A house divided cannot stand -what’s up with the clothes free community

Recently a clothes free blogger Naturist Philosopher made a very compelling analysis of the state of the clothes free community, indicating reasons why it was not thriving. I have read and observed this and some of the other commentary within the clothes free community for sometime. So I thought to share my observations on the matter. Note:This is my observation and not intended to match anyone else reality. It may well be biased or incomplete but it is still mine.

20140218-175614.jpgAbraham Lincoln in his speech A House Divided made as candidate for the U.S. senate aptly describes the current state of the clothes free community in my opinion. Drawing of the teachings of Jesus, Lincoln made the case for the end of the division in the country regarding slavery. Leveraging the thoughts of the previously mentioned blogger, I believe the only way the clothes free community will thrive is to reduce internal division.

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