Mooning and streaking outlawed in Victoria, Australia – BBC News

Exposing your bare buttocks in public – considered by some a form of legitimate political protest – has been officially made a crime in one Australian state.

First-time offenders face up to two months in jail while repeat offenders could spend six months behind bars.
The amendment was one of more than 50 crimes included in an overhaul of sexual offence laws.
The updated legislation has been designed, in part, to separate pranks involving nudity from acts of sexual exposure.

Source: Mooning and streaking outlawed in Victoria, Australia – BBC News

curators note: This seems vague enough to be dangerous for nudists

naturists getting a bad rap

Warnbro: naturists say perverts at nude beach giving all users a ‘bad rap’

A 66-year-old Port Kennedy woman says perverts are giving Rockingham’s naturists a “bad rap”.

Bev Rayner has been going to Warnbro nude beach for about five years and enjoyed the company of other naturists.

“True naturists are not exhibitionist, it is not sexual for the regulars,” she said.

“They are genuine local people, men and women, who want to feel freedom.
“They are hard working, decent folk who want to get away from reality – the everyday grind.

“I listen to the birds, enjoy the sun on my body and take a dip in the ocean when it gets hot. People look me in the eye.”

Ms Rayner said the nude beach was self-policed, with undesirables being “hurried along”.

“Regular men patrol the beach and if they see anything unacceptable, they tell them to leave the beach,” she said.

“They soon put a stop to it.”

Ms Rayner came to the defence of naturists after South Metropolitan MLC Phil Edman called for the City of Rockingham to close Warnbro nude beach.

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I found myself in this most natural state with nude yoga instructor

Nude yoga where you bring a mat and an open mind

I have joined a club of women who bare all in nude yoga, stripping down to find their inner beauty.

I found myself in this most natural state with nude yoga instructor and relationship coach Rosie Rees, who is touring Australia with her workshops.

Well aware of my hesitation, she validated my vulnerability by explaining it was normal to be nervous.

“Being nude in front of others can be mortifying for a lot of people — we are told to cover up from an early age, so it’s going against everything we’ve been told,” Ms Rees said.

As a keen yogi, I am aware of the different and awkward poses you can get into on the mat.

Nude yoga involves most of the positions found in a standard yoga class — including downward dogs and half moons.

The practice is by candlelight so I feel less exposed.

Before we start there is some advice.

“Bring a towel, because you sweat a lot more without your clothes on,” Ms Rees said.

“Have shower beforehand for personal hygiene; wrap a sarong around you so it is easy to take off and — most importantly — bring an open mind.

“The fear of naked yoga is so much worse than actually doing it.”

clothing optional beach rejected for Queensland

Police minister rules out nude beaches for Queensland

Queensland beachgoers wanting to ditch their bikinis and budgie smugglers for their birthday suits will have to go interstate if they want to skinnydip.

Police Minister Bill Byrne on Wednesday rejected two attempts – a paper petition with 527 signatures and an online petition bearing 946 names – to create a “clothing optional beach” in the sunshine state.

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tourists risk life to take nude pics on Aussie cliff

Social media trend sees hikers stripping off to pose for nude photos at the top of Australian mountain

West Australia’s third highest peak and sometimes sees a dusting of snow – but that’s not stopping hikers from stripping off for nude and topless selfies after reaching the summit.

Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges is proving to be a new hotspot for daring naturists, who are posting images of themselves to social media with little or no clothes on.

The summit boasts impressive 360 degree views, but that’s not all walkers might be copping a view of. 

The peak, which is just over an hour from Albany, is about 1,099 metres above sea level and takes about three-and-a-half hours to climb.
News of the daring selfies comes as tourists were warned by the New South Wales government they face the prospect of a $300 fine for taking a selfie at the infamous Wedding Cake rock.

Last year experts said the bleached precipice is likely to collapse within 10 years, and prohibited thrill-seekers from taking photographs on its sandstone ledge.

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Nude Olympics may run afoul of local laws

Nude arrest record ‘a bit bare-faced’

Dr McGovern said police have been warned they could be breaching anti-discrimination laws and are “respectfully requested to refrain from further sexually discriminatory arrests”.

“In particular, the Sex Party has asked for police assurance that Alexandria Bay and the Nude Olympics will not be targeted,” Dr McGovern said.

An ASP suggested amendment would give local councils the power to exempt an area from the “wilful exposure” provisions of the Summary Offences Act. A Queensland Police spokeswoman refuted the discrimination claims, saying officers made unbiased decisions based on the act’s definition of wilful exposure.

Source: Noosa News

Curators note: I don’t think it helps that the group taking the lead in dealing with this is called the Australian Sex Party

Why Charlie Teo went nude with family, colleagues and strangers

PROMINENT neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo employs several tactics to keep his ego in check

Teo agreed to take part after Sydney Skinny event organiser Nigel Marsh put the offer on the table over dinner.
“He’s a motivational speaker so he’s very persuasive,” he said.
“I thought ‘if I’m going to do it then so is my surgical team and my kids’.
“It’s a team building spirit and it’s important to get out of your comfort zone.”
It’s quite the sobering leap to move a staff bonding exercise from a dimly lit karaoke bar in the city to a busy Sydney beach where the mandatory dress code reads ‘naked’ and the sun shines bright.
But Teo said he didn’t have any trouble convincing others to join him and his ‘Brain Cancer Warriors’ team.
“Two of my four daughters and their boyfriends, medical students and visiting international neurosurgeons — one from the US and one from Spain — all did it with me,” he said.
Teo said he was confident in his body but admitted he felt a bit anxious about being naked around hisrelatives, colleagues and strangers, prior to the swim.

Source: The AU


Slow movement on nude beaches in Queensland

# Queensland Government still stalling on nude beaches: submission

The Queensland Government is stalling a $40 million-a-year tourist market by frustrating simple amendments to let local councils rule on nude beaches, a submission to state parliament says.

Queensland is the only state in Australia which does not recognise nude bathing and is ignoring the growth in European backpackers who are able to sunbathe naked at home, it says.
Source: Brisbane Times

Open invite clothing optional moonlight swim

Thousands expected at ‘nude’ harbour beach nightswim to celebrate the full moon

A ‘nude’ ocean swim to celebrate the full moon has disappeared off Facebook after the organiser appeared to become overwhelmed by the number of attendees.
The swim was advertised as a way to ‘release stagnant energy,’ with ‘clothing optional’ and more than 2,400 people claimed they were interested in attending the event that was organised to take place after sundown on Tuesday at Red Leaf beach in Sydney’s east.

Source: Daily Mail

Plans for Australian clothing optional resort garners praise

Positive response to push for Burrum Heads nudist resort

Herb Taylor wants to purchase a secluded property on the Burrum River to start a resort for people to get their gear off.

Australian Naturist Federation magazine editor Stuart Whelan said it would boost European tourists to the Fraser Coast.

The Chronicle’s readers agreed.

“These people will only be naked in the resort, it’s not like they will be walking down the street,” reader Catherine Cooke wrote on Facebook.

Rebekka Charles said the resort was not likely to bother anyone.

Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle