iSwimNude – version 3.0 review

iSwimNude by – naturist places worldwide, version 3.0. Previous versions  and updates of this app have been reviewed before.

iSwimNude Version 3.0 is described as …the App for the naturist. It’ll show you where other people go swimming in the nude and allows you to post your own locations. It does list free beaches, resorts, campgrounds and a lot more!

The latest version boasts a new interface, with a new look set of icons. It also comes with full support from the iPad the previous design primarily for the iPhone. Also included is an option to save and manage favorites. The search enhanced functions and links to variety mapping apps including Google maps, Waze, Apple Maps or feature in the version update.

The new version feels much smoother and looks slicker than previous versions. All legacy locations are imported so they are still accessible. The app opens up the list view one of four views which includes map, favorites and settings. Searching for locations is simple. Type in a region postal code or other location identifier city, state latitude longitude and get results. The results can be filtered by options like resort, campground, beach, sauna, pool, and club. Selecting one of the results from the list displays it in the details pane of the list view.

From the detail pane you can edit the current entry, read comments or add your own (which requires a logged in iCloud account) and add it to favorites select the map icon to view the location on the map. The location coverage is global and the legacy user sourced entries combined with new ones added in this new version gives great coverage.  That means anyone should be able to find a location to try.

The map view shows the location on the map with option to get directions depending on the selected map application. Selecting the info icon opens a pop up window with the information for the details pane. If you previously downloaded the app, I suggest you definitely get the new version. It is a huge improvement in performance and best of all its free. If you use this app come back here and giving a rating. Now go swim nude.


announcing 2017 more than pics blog awards

It has been a while since the first time we announced more than pics award winners. More than a year in fact. The more than pics campaign aims to promote a more wholistic expression of clothes free living, naturist ideals and nudist practice online. The first winners Naked Wandering and Bare Thoughts have done great stuff in that time. Today we are excited to announce the 2017 more than pics blog awards.

Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

What we like: This blog has been around for some time. We followed it on and of for many years. As the blog slogan (My thoughts on naturism and my experiences as a nudist) suggests this blog shares a combination of personal experiences and suggestions of ways to promote naturism and nudism. The series of nudist/naturist ideas to do now up to 48 is an excellent example how pictures combined with information. Using images to enhance communication of ideas makes the blog interesting and engaging.

Washing the dishes, mopping the floor or dusting your library seem much more fun when done naked. I really never understood why, and I doubt there are any scientific study about this, but it’s a personal fact. House chores seem less painful when done naked. And if you can share them with your spouse, they are even funnier.

What we look forward to: Seeing how many more nudist ideas the blogger can share.

Camp natural

What we like: This blog site is a prime example of a more than pics awardee. Beyond the home page image of a sunset in nature on the home page blog site for Midwest Naturist Campers: Wilderness, Camaraderie, Acceptance has few images.  What you get instead is serious stuff. Serious information, serious thoughts serious naturist and nudist content. By serious we mean good, informative, well-reasoned content well worth the reading every time they publish a new post.

Alas, those trips can be hard to come by these days. Searching for that feeling you visit some of the clothing-optional resorts and campgrounds here in the midwest. And though they are nice and friendly, there is something missing. Something found from just being out in the wilds, with no RVs or golf carts coming and going.

What we look forward to: More of the same. We hope they can resist the picture pull and continue to post excellent more than pics reads for naturist nudist and clothes free outdoors activity.

The winners receive their choice of a mug or tee shirt from our shop Winners can send us a DM on Twitter or Instagram or message us through our contact for to get details for receiving the award badges and prizes.

Want  your site considered

Would you would like to be considered for the more than pics blog or social media award? No need to start a new blog unless you REALLY want to or don’t have one now. Just begin the practice of posting more than just pics on your blog or social media.

  • Share stories of your own experiences.
  • Give your thoughts on hot topics around naturism, nudism and clothes free living.
  • Report the latest naturist/nudist happenings and events.
  • Tag your posts with #morethanpics.
  • Send us a tweet on Twitter, message on Instragam to be sure we know you are onboard.

Occasionally we award the #morethanpics badge to the two sites we think are most deserving according to the above criteria. We review the web sites and will have a featured link to their site placed in our web directory. Winners also receive a badge image to place on their site, where it most stay for ar least a month to get the above benefits and a gift from our online store

a naturist clothes free web directory why now?

At long last we have established our naturist and clothes free web directory. Why have web directory when there are search engines. Have you tried doing a search for nudist or naturism recently? Whether you use google, bing or another search engine several issues occur. Besides the incredible amount ofresults, finding genuine naturist or nudist sites is a challenge. Many sites use the word nudist or naturist but are anything but. They show in search results and force examining many sites that contain content inappropriate  to naturism and nudism. We vett all the directory links before posting. We only add genuine naturist and nudist sites. We periodically check links and update or remove dead ones. So finding real nudist or naturist web sites is much easier.

naturist web directory

The directory has searchable links with thumbnail previews in several categories. New links are added daily.


We hope you find this resource useful. We will continue to grow the directory with your help. Adding your web site to the directory couldn’t be easier. A visit to the add link page to submit your URL. Once moderated your link will appear in the directory. If you would link to become a link manager for the directory helping to find and populate the directory with great naturist and nudist site contact us.

Search the directory now for your web URL

Add your own now Add Listing

get naked with nothing to hide – simple nudity comes to mainstream advertising 

It may have started with that Elave Nothing to Hide ad but it seems more and more mainstream companies are using simple nudity to tout the natural character of their products.

Recently the cosmetics company lush used simple nudity in their Get Naked campaign to tout their reduction of unnecessary packaging for their products. Employees voluntarily stripped down to nothing but aprons with the Get Naked slogan.

Lush is just one of several mainstream companies to pick up one the naturalness of nude recreation and clothes free life. Drug Store chain Walgreens suggested that they have us covered with everything we need including sunscreen for a seize the moment trip to a nude beach.

Likewise the guys of nude dudes candles hawk their soy based candles bare except for aprons with the company name.

Small businesses aren’t the only ones tapping into the natural simplicity of clothes free life.  Tech giant Google compared the simple design of its OnHub router to the simple clothes free life expericned by the folks as Cypress Cove nudist resort in Florida. They even filmed the ad their with real residents.

Some musicians are also engaging. Musician Brandon Channing filmed a music video for a cut from a recent solo album at the Bare Oaks Naturist Resort featuring real naturists.

Researchers suggest that the use of nudity in advertising yields mixed results. They suggest this is particularly true when the nudity is sex related. This should been seen as a positive if it suggest that simple non sexual nudity gets a more positive reception.

The mixed results of these studies highlight the complexity of the per- suasiveness of this type of appeal. For example, some researchers have found that brand and product message recall decline when nudity is de- picted within the advert. Conversely, the use of nudity in advertising has been shown to affect positively respondents’ thoughts in relation to ad- vert execution, attitudes towards the advert, the brand and purchase in- tentions. – The Influence of Product/Nudity Congruence on Advertising Effectiveness (Sherman, Quester 2005)

So how does the  naturist and nudist community respond to the recent positive depictions of simple nudity in the mainstream? It remains to be seen. What is good about the recent depictions is that all kinds of people with different bodies, races and ages are seen doing ordinary things while simply being clothes free. This is what nu gymnosophy is all about. I hope it can be leveraged to cultivate a positive path for the future acceptance of simple nudity in the philosophy and practice of clothes free living.

[amazon_link asins=’B013ALA9LA’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’shopclothesfr-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f2d58713-4bc5-11e7-8aa1-277b3b22d575′]

beyond nudist nude photo blogs

When did blogging become about posting the same pictures as everyone else with out any comment or information?

[one_half] That is what blogging has become common for many if not most nudists or naturists. Hundreds of so called nudist/naturist blogs can be found on the internet mostly on reposting rehashing phototherapy same photos. The photos are not of the blog owners they are images of people usually unknown to the so called bloggers found through internet search or reblogs from similar “blogs”. I’ve expressed a problem I have with these blogs for some time now. To be transparent my first blog when I started our as a”nudist” was a Tumblr that reposted stuff from other site Tumblrs. It was before I had a real social clothes free experience.The only example of nudism I saw was the one that was online. I thought “This is what nudist do they repost pictures of naked people”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The people I met in social clothes free situations were playing volleyball and pentanque and gathering for pot lucks not reposting pics. Even when I shifted my them personal away from tumblr to get away from all overtly sexual stuff and started to write about my own experiences it was hard to now wonder why those blogs got all the hits. But after some soul searching I decided that was not my experience. So though there are still some legacy photos still hanging around that we are moving to clean up I abandoned that approach. Over that period of time however, the numbers of people starting those kind of blogs has increased incredibly. In fact that seems to define a naturist or nudist blog for most people.

A little history. The blog is a contraction of two word web log. Before Blogspot people wrote a journal log of their experiences using raw HTML pages and posted then on the web. It was the diary of sorts for the new age of internet technology. It was social media before their was social media platforms like FB Twitter or the afore mentioned Tumblr.

A weblog is, literally, a “log” of the web – a diary-style site, in which the author (a “blogger”) links to other web pages he or she finds interesting using entries posted in reverse chronological order. – The Guardian

The World Wide Web and its web logs seemed destined to wipe out and make irrelevant closed networks like AOL (America Online) Prodigy and Compuserve that gave the average person and onramp to the internet.  Then came blogging software like Drupal Joomla and Word press which offered to make the web logging experience simpler and easier for more people to access providing you had your own website. Eventually with the emergence of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress  and yes Tumblr having your own web site with the accompanying cost and technical know how was eliminated. Now anyone anywhere could have a blog. An simple email was all that was needed to sign up.

That is how we got to where we are today. The ease with which one can start a blog on any of the platform already mentioned or the newer ones like Medium or Ello solved almost all the issues. All except one. What content goes on these easy to start blogs? As I have said before starting a blog is easy, getting people to visit your blog and keeping one going is much harder. There’s an old saying “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

So what’s a blogger to do if there are no personal experiences of nudism or naturism to share? Well that’s easy post photos. Yes those mirrored selfies it seems newbies feel required to post. What do you do what you run out of those kind of photos or you are shy about your body or no one seems interested? Why grab photos from other sources and post them on your “blog”. After all they are on the internet they are free for the taking. But supposed no one wants to see photos of ordinary people with saggy wrinkly or flabby bodies? Hmm, there’s lots of pics up for grabs for all the modeling and other definitely non naturist sites, you know the beautiful people the sexy ones. That will bring visitors in droves. You may be getting the picture.

Maybe you have observed that all of those practices commonly used for these “nudist” nude photo blogs have very little to do with nudism/nude recreation naturism or even the original purpose of blogs in general. Young Naturists of America asked on their web site in 201, So what is the purpose?

There are many, many nude “nudist photo blogs” on Tumblr. Granted, some of these are actually voyeur / soft core porn blogs, and those are pretty easy to identify. Their photos are mainly focused on genitals and breasts.

In others, the cast is entirely made up of young nubile women looking unawares on a nude beach. Some may even feature voyeuristic images as if they were taken secretly and without the person’s knowledge or permission. Or the photos resemble mainstream soft core porn straight out of Playboy.  –What’s the Point of Nudist Nude Photo Blogs ?



Why are some folks so intent on reposting nude photos of people they don’t know on blogs?  I have suggested and others have observed pictures of ordinary people absent any context or shared experience may just be boring.

But enough about the titillation nude “nudist” blogs. There are others that focus on real nudist photos, with different types of bodies. The more “true nudist” blogs will feature naked pictures that aren’t sexual or voyeuristic in nature. But even if these are photos of smiling, happy presumed-to-be naked nudists just having innocent fun… I still say, what is the point?

Certainly there is no interest in them for most real nudists. I personally find them boring. They’re not original nor are they artistic or interesting – at least to me

I can’t help but wonder what non-nudists think about such images? Do the photos help normalize nudity and reduce shame toward the naked human body? Do they encourage people to try naturism? Are people looking at all the photos and thinking – “Gee this looks great, I want to try naturism now”? My guess is no. – What’s the Point of Nudist Nude Photo Blogs 

I think the point is we human being desperately  want to be seen to belong, to be connected, to be acknowledged by someone else.  So we share things we think wil bring that into reality. In my opinion that is the source of the success of social media. People use social media to establish social interaction (though it is often vapid) that cannot be accomplished otherwise.

I believe for many the need to be seen, to be recognized, to have many followers, out weighs any common interest of promoting naturism and nudism. Some have become like the characters in a third season episode of the futuristic series Black Mirror streaming on Netflix. We see ourselves through the currency of our social media ranking and web traffic to our individual “blogs”. Beyond that there is nothing, we go great lengths to achieve it even if that means discarding the common good. After all “what have they done for me lately?” “I will speak my mind and show my pics (including those that don’t belong to me) and express my artistic body positive self.” ”Tell my story no way!” Not when I can attach quipped phrases to the photos of others. “Log my experiences ooh no, that is so yesterday.” Welcome to the new age!

Will we get beyond the nudist nude photo blogs? I doubt it our societies have become increasingly voyeuristic and in the process the practice of nudism/naturism will be dragged into the societal obession with the naked body and in the minds of those who look from a distance what this is all about it will seem no difference from pornography presenting naked bodies absent the human being and their experience for viewing pleasure.  [/one_half_last]

What do you think?

the purge twitter style

If you haven’t heard the Twitter purge is on.

Twitter has been getting a lot of bad press recently. Not turning a profit. Not growing it’s membership base. Not beating FB in the social media game. Not doing enough to prevent online abuse. Not dealing with trolls. Not easy enough to use. Not able to avoid layoffs. Not able to be sold. Not a good source for real news. Not able to keep top talent. Not making money for investors.To sum it up Not a pretty picture.

So what is Twitter doing. Purge!

Over the last several days twitter has been aggressively suspending accounts from the ranks of naturism and nudism and others. We aren’t just talking about all the faker naturist accounts like the ones that prompted the tweet below. On the contrary. British Naturism, the national naturist organization of Britain, had its account suspended. @Ladygod1va the active account of British business woman, naturist and organizer of the London WNBR has been suspended.

Why? Is Twitter taking a page out of the FB playbook? It could seem that way on the surface. However, it seems Twitter is using the following sentence from its rules and policies covering profile and header/cover photos to justify the suspensions.

Graphic content: You may not use pornographic or excessively violent media in your profile image or header image. Twitter may allow some forms of graphic content in Tweets marked as sensitive media.

In plainspeak it is saying no pornography (read obvious nudity, butt cracks included) in your profile photo or header image. You may have nudity in your tweets where twitter can manage it and mark it as sensitive to keep away from eyes that might be offended. However, even private account have visible profile photos and header/cover images. Twitter isn’t about to mark those as sensitive.


In an America ravaged by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government sanctions an annual 12-hour period during which all criminal activity — including murder — is

If you have seen the any of the Purge movie series, you have a good idea of what seems to be happening on Twitter. The actions seem to be an effort to respond to some of the bad press and the uncertain future of the twitterverse. Suspending accounts with nudity in header images or profile photos isn’t the only thing that they are doing. They have suspended other objectionable accounts as well. Twitter has also  rolled out new features which allow greater control over who and what users see in their timeline.

Before naturists and nudists cry victimization, consideration should be given to the issues facing Twitter I have previously articulated. To be clear the purge seems to be limited to profile photos and image headers. Consider the recently surfaced possibility that Disney though of purchasing Twitter. What is happening is similar to the purge in the movies of the same name. That purge in the movies catches both the innocent and the not so innocent in a permissible 12 hour murderous rampage meant to quell social anxiety. Twitter catches non pornographic accounts in its purge wave designed to calm the anxiety about the viability of the Twitter product.

Buffer social media report 2016

The Future of Social Media (And How to Prepare For It): The State of Social Media 2016 Report

Twitter is indeed a product designed to make money, just like FB. Sometimes folks forget that these social media platforms are not giving the service away for free. They are using the platforms to generate advertising income. In my estimation, Twitter is trying to clean itself up so it can get sold. It is that simple. It’s business not personal.  The unfortunate impact is not fun for naturists and nudists but maybe this seeming danger is also an opportunity. Maybe this is our opportunity to bring more than pics to our tweets. Maybe this is an opportunity to share experiences and news about the clothes free life which relies on things twitter won’t curb to promote and share clothes free living. Maybe like the survivors in the movie we can best the purge. Maybe?

update The British Naturism account is back without the previous cover photo.

announcing the first more than pics blog award winners


Well it has been a while since we first announced the more than pics campaign aimed at promoting a more wholistic expression of clothes free living, naturist ideals and nudist practice online. Today we are excited to announce the first of the bi-weekly awardees. Naked Wandering and Bare Thoughts. The winners receive their choice of a experience nudism be clothes free or straight outta clothes mug from our store. Winners can send us a DM on Twitter or Instagram or message us through our contact for to get details for receiving the award badges and prizes.

Naked Wanderings

What we like: A blog that just doesn’t just grab pics from wherever and repost. Though there are pics from other side they appear  are ofree credited. This blog shares the experiences of ordinary people both the authors of the blog and others they have interviewed. The blend of information and experiences is balanced and makes for an interesting blog that is enagging.

What we look forward to: Hearing more from the blogging couple about their naturist experiences.

Bare Thoughts

What we like: Blogging the authentic naturist experience of a naturist couple, Harmen and Santana. While there are lots of pics they are pretry much all of the couple and tell a story rather than just being thrown on the site as eye candy. The experiences shared are ordinary but not mundane. Just doing life clothes free. This bog epitomizes the idea that behind every clothes free body is a human being giving us the human point of these two people living as naturists.

What we look forward to: Future experiences as this couple’s naturist family expands.

If you would like to be considered for the more than pics blog or social media award

  • No need to start a new blog unless you REALLY want to or don’t have one now.
  • Just begin the practice of posting more than just pics on your blog or social media.
  • Share stories of your own experiences. Give your thoughts on hot topics around naturism, nudism and clothes free living. Report the latest naturist/nudist happenings and events.
  • Tag your posts with #morethanpics. Send us a tweet on Twitter, message on Instragam to be sure we know you are onboard.
  • Every two weeks we will award the #morethanpics badge to the two sites we think are most deserving according to the above criteria.
  • Winners will be reviewed on and will have a featured link to their site placed in our web directory.
  • Winners will receive a badge image to place on their site, where it most stay for ar least a month to get the above benefits.


Understanding SnapChat Privacy

If you have ever used SnapChat you might of wondered how the privacy settings work, so I’ve done quite a bit of work testing SnapChat Privacy settings and how they all work.

I used to think that by changing your account from “Everyone” to “Friends Only” would also change the privacy level of current snaps on your story. However that is in fact NOT the case.

The Privacy setting on your SnapChat only conforms to when you posted said snap to your story. For example if you posted photo A  to your story when it was set to “Everyone” and later you changed it to “Friends Only”, photo A can still be seen by “Everyone” and it’s privacy setting didn’t change.

Here are the general permissions that SnapChat allows

“Everyone” permission

  • If you have your privacy set to Everyone they will see all your story snaps without you having to add them back as a friend.

“Friends Only” permission

  • If you have your privacy set to Friends Only they will only see your story if you added them as a friend.

“Custom” Permission

  • If you have your privacy set to Custom they will only see your story if u haven’t blocked them otherwise.

Below are different scenarios that I tested and have results for each one as well.

New Friends (previously not your friend)

  • If you have your privacy set to Everyone they will see all your story snaps.
  • If you have your privacy set to Friends Only they will see all your story snaps.
  • If your privacy was set to Custom they won’t see any of your story snaps except new ones u add after they become your friend unless you block them.

Removing a friend

So you just removed a friend from your SnapChat & now you believe they can’t see your snaps anymore? Well u might be wrong!

Removing a friend from your list doesn’t remove yourself from their list so:

  • If you have your privacy set to Everyone they will see all your story snaps.
  • If you have your privacy set to Friends Only they shouldn’t be able to see your story snaps anymore.
  • If you have your privacy set to Custom they shouldn’t be able to see your story snaps anymore.

I hope this was helpful and please comment if you have questions, or hit me up on Twitter or SnapChat: t3dus

tips for clothes free bloggers to step up their game

It’s been stated by us on this blog and social media, the naturist/nudist presence online is pretty weak. We use outdated technology and archaic methods to present the cause. Naturist/nudist blogs have a devolved to a limited practice of reblogging pictures from each and calling that a blog. The folks over at the Reddit nudism community have a read handle on the problem

Run a search on google for nudism…you’re going to see tumblr after tumblr that contains hundreds of pages of nothing but naked people. Frankly, what’s the point? To show nudists what naked people look like?

With each social network, there is a silent conversation that takes place. If I put a song on soundcloud…it’s me saying “Listen to this because I think you’ll feel something from it.” If I make a WordPress blog, it’s me going “What I say here is something important I found and I want you to value it’s importance too.”

When you google nudists and get tumblr pages filled with photos, where is the conversation to go? “Hey look at this naked person!”

nudistnerd -moderator


At we think it’s time for the folks who care about nudism, naturism and clothes free living to step up their game. We want to do more than critique that we want to help, to be the change we want to see. To that end we will be launching a internet presence campaign for naturists,nudist, and those living clothes free called more than pics. This campaign will support, promote and encourage naturist, nudist and clothes free life blogs and bloggers that do more than post naked pics. The campaign launch and all the details will be shared on our weekly broadcast.

Until then here are some tips from non-naturist sources that we think are good things we can learn from to step up our game.

  • Top Five Mistakes We Make in Personal Blogging This writer and author address some observed flaws seen in many naturist/nudist blog: not knowing your audience and assuming just because you write some thing people will read it.
  • 4 Ways To Re-Purpose Your Blog Posts Using Periscope
    – We have spoken a great deal recently about using new social media platforms effectively. This blogger and branding coach explains and illustrates how to leverage content from your existing blog for use in a new social media like Periscope. Note this blogger describes herself as an emotional nudist the part emotional part is the important aspect to note. It’s not actually a nudist blog, but a good example of how catch words and phrases can be used in branding.
  • Five Blogging Tips for the Non-Typical Blogger – if you are a newbie blogger or a writer who is considering blogging then this set of tips from the  Dream Host blog is a good primer for starting out right. Dream host is a web hosting company that houses the servers for our social network site
  • Daily Post – Whether you blog on or not, this a a great source for ideas and resources that all kinds of bloggers find helpful

OK that’s it for now. Remember to listen to the broadcast to get the details on the more than pics campaign and much more.  Stay tuned for more tips, how tos and resources for using technology to promote naturism, nudism and clothes free living. Share your tips and resources in the comment section. Is there an angle on this we missed? Add it in the comments as well.

how to take better nude self portraits

This article talks about how to take better nude self portraits and contains some helpful tips and tricks that might help you improve your photos!

Before I start I just want to point out that anybody who follows me on twitter might notice that I share a lot of nude self portraits and this article is going to outline the steps I take to capture those self portraits that many have asked me questions about how I got those shots. Well there are a number of different techniques you can use & I’ll try my best to cover them in this article.

Personally, I normally use a camera w/a tripod for my photos but if you only have a cell phone I have outlined steps for those in this as well.

Camera w/Tripod

Here are steps for using a camera with a tripod.

  • Camera w/shutter timer or wireless remote (if your camera supports it)
  • Tripod
Some Photography Gear

Canon EOS M w/remote and Manfrotto Tripod

Now that you have your equipment you need to setup your camera on a tripod and get it positioned where you want it for the photo. You will have to guesstimate whereabouts that you plan to be in the photo.

Next you need to set your timer to at least 10 seconds (or set it to use your wireless remote)

When you are ready to take the picture push the shutter button and go pose for the photo in the desired area where the camera is aimed.

If you were successful you should have a new photo of yourself nude in your birthday suit on your camera.

Self Portrait of Matt taken with Canon EOS M.

Self Portrait of Matt taken with Canon EOS M. – More like it at Twitter

Cell Phone Tips

There are many ways to take self portraits with your cell phone and I have listed several different ways below.

Use an app with a timer
Set your timer on your cell phone to 10 seconds or so and prop up your phone against something so it stands up. When ready tap the shutter button and go stand where the camera is aiming for your selfie!

Use a Selfie Stick or camera stand
Use the selfie stick to aim the camera back at yourself while keeping the stick itself out of the photo. Snap the picture. Using a phone camera stand with your timer is an alternative to the tip above.

Use your Arm
This one is pretty self explanatory. Hold your camera out away from your body with your arm. The goal here is to capture yourself while trying to keep your arm out of the photo as much as possible.

Use a mirror
I only recommend this method as a last resort as it can result in some fairly tacky results.

Hold your cell phone up in front of you with the camera turned on (flash off) and aimed into the mirror. You should be looking at your cell phone screen and seeing your reflection in the mirror on the screen.

Adjust your pose until you are happy with the image and cannot see your arm in the cell phone screen. Snap the picture.

Share your tips in the comment section and let us know if this guide was helpful!