the book will get out of the experience.

We have only scratched the surface here with a few books to get you started. If you don’t find anything of interest here check out the clothes free readers bookshelf where we have cataloged many other naturist or naturist themed books by category. Happy naked reading.

cover photo Co-Ed Outdoor Topless Pulp Fiction Club

spicy vegan snack plate

spicy vegan snack plate

This vegan snack plate is less of a recipe and more of a healthy natural snack suggestion

We came across this awesome looking snack suggestion on twitter from the naked vegan runner. it seemed such a flavorful snack that we wanted to share. Perfect snack after a workout or run.


  • beet root wedges
  • soya sausage
  • potato wedges
  • spicy humus (red pepper or your choice) for dipping


You can certainly substitute your favorite finger food or dipping sauce. But these seem like a great combo. Ginger beer seems like the perfect beverage to compliment the spicy dip and vegan eats.

Let us know your snack combinations in the comments section – Enjoy