2016 AANR Nude Games

let the games begin

The 2016 AANR Nude Games will be held the weekend of July 9 and 10, at AANR-affiliated clubs, resorts, campgrounds and other locations throughout North America. In the spirit of the ancient Greeks’ nude Olympics, the Nude Games will provide fun and excitement for all who attend. Nude athletes will enjoy competing in tennis or volleyball tournaments or participating in 5K runs. Others will enjoy less strenuous activities such as checkers, darts or bridge tournaments. Nudist chefs will compete in barbecue or chili cook-offs. The AANR Nude Games will provide fun competition in a wide variety of activities for members and guests alike.

Source: AANR

Scam warning from AANR

A message from the AANR office.

This week a company purportedly called License Compliance Services, Inc contacted the AANR office regarding a copyright infringement on a photograph on the AANR website. AANR’s in-house cyber detective quickly proved that it was nothing more than a ruse to frighten AANR into paying a “settlement” of $740 for using a copyrighted image.

If you have a website and if you have acquired ANY free downloadable photographs to place on your website, you are vulnerable. Do not fall for this scam.

If you have questions or want more information, contact Melissa Sigman at msigman-at-aanr.com, and she will share information or research your specific photograph to provide evidence that it is a scam.

AANR mobile 2 App Review

A few years ago we reviewed the first iOS  version of the official American Association for Nude Recreation app. Recently a new version of the app was released on IOS. There are enough significant differences that bear reviewing a second time. The app is divided into four sections and an about page. We will examine each the sections and functionality.

Home page

The home page is nothing to write home about, it has no special functionality except to display the AANR mission and logo.


 The FAQ section includes twenty frequently asked questions with a info button to click to reveal the answer. The questions range from the mundane, “What are the characteristics of a AANR club?” “Do males get visibly excited?” and “Do people really play nude volleyball?” to more significant questions like “Is nude recreation legal?” “What about our kids?” and “What if we receive unwanted advances?”  Despite adequate space for in depth responses the answers are only one or two sentences.

Club listings

The next section is a listing featuring an alphabetical but non indexed or searchable list of AANR affiliated clubs. Clicking on a listing takes the user to a second page with contact information for the club like address, email, phone, web site and a map link. As with the FAQ display there is much more room for information or even club related pictures but the sparse club information is all that is offered.


The final section is the news section. Which unfortunately does not have any current information as the news which seems to be downloaded from an online source is dated August of 2015.

Final thoughts

In conclusion I can’t say that this app is really worth the download. The section displays are plain and lack visual appeal. The app itself lacks creativity something  that would most likely turn off the younger crowd AANR so separately needs to attract. In my estimation the  FAQ section would be much more useful to someone exploring  nude recreation if the responses were more detailed and had a personal feel to hem. Maybe enhanced by experiences from the AANR  newsletter.  The most useful section the club listing could be so much better if additional information about each club was added. It could also use a search feature or a index by state. The simple alphabetic listing decreases the efficiency of any search for a club. By far the least helpful section is the news section,which upon loading displays a downloading message which suggests relevant and current information is forthcoming. The user will be disappointed to see only two bits of outdated I news appear.

The AANR as one of the two main organizations promoting clothes free living and nude recreation would have done more work but releasing this app. In its current it does very little to promote the practices. It would be useful only to the most die hard long time naturist providing little functionality for the newbie or those exploring nude recreation and clothes free life.

The app can be downloaded from the Itunes App Store

AANR headquarters hosts blood drive

Saving A Life One Nudist At A Time  Roll up your proverbial “shirt-sleeve” and support National Blood Donor Month by donating.

The AANR home office will be hosting a blood drive on January 29, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the AANR office in Kissimmee, Florida. AANR invites everyone in the area to stop by, donate, and meet its staff.

While January is National Blood Donor Month, you can support the thousands of people in need of blood daily, any time of the year. Let’s show AANRs support and help save a life one nudist at a time.

In appreciation for your support, AANR will be giving out some FUN “I gave blood” stickers to donors. If you would like more information about this event, please contact Melissa Sigman (msigman(at)aanr.com). 

Join AANR for a chance to win clothes free vacation 

Have you been thinking about joining AANR? How about renewing or reinstating your membership? If so, now is the time!
Everyone who joins, renews, or reinstates their AANR membership between January 1 and July 31, 2015 is automatically entered into a drawing to win one of 10 really cool nudist getaway packages, including a cabin for two aboard a Bare Necessities cruise and overnight stays at AANR clubs and affiliated bed and breakfasts.
Eligible memberships can be purchased online, by calling the AANR office or through your favorite AANR club. Early renewals are welcome.
Click here for more information.

AANR 2014 Fall Board Meeting

The weather in Las Vegas, where the 2014 AANR board meeting was held, was mild and inviting. But your AANR board wasn’t interested in the weather. In fact, they were hardly aware of it because their attention was focused on the issues facing AANR today. Immediately following last summer’s convention, the President appointed teams that…


AANR-Florida Honors Veterans With Series Of Events

The efforts of the AANR-Florida Region’s nudist community to support their Veterans continues to grow. Several nonlanded clubs as well will be supporting these events.  No matter what your preference is, remember “Freedom is Never Free” and AANR-Florida invites you to join one of the celebrations to honor our Veterans this Veterans Day. This month,…


Commentary on being clothes free in FL

Naked, nekked, unclothed, bare, nude

But most Americans are still uncomfortable with their bodies. They costume them, perfume them, tattoo them, hang things from them, stick things in them and carry on as if being naked — buck naked, stark naked, naked as the day they were born — is something to be avoided at all costs. aal And I mean that literally: It costs a lot to avoid being naked, especially in a fashionable manner. After long and careful calculation mfi (about 30 seconds’ worth), I’ve estimated that the cost of remaining un-naked for those in the management class in America through a typical 40-year working life is roughly $1.7 million. In cash, after taxes.

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Social Media vs. Nudity

Aanr blog discusses FB nudity policy and the impact it has on celeb artist like Spencer Tunick

Social Media vs. Nudity

What people may not be aware of is the process of evaluating photos that are deemed acceptable. According to Facebook, with few exceptions, the company does not just pull photos down of their own volition, except those that involve extreme and graphic images of things like child pornography. For the rest of posted photos, a Facebook user has to flag the photo as objectionable. If a content monitor employed by Facebook agrees, the photo is removed.

The New Yorker cartoons are not immune to Facebook’s anti-nudity stance. Neither is famed photographer Spencer Tunick, who was recently invited to submit photos of his art to Facebook, prior to posting, for approval after Facebook continued to take some of his photos down, froze his account, and occasionally threatened him with the deletion of his page.

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