science says ban all clothes and climate change is fake

Beyond burkinis: why science suggests ALL clothes should be banned

A lot of people have been upset by images of French police forcing a woman to take a burkini off on a beach, in full view of the public, in accordance with the controversial French burkini ban. There are many reasons to be outraged by this ban: the suppression of individual rights and apparent hypocrisy in the name of “secularism”, the misogyny-tinged policing of women’s clothes specifically, the public display of intimidation, and so on.

All of these complaints are misplaced. The real problem with the burkini ban is, it’s too limited. Forbidding a specific type of swimsuit won’t achieve anything: we must ban ALL CLOTHES! And the sooner the better.

This may sound like a ridiculous notion. But, more ridiculous than banning a swimming costume in order to fight terrorism? I think not! Plus, there are many scientifically valid reasons for us to do away with clothes.

Firstly, clothes cause problems. Look at the long history of clothes being used as a tool of oppression and control, often resulting in political problems. If we didn’t have clothes, we wouldn’t have the means to use them to make people’s lives harder. Even today, in these more “liberated” times, clothes regularly cause problems. How many t-shirt controversies have there been now? Considering how much time has been wasted arguing over them, clothes have probably held back human advancement significantly.

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curator’s note before any die hard folks take this too seriously the article is completely tongue in cheek. 

How the Textile Industry Convinced Everyone That Nudity is Bad

Nudity, Colonization & the Textile Industry

However, for most people around the world, outside of small elite aristocracies, wealthy merchant classes, the religious establishment, and societies heavily influenced by handcraft textile and merchant guilds, clothing was primarily worn for practical functional purposes, and not required when impractical, such as for swimming, or for working in hot humid conditions.

Fabric body concealment was not ascribed any moral dimension as symbolic of modesty or purity. The naked human body was associated with poverty at worst, honesty and purity at best, and was, at the time, not directly associated with human sexuality by the majority of Earth’s peoples.

Source: Young Naturists of America

5 Reasons I’m Taking My Clothes Off As A Naked Christian

I love dressing myself. Sounds funny for a typical adult, but my clothes are my power suit, my impression I give to the world. Often they are my confidence and when my clothes are in disarray so am I. But my clothes aren’t me, on good days they can be a reflection of how I feel but on most days they can become a costume that I hide behind, afraid to show the real me to the world and even to the people who love me

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Guest Post: Being Naked

Clothes are not evil however and I think they serve a great purpose, but at the same time, we shouldn’t be ashamed. They keep us warm, protect us from the sun, keep nasty insects away and they can form our identity and make us unique. I love that we all look different in our clothes. Surely apart from slightly different shapes and sizes, we would look pretty much the same nude? Clothing is a point of interest to talk about and is an extension of our personality which I think is a great thing.Nudity shouldn’t mean sex! The two should be separate. Some theories say that we can’t all be nude as it would lead to a hedonistic world of humans falling into temptation and having sex with everyone. I know this wouldn’t be the case for me having never had a one night stand. Would the population increase if we were all nude? Some of the sexual excitement comes from your partner slowly revealing their body? Would this be the same if we were all nude? Would we have playboy and the page 3 photos in the newspaper? I think such magazines wouldn’t be a loss.

Source: Guest Post: Being Naked

Curators note: This guest blog is from a blog focused on tantric sexually. This guest blog however focuses on non sexual nudity which is what we promote. Reblogging this particular post should not be seen as a departure from our core principle of promoting nonsexual clothes free living.

Nude Sleepers Are Healthy Sleepers

Only one-third of the United States’ population will actually dress up for bed, putting on pajamas or a nightgown. Studies have proven that the constraint of clothing such as this and even clothes like tank tops and underwear can affect the quality of an individual’s sleep. The act of shedding every article of clothing and lying in bed with nothing but one’s birthday suit will have amazing results such as decreasing cortisol levels. The loss of cortisol is very beneficial, as the hormone is known to disrupt sleep cycles and even cause unwanted weight gain.

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