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“I always guessed it would be a shock for anyone who saw me hiking naked that first time a few years ago. When IMG_7762.JPGit did happen, I thought I’d picked a good spot. Out in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside, miles from the nearest town and marked trails. Still, the reaction wasn’t a negative one. The couple who passed me were long-time ramblers, and rather than look away they stopped, smiled (after giving me the once over) and after I offered to cover up, we had the most interesting chat.

The couple, although not active nudists, were fascinated in my nude hiking and engaged in a long series of questions about how, why and when I got in to it? Like most nudists, I enjoyed the feeling of fresh air on my body. Being able to appreciate the countryside in my natural unclothed state was something that just felt right. The couple nodded enthusiastically and admitted that they were often naked in their garden during the summer and seeing me had inspired them to take the next step.


My profession as a Personal Trainer and interest as a nudist had never really mixed before, but after chatting to this couple it got me thinking about how I could combine my skills and interests to benefit other nudists. I started by offering Naturist Pilates classes to local nudist groups. I was amazed at the response! The classes soon filled and I was asked to teach on a one-to-one basis for couples and the more socially shy individual nudists. To this day, my naturist Pilates classes are the most popular service I offer.

Within a few months I had extended my naturist services to other aspects of fitness including personal training, weight loss, walks, runs, cycling and stretching sessions. Again, the interest was surprisingly massive! Working out without clothes is an experience that all of my clients get such a buzz from.

Most people imagine Yoga when they think of working out naked. It’s true that Yoga and Pilates are best done without clothes. The movements can be more accurately assessed by the instructor and the client feels totally free within the exercise. Its a very liberating, relaxing, yet sometimes tiring session. You definitely feel it the next day!

Today I continue to teach naturist fitness and I welcome clients around the world. Although I am based in the North of England, I consult and teach clients from further afield using Skype. For those with an interest, you can contact me on Twitter @NaturistFitness where I’m happy to answer questions. Or maybe you have a more detailed question I can answer in my next column. Stay Nude! Col.

I Forgot I Was Naked

Mat rolled out and soft lighting set the tone for a calming evening yoga practice. Splashed about my space were pillows, blocks, water, strap and books, anything I might need to support me in exploring a variety of asanas. Wrapped about my skin were simply its natural brown color and the cool air. Read more

Portsmouth WNBR 2014

Naked Bike Riders Take to Portsmouth's Streets Again

Portsmouth is once again joining the World Naked Bike Ride this year to raise awareness of bike safety and green issues.

The event takes place on the 24th May starting from the green opposite the Coffee Cup in Eastney at 2pm.

Last year ,90 cyclists took part and followed the route around the south of the city. They were joined by four French cyclists who have said that this year they will be bringing more people with them to take part.

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Volley Brawl is on at Sunny Haven – guest blog

by Chris

A day that changed our lives forever.

It’s funny how the people that introduce you to nude recreation always hold a special place in your heart. That first day you wonder if you will be accepted and fit in. What will it feel like to be naked around a bunch of strangers in a strange place you’ve never visited before? The overwhelming feeling of freedom and peace can change your life.

About 4 years ago I met my future wife Stephanie. We had only dated a few weeks and it was time to “come out of the closet” about my love for running around naked. I was nervous because we had been getting along so well and I really was falling in love already. I had prepared for the moment for days. I had AANR brochures and practiced what I would say. I finally got up the courage to tell her. She had questions and needed reassurance but was very open minded and understanding.

After a conversation that probably only lasted a few minutes but seemed like hours we decided to visit Sunny Haven Recreation Park in Granger IN together in May. I thought my whole life was in the hands of this one weekend. If she didn’t enjoy herself, I’d likely not be able to enjoy nude recreation again.

wpid-Photo-20140416100555.jpgWe arrived at SHRP with some of our friends from Indiana Naturists. The people from Sunny Haven and Indiana Naturists went all out making sure she was comfortable and having fun. By the end of the weekend Stephanie was just as hooked as I am. A new nudist was born and boy was I relieved. 2 years later we joined Sunny Haven as full members and enjoy the club as often as we can.

We always wanted a way to give back to the club that welcomed us with open arms and did so much to help Stephanie in the beginning. One day as we enjoyed breakfast with Roger,the President of SHRP, he told us the story of how Sunny Haven got started. Long history lesson made short, SHRP was started because of a wager during a beach volleyball game. The bet was the losers had to play the next game naked. Lucky for all of us the losing team kept there word and played naked. They learned what we all know now. Just about everything you do is more fun when you do it naked. Eventually the owner of the land where SHRP sits was donated so everyone could come hang out naked whenever they wanted. Sunny Haven was born.

Before Roger finished the story, we knew how we would do our part to honor that day and our club. The Volley-Brawl was born with 3 specific purposes. 1. to honor the wonderful people of both Sunny Haven and Indiana Naturists and that magical weekend 4 years ago. 2. To help other families have the same experience that we had. 3. To keep the wonderful history of Sunny Haven alive.

wpid-Photo-20140416095449.jpgIn June we will celebrate our 3rd annual Volley-Brawl with our friends from Sunny Haven and Indiana Naturists. To some it’s just an excuse to goof off and be silly while raising money to help attract new families to nude recreation. To Steph and I it’s a way honor that one weekend in May 4 years ago that changed our lives forever.

Steph and I would like to invite you all to come join us on Saturday June 28th. Come play volleyball or be a cheerleader. We will be having a silent auction all day and everyone is encouraged to bring an item to auction and to bid on items. The money raised is dedicated to help attract new families to naturism. For more information visit

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Winter nude recreation

Another one for the boys! Thanks to @clynton_hebert for sending us this amazing topless tour. #TheToplessTour #Tahoe #Ski #Lifeisbetternaked #Adventure #Travel #Travellers

Bridging the Gap with Yoga

connecting inner and outer with clothes free yoga

Bridging the Gap with Yoga

All of my teachings revolve around healing the spirit because without attention to the spirit life is always looking to be filled by things outside. But wen we turn inward, we become delighted by what we feel as ease and quieter mind settle in. When I use the word spirit, I refer to our nonphysical being, our inner wisdom, our instinct, our moving energy, things the mind can not understand. Yet we live in the intellect, a place that serves many things in our daily lives. When we get on the yoga mat it is a time to let the mind stuff go and bring our study to our breath, which keeps us alive, and our body, which takes us through this life.

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