newbie’s first nudie experience

On July 12th was my 38th Birthday and for 2 years now ive been embracing the nudist life but mainly practicing as a home nudist but also been venturing out on my patio, I figure it was time to inhance my growth and try something new so why not a good time to try it on your day of birth, a true celebration! So I experienced my 1st Nude Resort! Won’t say I was Nervous but Anxious and turned out to be the opposite of preconcieve notions (just individuals sexualizing the whole automosphere of the resort and being gawked at) it was welcoming, calming, relaxing, pure freedom! It Confirmed my truth in this lifestyle, still been on a liberating high! 😍

first time wnbr la rider finds community

My name is Vince. My gf @naturesoulgoddess  and I rode for @wnbrla2018. We rode our bikes nude through the streets of downtown Los Angeles It was so liberating to ride in our natural state. This is my first time doing something like this aside from the naked hike a while back. It felt like a community there. Almost a different world. People were so nice and we met some friends as well. It was an awesome experience. My first time being nude in front of so many people. I got a real sense of community right away upon arrival at the WNBRLA. I never felt the type of unity that was there with everyone like I felt that day. I will definitely be back next year! Remember to embrace your body, live in the moment and always strive to become the best version of you. #worldnakedbikeride #losangeles #2018 @mcbelzar

a journey of self discovery – guest dj

As I sit here in my birthday suit, I ponder – How did Naturism come into my life? Was it by chance or by fate? When growing up, I didn’t have many close friends at school, I was a bit different from the others and I tried very hard (probably too hard) to fit in. I was doing some work in my house and had just picked up a book to read. It pointed out that journeys start with a single step and that first step for me was to take my clothes off. The barriers came down and the stresses of daily life disappeared. Being naked meant I was comfortable with me, being me and no one could change that. I visited Vera Playa 2 years ago and the environment it creates where Naturists are able to explore and enjoy the outdoors naked was wonderful. The chance I took by removing my clothes that day was the start of a journey that led me to a much happier path, whether it was by chance or fate – I’m glad I did. A clothes free lifestyle suits me for comfort factor and being naked doesn’t bother me. The journey goes on but I’m looking forward to what I discover in my birthday suit.

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beautiful – more than a pretty face

You’re so beautiful. You hear this statement a lot but what is it really saying? Especially in today’s society. It is so consumed with how people look. I can appreciate beauty in many places, faces and actions. However, it has come to cut me deeply lately.

I’ve been told “you are beautiful” many times, even from complete strangers. Compliments are always nice but at what cost? Those words are so loosely used and used to get what one wants. It goes to show that many people rely solely on looks. Once beauty fades all that you have left is your withered body and brilliant mind. So why don’t more people use it? An intelligent mind is so damn sexy, it’s unreal.

This brings me to nudism. Why is it still so shocking to so many people? Just because a body, (place or thing) is not visually pleasing to the eye, does not mean it’s not beautiful. Our society is a reflection on the human race. At this point in time many are lost and broken and reach for what is visually pleasing to the eyes. They look no deeper. They are scared of what is beneath (clothes, a face, a feeling) and they are scared because they think it won’t be beautiful. The best part of this human experience is what is beneath. What makes your soul dance, what scares the shit out of you, what raw instincts hide in that animal part of you, beautiful or not.

I am here to tell you what I believe to be beautiful. When a person can completely let themselves be free of judgement and stand there completely naked, baring not only their body, but their soul. They stand proud of who they truly are. The physical scars show you have experienced life. The emotional scars show that you have loved deeply and grew from the pain and the love. The stretch marks on a women’s stomach stand proud to show you have gave birth to life. Those tears you shed after your heart has been shattered to pieces. The fury you feel after being beat down. The fire in your eyes while proclaiming your beliefs. This is beautiful.

I see beauty everywhere I look but I am not blind to the shadows that lurk around each corner on the street and in our minds. We all have a choice each day on what to focus on and practice. We need to expose every crack and crevice in our being and challenge what it is that makes us human. I choose to see the beauty in things and accept all life’s challenges. Yes I am beautiful, but I am not just a pretty face.

O’naturel Paris review – fine dining clothes free guest post Howard

On the evening of 9 February 2018 myself and my wife went to O’Naturel for a meal as part of a few days in Paris to celebrate her 50th birthday. I have been a naturist for a few years now, but my wife has only relatively recently started occasionally joining me at events.

You have to book in advance, but this was very easy via their website (which includes a menu in English), and it wasn’t long before I received an email confirming my booking request. The restaurant isn’t in the very centre of Paris, but it is not far away, and was easily reached using the city’s Metro system. The door to the restaurant is locked for privacy, but on arrival you just have to press a button outside to request attention. This was answered quite quickly, our reservation confirmed, and we went in.

We were directed to the changing room in order to undress, where there were plenty of lockers available. Mine was big enough for all my clothes and my small rucksack. We were provided with pairs of slippers, which came in sealed cellophane bags. Once naked (apart from the slippers), and carrying just our locker keys, we proceeded through another door into the restaurant, and were seated at our table.

The food was as you would expect in a French restaurant – prepared to a high standard and well presented. We thoroughly enjoyed it. For starter I had snails. I’m not sure if it was intended to be in keeping with the style of the restaurant, but they too were naked (i.e. not in their shells). It did make them rather easier to eat than the previous time I had had them and needed to ‘extract’ them!

A nice touch came at the end of the meal when the staff came out with couple of lit ‘sparklers’ in a small receptacle, and they and the other diners all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my wife (I had mentioned in my booking that it was her birthday).

The atmosphere at the restaurant was friendly throughout, and we were well attended to.
The prices were perhaps a little on the high side, but acceptable given that it was a good standard of French restaurant, and in Paris. Added to that we were prepared to pay a little extra for the opportunity to dine naked. It certainly made it a memorable part of my wife’s birthday celebrations.

Howard (@howardsmith1964)

wear less read more ten books clothes free reads for 2018

Do you like to read? Are you a clothes free reader? Have you tried reading clothes free? The options for naturist/nudist themed titles is growing. Our clothes free readers book club would like to recommend these books for your clothes free reading in 2018. They range from fiction to non fiction and history. So go ahead wear less and read more. Be sure to join us for upcoming book club chats in our chat room.

Paul Sieffert (1874-1957), Woman reading
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naturism and Italy.. a difficult relationship – guest contributor max

I’m Max! 31 years old italian guy who discovered naturism few years ago and from there and then started experiencing a new, fresh and totally free way of living. I love travelling and I daily read everything from the web. From that I discovered how many differences we have with other european or extra UE countries about the naturism and nudism topic. I don’t actually have friends or a girlfriend who enjoy my same passion and this is one of the main reason I never had a real naturist holiday abroad but.. who knows?

Italy is known by everybody as one of the most interesting and amazing holiday destinations. Its incredible and deep history made my country a real open air museum wherever you wanna go. Impossible also not talking about the italian food experience.. Have you ever been in Heaven? I can answer probably twice or three times eating some wonderful masterpiece 🙂

Well most of the people could say Italy is just perfect amazing (one day we’ll talk about politics and economics ok?) but I would reply about the fact that I really miss places where a naturist/nudist can spend time free without problems

Out Of My Clothes And Into My Body: My First Experience with Nude Camping by Bex

The human body is self-regulating. It knows what it needs. Most of the time, the body is able to find balance within itself, without dictates from the brain. The body always seeks balance. I got out of my clothe inside my tent. I stepped out and stood up, naked from head to toe. My body needed the warmth of the summer sun, the gentle breeze of fresh air. My body said thank you, this is right for all of us. I let my body tell my brain there was no need for feelings of anxiety or shame. There was no need for those feelings because there was no room for them. I looked for them in all the usual places; the way I hold my arm in front of my belly, the decline and forward pitch of my head, the small space between my shoulders and my ears. I looked but I saw no shame, no embarrassment, no fear. My arms were relaxed, my shoulders were settled. I looked up and out, my collarbones spread wide, heart open. What I felt was bliss. What I felt was, in fact, me. My body and my brain agreed. I had made a right choice for them both and all was in balance within me.

I didn’t think it was the right choice a few hours ago. I had waited until the last minute to gather some things from the garage, and I wasn’t finding what I needed. I still had many questions buzzing around in my head. Were the campgrounds guarded at night? Should I bring a chair? What if I hate it? The afternoon was now tumbling into evening and I still had not finished packing the car. This early morning I took the car in for an oil change, but I forgot to get gas. I had a 3 ½ hour drive. Campsites at Turtle Lake Resort are not reserved and are given out on a first-come-first serve basis. I was hungry and I was stressed and I was anxious. Even though I called the resort no less than three times with questions, and perused the website countless times, I still had more questions. Could I have a campfire? For a moment I thought I should just wait and leave in the morning. I didn’t want to have to set my tent up in the dark. I stopped buzzing around and ate. Finally fed, I decided that I still had enough time to drive up to Michigan before sunset–at least 5 hours of daylight left. As I finished packing the last bag, I thought it was funny how empty the bag was without clothes.

I loaded up, gassed up, and hit the road. My phone’s GPS was set to my location, an audio cd of Roxane Gay’s An Untamed State playing in the background. I really wanted to listen to Hunger, also by Gay, but it was already checked out. A few years ago, I had sworn off all fiction unless it contained aliens, zombies, superheros or dystopic elements, but this was a story that primarily took place in Haiti, so I was mildly intrigued. Stories involving the diaspora always make the cut. I was hoping there was mention of voodoo. There was none. I was about an hour into the trip when I realized I had no idea how late check-in was. A call was made and I was relieved to hear that they didn’t end check-in until 9 pm, so I had plenty of time. I decided if it grew dark before I arrived, that there would be plenty of light from my lantern to set up my tent. I was trying to find ease in my thoughts. I was committed to going. I had told a few people I was going camping. But only a handful knew it was a nudist camp. I didn’t want to be discouraged. And I didn’t want to cause unduly worry. I wanted to see for myself what it was like without the burden of the opinion of others. What a heavy load that is. To always carry the thoughts and concerns of others around. At best, it comes from a place of love. But often, it metastasizes into something that bigger than it’s own worth. I live a clothes free life, mostly in my mind, but as often as I can at home. When I know my adult children are gone for a few hours, I can venture out into the the kitchen, the living room. I’ve stolen small moments outside in my local national park. They were brief and filled with paranoia. I looked forward to discovering if there was anything to those secret, silent moments of bliss, in a space of safety and freedom.

Almost three hours into my drive, my phone is at 6%. Not only did it not charge, it continues to lose what little power it does hold. Four percent. I have at least 45 minutes before I reach camp. I exit the highway, pull over in a gas station and copy down the rest of the directions from my phone onto a sheet of paper. I shut off the GPS and plug my phone back in. It says it’s charging, but I’m not optimistic. I periodically check and it isn’t holding a charge. I’m berating myself and getting on my own nerves. I’m the person who sends the route to the phone AND prints off the map. I just got rid of AAA. I like maps. But I left the map in my purse and I left the purse at home because you don’t need a purse when you’re going camping. But you do need a map. Or a phone with a charge. I turn on the GPS and now it can’t find me. I know where I am but I am lost. I have my direction notes, but without the comfort of a delineated pathway, I feel scattered. My notes tell me to take a left off the highway, then a right and then a left again. I have the address. Seems clear enough, but I want to doubt it. My belly tenses and I sit up. I am stressed. I start to think this was a poor choice. I feel guilty indulging in this adventure, when I have so many serious responsibilities that demand attention. Traipsing around in the woods naked does not seem like serious business. A voice within holds steady to the cause and I continue the route. I cannot hear the narrator of the audio cd, which I decide is for the best. The protagonist is petulant and privileged and passive aggressive; she is a terrible character and I’m only listening at this point to rate my disdain, not pleasure. I decide to create another imaginary fear of the resort not having proper signage so I’ll never find it, as if that would be the point of not having a sign.

Turns out, they do have a sign. I drive in and feel a swell of relief wave through my body. I drive into the parking lot and walk into the office. There are about five people in the office and everyone is dressed. The women behind the counter looked up as I came in and smiled as they said hello. I took this as a good sign. I wasn’t completely on my own; someone I followed on social media was here, and had asked if I had arrived yet. I started to feel more at ease. When I finished checking in I was escorted on a tour by a short older man with a big belly, skinny legs and no pants. All he wore was a t-shirt and shoes. The first thing he tells me is the towel rule. “Ya know you have to have a towel with you at all times. Anywhere you sit, needs to be on a towel.” He walks me to his golf cart as he is my tour guide. We get in and slowly speed off. He says to me, “listen honey, if anybody gives you any problems, let the gals at the desk know. You don’t need to be harassed, and you don’t have to put up with it. So let them know at the desk, cuz they love kicking people out.” My confidence buoyed. He drives me around the resort and we stop at various locations so he can show me the amenities. The resort is billed as the premier nudist resort in the midwest. The facilities are functional and modest, clean. Amenities include an indoor and an outdoor pool, plenty of space for rustic camping, bathroom facilities, a lodge with game room, hot tub, pickleball, mini golf and an outdoor stage. This particular resort has residential lodging as well. On the tour, we run into my social media friend EarlD. He is an advocate of clothes-free living and runs His mission is to provide information and resources for people interested in clothes-free living, especially people of color.

I set up my campsite near the edge of the lake. It was music festival weekend at the resort. Several live bands were scheduled to perform in an open field near the front of the site. I regretted not bringing a chair. There were vendors selling big wide scarves with bright colors and jingly things hanging off the edges. There was a grill set up and run by staff, serving the average picnic fare, hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. We laid out blankets, grabbed something to eat, and listened to music. There were people dancing near the front of the stage.

Some set up portable gazebos and had lavish spreads of food. These were the glampers. Comfort made disposable, foldable and portable. After a while the air started to cool, and I was tired. We headed back to the campsite. The night sky is never as beautiful as it is away from the city. I am always amazed at the infinite number of stars to be seen. I saw the dippers, big and little, and I think I saw the three sisters. I told myself the next time I came out here I would research the night sky in this area so I’d know better what I was looking at.

That night I dressed for bed; sleeping in clothes at a nudist camp seemed funny but cold is cold. There was little to no breeze and my sleeping bag was a warm cozy one. In the morning, I got up fully dressed as it was still very cool, and headed to the clubhouse for a hot shower. There is a women’s side and men’s side, and a coed side. The showers are individual stalls and anyone can use any shower. It wasn’t crowded. One shower was being used by a man who mumbled what sounded like good morning to me when I came in. After my shower I walked around the clubhouse. The indoor pool was empty. I thought about a quick swim but put it off for later. The hot tub was already in use. I wasn’t feeling hungry even though there was breakfast being served. I walked back down to my campsite. I crawled back into my sleeping bag and read a little. I packed way too many things to read. After a while, the sun decided to join us, and it felt warm enough to disrobe. I had a small solar panel I set out to catch a charge. I spent most of the morning talking with my new friend, talking as we had for most of the night.

That first crisp morning, we sat outside our temporary digs and picked up where we left off in conversation, unpacking my reasons for coming to camp. The whole weekend felt like a master yoga class with an expert yogi and clothes-free advocate. The western world tends to think of the postures or poses as yoga. This is incomplete. Practicing the postures is referred to as asana in Sanskrit. Our yoga that weekend was organic and did not include one pose. I didn’t have the language to describe what we did until a few days later. Essentially we explored a different limb of yoga, the niyamas. Within that one limb of self-examination and self-discipline are five facets. Our conversation centered around 1)svadhyaya, or self-study.

I wanted to come to camp naked to see if being in a clothes free  community was really how I thought it would be. When I practice clothes free living at home, it seems like the most comfortable, easiest way to be. I feel more myself without clothes, more at ease. There is no longer anything to hide, both on the gross, physical level with clothing, but also in a deeper, more subtle sense. I wanted to know what it was like to be around others who share that same value. I wanted to know what it was like to be my whole self around others. What I learned in this experience reinforces my belief that the first creation is the mental. Next comes the material or the physical creation. In contemporary terms, one might say, “if you build it, they will come”, or “as above so below.” Not once did I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I was not uncomfortable,  not at all, I felt free. Free enough to expand and take up space and exist fully in my very own skin.

When it came time to leave, I felt as if my soul was packing up all the wonderful energy I experienced to carry with me back home. All the nagging little concerns I had prior to coming just did not seem to matter. All the mind chatter about directions and battery percentage and rules dissolved away and nothing mattered except each moment that I was in my body. I was focused on being in my own body, I was not focused on anyone else. Instead of listening to my brain invoke messages that society teaches us about nudity, especially public nudity, I listened to what my body had to say. My body told me it was fine, that this was how it was supposed to be, that it was back in balance. The body has a wisdom, my body has a wisdom, and everyday I am learning to trust it more and more. This was my lesson, my svadhyaya.


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1. svadhyaya

Oaklake Trails – Guest Review

Review of Oaklake Trails Nudist Park By Cle Lame

So let’s start before the trip. Marketing is a big thing if a club can’t figure out how to market they can wind up sinking. Oaklake Trails hasn’t quite figured this out. They have a newsletter for members, a twitter that mainly just posts what is already in their newsletter, a youtube channel that literally hasn’t had any activity in three years, a few interviews on a local radio station, and that’s it. Odds are you won’t run across this place unless you are specifically searching for naturist clubs in Oklahoma and even then it might be difficult. Then again I wound up there so ya know.

Next let’s talk about getting in the park is open to anyone who passes a small background check (have you been kicked out of another naturist venue, are you on a watch list, etc.). The pricing is fair at $25 a day for the day fees (if you are in their “student” age range) and $16 a night for the tent camping fee. Finally they have no single male policy (always a bonus for me).

How about the amenity’s? Well I didn’t try everything but of what I did (the pools, a couple of trails, the hot tub, and the bistro. The pools were awesome they were always the right temperature the water was always nice and clean and that’s where I met the most interesting people.

The hot tub was similar it was the perfect temperature and the jets were super soothing. Just overall very awesome.

The trails were also very good I was a little disappointed that none of the lakes are maintained for swimming and then there’s the horse flies on the trails good lord but otherwise amazing.

Finally the bistro the food was delicious and more than filling enough so while I did not always manage to finish all of my food I enjoyed every bite of what I did have.

Like I said earlier I didn’t participate in many of the activities I got there to late for water aerobics and I skipped out on their survivor games thing. What I listed earlier is all I did but it was very enjoyable.

Okay now let’s get into some personal preference territory. I personally do not believe that clothing optional works as well as most seem to it gives people an out and helps vouyers hide themselves. I also hold that going to a naturist venue and wearing clothes is like going to vegan restaurant and ordering veal coated in butter with milk as the drink. I hold that the staff at a naturist venue should be as naked as the guests. So Oaklake Trails is clothing optional everywhere but the pool and hot tub where nudity is mandatory. They sell wraps for women to wear. While most of the staff is nude I never saw anyone who worked at the bistro naked (but I guess that is a little more understandable (handling food and especially hot food) but nonetheless these are things that could make someone who is naked uncomfortable.


Overall it was very enjoyable in almost every way despite some issues with bugs and some of their allowances going against my personal naturist values. Anyway I thank everyone I met while there as well as the staff who clearly work hard to make Oaklake Trails enjoyable.

[googlemap address=”24601 Milfay Rd, Depew, Oklahoma, 74028, United States” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

my first visit to naturist resort guest report by holly

The Naturist Foundation grounds

I have been longing to visit a dedicated naturist resort for some time and after much research decided that The Naturist Foundationwas the place that appealed to me most – largely due to its geographical location, glowing reports and the friendly ethos portrayed. I booked my visit online and excitedly waited for today to arrive. The weather was overcast and warm(ish) … it could have been better but this is August in England and you’re never quite sure what you will get!!!

Armed with an obligatory towel, flip flops, trainers, a trashy magazine, the sort of which I do not usually entertain and my ID I set off for my first resort adventure. I was determined to do the woodland walk as I just adore walking nude in nature so as an after though I threw in my boots just in case they were required.Having missed the opportunity for a coffee on arrival, due to me being fashionably late, I chatted to the lady in reception then headed for the pool for a much needed skinny-dip.

The pool was a great size and was quiet … it was also gloriously warm. This was my first experience of swimming nude in a pool and the experience was amazing, giving me a huge sense of well-being. After working up an appetite I headed to The Pavilion for a much-needed coffee and a spot of lunch.  It was quiet there today with not many people around and a lot of the naturists were clothed but I am made of sterner stuff and there was no way I was going to be clothed during my visit.

After lunch I took a walk around the woodland trail, I think I was the only person to do so, but I was not going to miss out on the opportunity. It was then just half an hour before I needed to leave and I just couldn’t resist a final skinny dip before departing. I had a most enjoyable day in a place that was welcoming and friendly and I certainly plan a return visit before the end of the summer. I would highly recommend The Naturist Foundation resort to anyone but especially to those who are new to social nudity!

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