Nudity as the Symbol of Our Surrender to God

We are born naked. We are created naked.

God created us naked, because He wanted us to see the real of us. This is the real of His creation.

When we wear clothe, we are not show the truth of us. We can choose what colour of our clothes, what kind of clothes that we want to wear. But our body? We cannot choose what God will give for us. We cannot choose our skin color. Unless, we operate it. But, back to the topic, its not the truth of us.

So, for me, when we are naked, it is the time that we stand for what God has given to us. It is the time for us to surrender before God…

Jakarta, 21 of October 2016

10 p.m.

A body is not a commodity


A body is not a commodity to be bought sold or used -inside every human body is a human being

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The body

There is so much talk about the body these days. Everyone has one but so many people don’t like theirs because they allow themselves to be influenced by the media. Media who tell they they ha…

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Pastor Says Christian Church Needs To Rethink Approach To The Body

Embracing Nakedness: Adopting God’s View of Bare Anatomy

The bottom line is this: a prudish view of the body is a pornographic one. (Tweet this!) Religiously placing an obscene or indecent sexual connotation on the sight of gender-distinguishing body parts creates a sexually objectified body. Such legalism, if socially embraced, becomes the conceptual foundation for a pornographic culture, as ours is now. Also, this objectification trivializes the body language of human genitalia, allowing them to be ignored as features of personal gender identity and distinction. Take some time to do the math on this, and it should cause tears.

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Poem: I love you nakedly

I like youhontouniheart breathlift
with your textured skin and
road map creases and
wild hair and
dancing feet

Your sunshine smile and
hurricane laugh and
generous tears and
pencil sharp mind
I love

How beautifully your naked soulnakedsouldance backbend
back-bends in the dance with life
open and willing to be touched

Nakedly I love naked you


Naked Body Love By Patricia Riedel

In my personal home life, like so many others in my age group, nudity was treated as taboo. We weren’t allowed to discuss anything that had to do with nudity let alone nudism or sexuality. We were hushed and made to feel like we were dirty, bad for even thinking in such a way. Thus myself and many others began feeling shamed.

I remember one instance when I was about 12 years old. My brother really pissed me off, so I decided to fight back and I did – I “mooned” him! My mother was so upset with my behavior and she yelled at me for doing what I did.

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teenage body image and nudism

teenage body image and nudism

A Teenage Girl Talks About Naturism and Body Image

However, I still began to become insecure. I was still too skinny, too short, and too bony. There are two things that helped me gain confidence and acceptance of my own body. Dance and naturism really allowed me to overcome my insecurities. Dance was a way for me to learn to be in control of my body and to accept the fact that it changed at a different rate than my peers’ bodies. Naturism on the other hand, allowed me to actually see that nobody was the same. Everybody was different and the socially accepted views of beauty were limited to a slim amount of real people. Even then, they didn’t fit the ideal perfectly.

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Clothes free fitness

body positive add get positive reviews

Withings promotes connected fitness with a stop-motion nudist animation

Based on a short story about a guy named Sam who wanted to ‘look better naked’, the spot drives home the messages of how exercise can be fun and the importance of listening to and understanding one’s own body which, presumably, Withings can help you do. The spot, which was shot in Tallinn Estonia over three days, is pretty cool and according to Withings included 140 naked people (evenly split between men and women), 2000 pictures, 15 drawings and, curiously, ’300 pairs of socks and sandals’.

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Over 100 naked people star in stop-motion advert

Body positive video ad

Over 100 naked people star in stop-motion advert

The video tells the story of a man named Sam who isn’t very happy with his body until he decides to start listening to what his body is trying to tell him.

A crowd of over 100 people bend into positions on a large white sheet to form elaborate images of sam and parts of his body as he begins to pay attention to his health.

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