Woman appreciates Nudist Mother

Why I’m glad my mom’s a nudist

Nudist communities are not what they look like in the movies. It isn’t like the scene in the movie Fur, where Nicole Kidman arrives and is instructed to remove all of her clothing before entering a nudist compound. Any of the nudist places I’ve been to are clothing optional, and you’d better believe that yours truly opts to remain clothed when I visit!

What I find interesting is that the thing that makes the neighborhood my mom lives in unlike any other typical American neighborhood isn’t the exposed butts and boobs and penises. Well, at least it isn’t only that. This place is different because my mom’s neighbors actually know each other, by name. They know each others life stories better than any other neighborhood that I’ve experienced, even here on the docks where we can get pretty close knit and protective of each other.

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a mother extols the values of being clothes free to teach  her daughters

The Glories of Nudity

For the last few years I’ve been indulging in nudist behavior. With my kids. In public. And it’s been wonderful. It began four years ago, when my 6-year-old daughter and I were invited to an unusual birthday party at a castle-like Korean spa. Our hostess gave me a heads-up that the first portion of the day would require some nudity, so I wasn’t entirely surprised when, after we checked in, we were directed to an enormous room with separate lockers for our shoes and clothes. It was challenging to disrobe without feeling utterly exposed, but I didn’t want to show my daughter I was fazed by it, so I stripped off and closed the locker door on my clothes. Our children make us so much braver.

Yet as I’ve returned to this spa, and as my daughters grow ever-closer to puberty, my enjoyment of the naked room is less about the frisson of public nudity, and more about the experience I’m providing for them. Perhaps I’m naïve, but I’m stunned — really, genuinely stunned — by the vast variety of women’s bodies I see there. There are women of all, and I really do mean all, sizes and shapes. The sheer range of shapes we come in is literally marvelous. I’m also surprised how much is revealed when clothes are stripped away: it’s far more intimate than the beach, where even tiny swimsuits disguise and guide the flesh in various aesthetic directions. Also, the requirement that we all be naked removes much of the judgment that accompanies beachside people-watching.

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Yes, I Want My Daughter To See Me Naked … Here’s Why

Right off the bat, I want to make it clear I’m not talking about my son in this article. I know some moms might be very pro-nakedness when it comes to teaching their boys that female bodies are more than sex objects but I’m not one of them. I intend to teach him all kinds of respect for the womanly figure but none of those ways will involve him having a mental image of his naked mother.

Although I haven’t gone out of my way to be naked around my 6-year-old daughter (and we haven’t had any direct discussion about my nude body), I certainly haven’t hid my body from her either. If I’m in the shower and she needs her hair washed, I’ll pull her in with me. If I’m drying my hair, naked as I do, I don’t mind if she’s standing next to me brushing her teeth. Why? I don’t want her views on what a body is “supposed” to look like to be shaped by the one-sided view the media presents.

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Daughter Freaks Out Over School Nudity

Daughter Freaks Out Over School Nudity


It’s very sad to me that, despite whatever efforts I have tried to make, my daughter obviously feels some shame, or lack of measuring up to what she thinks would be other’s expectations of her, associated with her own body. I did try very hard not to teach that. To this very day, she has yet to close a bathroom door while showering or taking a bath. And regardless of who in the family happens to walk into the bathroom, it seems to go largely ignored. Most of the time she doesn’t even change clothes for her showers/baths in the bathroom, causing her to take the hallway trip in at most a towel. Not that many years ago, her mother was alarmed because she tended to roam the whole house nude around shower time, even when friends were visiting. How times change, and how quickly.