FB bans have consequences

Getting banned from Facebook can have unexpected and professionally devastating consequences

Upon logging into Facebook to post articles to two pages that I administer for work, I was greeted with a message that read: “We removed content that you posted.” The offending photo was a clever German breast cancer awareness campaign that involved partial nudity. Facebook informed me that I would be blocked from posting for the next 24 hours. “People who repeatedly post things that aren’t allowed on Facebook may have their accounts permanently disabled,” they warned

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YNA – SoCal Clubs Rally Against Ban On Nudist Events in Huntington Beach

Naturists Speak Out Against Ban on Nudist Events at Huntington Beach City Council Meeting

At the city council meeting, nudists held up signs demanding the rescinding of the new regulation, known as AR704. Six speakers spoke against the regulation during the public comment period of the meeting. Each speaker had 3 minutes to address the meeting. Both Ron Mercer and Gregg Gatewood spoke eloquently that it was unfair for someone in power to impose their personal feelings arbitrarily onto an event that had demonstrated over the years a positive social and economic benefit to the community.

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NAC Action Alert: Nudity Ban in Oregon State Forests

The Naturist Action Committee has issued an Action Alert for a nudity ban in Oregon state forests. Read more & TAKE ACTION by Mon, February 8th!

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

Naturist Action Committee: Anti Nudity Rule in Oregon State Forests The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is proposing several changes to their rules (laws basically) for state forests. One of the changes will ban nudity in many “Designated Recreation Areas.” The designated areas are mostly campgrounds as well as a few recreation sites for day …

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Huntington Ban on Clothes free Swims Protested

Nudists protest being banned from Huntington Beach city gym

In September, that practice came to a halt when City Manager Fred Wilson signed a regulation prohibiting use of the facility and others like it to the nudists, citing that “the exposure unreasonably interferes” with city employees’ abilities to perform their responsibilities during private rentals.

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, about 15 members of the nudist group showed up to protest the regulation and asked for it to be rescinded.

R. Allen Baylis, an attorney and president of the local group, complained that Wilson “adopted the resolution on his own with no input from the City Council.” Baylis asked either that Wilson rescind the regulation or be directed by City Council to withdraw it.

Wilson said he adopted the regulation because “there were concerns brought to my attention that led to us revisiting the issue.” Wilson added that his intent was to leave the policy in effect, unless directed otherwise by the City Council

Source: OC Register http://www.ocregister.com/articles/city-700582-regulation-group.html

Naturist Action Committee Alert Huntington Beach

City of Huntington Beach, California Just Banned Nudist Pool Parties…Time to take action

Since 2007, a group called Naturists in the O.C. (Orange County) or NitOC for short, has been hosting private nudist parties at the municipal Pool and Gym facility of Huntington Beach.

Now in a totally stealthy move, the city passed a new administrative rule that says this facility cannot be rented out for nude events. They did this without seeking approval from or even informing the City Council members. Of course the local community was not informed or given a say in it either.

The events held by NiTOC have been taking place without any issues for the last 8 years. They are totally private and in compliance with the city’s local anti-nudity ordinance, which was passed in 2007

Via YNA See the NAC alert page for information on how you can help

Is cyber stalker behind clothes free resort Facebook ban?

“Obscene” photos ban nudist resort from Facebook

“In the last six months, we have had about 30 different photos reported as pornographic or obscene,” says owner Tom Mulhall. “It seems we have a cyber-stalker out there, or maybe we are on a Facebook hit list.”

Not only photos are flagged, but so are links to articles from MSN and The Guardian, talking about senior nudists and the success of the resort.

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Misguided Nudity Ban

Why Blanket Bans on Public Nudity Are Misguided via the Atlantic

It takes but a moment’s reflection to see a flaw in the moralist’s argument. In San Francisco next week, it will remain perfectly legal for a 50-year-old man to seduce an 18-year-old, impregnate her, ridicule her physical appearance until she is brought to tears, walk out on her, seek out her mother, seduce that mother for no other reason than to further hurt the jilted daughter, draw a graphic novel of the whole sordid chain of events, and publish in on the Internet.

This is a well thought out and well written article. 

San Fran nudity Ban

San Francisco Nudity Ban

Did you know there is a U.S. city where you can legally walk around nude in public anytime you want? It’s called San Francisco. Of course, don’t imagine an American version of Cap D’Agde, but there has been a small known group of nudists that gather in a section known as the Castro. They simply hang out in the nude and sometimes pose for photos with happy tourists. Aside from this small, regular nudie hang-out, the nudity also plays a bigger part in events like the Pride Parade, Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers race with large numbers of naked people.

San Francisco’s Finest by –Patrick Rasenberg-