New Forest naturists given cold shoulder in bid to allow overnight camping club


Naturists in the New Forest have been given the cold shoulder by planners in their bid to allow overnight camping at a nudist club.

The Avondale Sun Club had appealed against an earlier decision to reject a proposal to provide overnight camping at their naturists’ site near Hightown in the New Forest.

But the New Forest National Park authority has dismissed the application.

The Club had asked for a certificate to permit members to stay in a maximum of three touring caravans at any one time at the club’s site.

Source: New Forest naturists given cold shoulder in bid to allow overnight camping club

visit to Michigan clothes free camp with practical nudists

Nudism in Forest Hills

The sun was slipping down towards the horizon as we left the town of Saranac, walking on the road out to Forest Hills. After a 2 mile walk, we arrived at the gate.

I punched the call button on the intercom system. A very muffled and distorted voice answered back. After a few confused minutes of trying to understand each other through the intercom. The gate swung open. Unsure as to what we were supposed to do we stepped inside the gate, and after a few minutes the gate swung closed. eventually we figured that we should head up to the office. It was there that we met Terry, the voice on the other side of the intercom.

I had assumed that it was just a bad intercom system, but Terry had a very distinct manner and sound to his voice. Standing next to him as we checked in was Betty. Betty gave us the ten cent tour while Terry checked us in. After that, Terry pointed us to a camp site a little ways from the club house and said good night

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Visit to clothes free camp leads to unexpected results

We visited a nudist camp, and had some unexpected results!

When my husband Ronnie* suggested that we visit a nudist camp, I was shocked! In time though, I thought the experience was very positive.

Let me paint our picture. Ronnie and I were “hippies” back in the late 1960s. We even went to the first Sunbury Festival in 1972, and may have shed some clothing back then!

Since then though, our lives have been pretty “regular” for everyday Aussies. We’ve just worked hard, raised a family and enjoy spending time with our grandkids.

We’ve probably always held on to some more grounded “hippie” ideals. We like to recycle, get outdoors when we can and have chooks in our backyard. Although I never dreamed of going naked again, at age 62

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New Zealand Clothing Optional Resort removes pictures used without permission

Naked judge photos removed from website

Pictures of a naked judge apparently holidaying at a nudist camp were used to promote the resort without the judge’s knowledge.

The pictures showing full-frontal nudity were posted on a public gallery of images advertising Pineglades Naturist Club.

In one, the judge was posing on a grass lawn. In another he was playing petanque.

The Herald on Sunday has chosen not to name the judge. The pictures were removed after inquiries from this newspaper.

“An image of [the judge] posted to a website without his knowledge has just been brought to my attention,” said Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue.

Source:  New Zealand Herald

Brit couple quit lives then bares all in Holland at one of Europe’s biggest nudist camps

We dropped everything to join nudist resort… at five degrees below zero

We found our tiny A-frame bungalow on Airbnb and noticed the price — less than £400 a month — before seeing the disclaimer at the bottom: “For a 100 per cent naturist stay.”

The resort has a village feel and is primarily used by tourists, but also houses many permanent residents.

A three-bedroom property costs as much as €255,000 (£196,000), while a bungalow can be bought for around €72,000 (£55,000).

Our new landlord, Larz, a 76-year-old Dutchman, explains everyone is meant to join in and “not be amazed when, on a sunny day, somebody walks naked outside — try it yourself”.

We are the only Brits here and at least half the age of everybody else.

Source: The Sun

Naturist camp hits Roadblock In efforts To Expand

Nudists in row with planning chiefs over camp site in Ringwood

Avonvale Sun Club operates out of a campsite in Highwood Copse in Ringwood and earlier this year applied for a certificate of lawful use to the planning authority.

If it had been accepted the application would legitimise the use of camping and caravanning by the club’s members when they stay at the site, something they say they have already been doing for a long time.

However it was rejected by the New Forest National Park Authority (NPA) on the grounds that there was no evidence caravans had occupied part of the site for more than 10 years, which would have been a requirement.

Stripped of their right to legitimately camp on site, the naturists are now taking on the NPA by appealing the decision.

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Clothes free club members don’t want rooms with a view

The bare cheek! Nudist club members complain about being spied on while playing tennis

There are no prickly bushes to hide behind to conceal their nakedness from people spying on them from the high-rise block at Warlingham, Surrey

Nudists bouncing about as they lob the ball over the net in a game of tennis on the White House Club’s courts will be particularly visible from the top floors of the flats proposed for a nearby road.
The 300 members regularly relax in their birthday suits, enjoying the leafy grounds of their five-acre paradise.


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Fitness expert finds a return to naturalness 

Why I’m Getting Naked

Very rarely do you see a naked woman who is not posing or being objectified and sexualized in some way. When’s the last time you saw a naked women just chillin’, and like… vaccuuming, or gardening; not being a sexual object in any way? A woman being naked just for herself, instead of putting on a performance of sexuality, is hard to find. I’d say Lena Dunham is the closest we’ve got, and my goodness does she make people uncomfortable with her unapologetic, non-sexual nakedness.

Our lack of real-life, non-sexual nakedness makes us all feel Less Than. Women have become obsessed with “fixing” the endless ways in which their bare faces and bodies are wrong, and we are constantly aware of the sexual performance that is expected of us. When we fail at any of the above (and we constantly feel like we are failing), there is shame.

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Curator’s note: Good read on normalized natural nudity with the oft mistake of using the term nudist colony. Also unsure about Lena Dunham being held up as poster girl for non sexual nudity. 

YNA guest blog From SCNA nude camping at petroglyphs 

Our Nude Camping Trip To Visit Ancient Petroglyphs

Thoreau reminds us of this simple yet important pleasure. This was our experience on Saturday of our 3-day desert campout, as we walked, without clothes, 6 miles across the desert in the Rodman Mountains Wilderness area. Ostensibly our goal was to locate more ancient Petroglyph sites further from our camp. But in reality the best reward was the au naturel hike itself.

So where are we, and what does it take to get here? The Petroglyph viewing and desert outing is organized as a 3-day campout to a remote part of the Mojave Desert. Our naturist campsite is located about 30 miles beyond the town of Lucerne Valley, adjacent to the Rodman Wilderness Area. This is the perfect location for a clothes-free weekend, and it is but a short walk from there to view the Petroglyphs, rock art left by a race of unknown ancient Native Americans. Note that the last 20 miles of the drive to this site are off highway, but this section of graded gravel road is well suited for passenger vehicles.

Although remote, I brought many amenities along for the campers. This year I added an outdoor shower, camp latrine, and a large screen TV for our camping comfort and pleasure. As with last year’s trip, we had plenty of stoves, ice, 30 gallons of fresh water, and power for nighttime lights and the all-important blender.

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