newbie’s first nudie experience

On July 12th was my 38th Birthday and for 2 years now ive been embracing the nudist life but mainly practicing as a home nudist but also been venturing out on my patio, I figure it was time to inhance my growth and try something new so why not a good time to try it on your day of birth, a true celebration! So I experienced my 1st Nude Resort! Won’t say I was Nervous but Anxious and turned out to be the opposite of preconcieve notions (just individuals sexualizing the whole automosphere of the resort and being gawked at) it was welcoming, calming, relaxing, pure freedom! It Confirmed my truth in this lifestyle, still been on a liberating high! 😍

Take it off, take it all off

"Clothing Optional" sign from San Fr...

“Clothing Optional” sign from San Francisco, California. : Note: My friend from San Francisco says these signs posted at a clothing optional beach were often stolen, until they had the bright idea to start selling them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take it off, take it all off

Once my shorts hit the ground, I felt free. All my cares and concerns, all the cultural bullshit from 40-plus years of body shame and other issues melted away within seconds. I had doffed my shirt first and looked across at my wife, who had already visited the Laguna del Sol clothing-optional resort several times before I met her in 2011.