Always Read The Label

Comments From the Peanut Gallery

Comments From the Peanut Gallery

Confession: I have been working on this post for months. Writing. Reviewing. Scrapping. Writing a new one. Reviewing. Scrapping it, too. The truth is that this is a really simple and exquisitely complicated subject all at the same time. What is it? Personal labels, namely, my dislike of the labels “nudist” or “naturist”. Read more

Naked Parents 

British video documentary program about clothes free living. 

curator’s note Behind every clothes free body is a human being, that should be the subtitle of this documentary. It presents rational non sensationalized discussions of simple nudity naturism and clothes free living. Very effectively expressing normalized nudity. Activists take note the subjects clearly say they aren’t trying to offend and don’t shove their clothes free life in anyone’s face. They get dressed to be in the general public. The societal reactions are typical of a society conditioned to see nudity as purely sexual. Family members show that destigmatizing behavior is key to acceptance.