free body culture lunch breaks in Berlin 

Beautiful Shots of Berliners Sunbathing Nude on Their Lunch Break

If you’re in Europe and you’re reading this, there’s a big chance that you are sweating your shirt off in a heatwave. For a lot of countries this is pretty bad news, because even though you have lakes and rivers going through most major cities, you’re not really allowed to go swim in them, for safety reasons or simply because the authorities are too lazy to supervise that area. In some countries you aren’t even allowed to relax on the grass in the parks, which only leaves you with air-conditioned apartments and expensive swimming pool memberships.

In Berlin, however, things are a little different. Coyness is not held in high esteem in the birthplace of Free Body Culture—to the point that in many parks it’s generally allowed to sunbathe naked. Photographer Ana Topoleanu took a stroll around the city’s parks and took some beautiful analog shots of naked Berliners on their lunch breaks.

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curator’s note This is what clothes free life looks like no one forced to undresses or offended if others do what ever their level of comfort. 

Not near my nudist community

German nudist fear new refugee shelter built next to their colony will bring sex assaults on their members by migrants

Nudists in Germany have voiced concerns over proposals to construct a refugee shelter beside their beloved colony.

The 400 members of the Familiensport-und FKK-Bund Waldteichfreunde Moritzburg nudist group fear their lifestyle will come under threat when the migrant home opens.

They have cited the recent history of sexual assaults by refugees in Germany as an issue that makes them deeply uneasy about the proposal to construct the £1 million building overlooking their getaway.

All the naturists choose to spend their time together in the nude.

Treasurer Petra Hoffman said: ‘Since 1905, our more-than-400 members maintain a traditional way of life, the culture of nudity.

‘I do not know if it wise to set up the asylum home here.’

Others said the introduction of the shelter would result in them moving away from the colony.

The regional government has confirmed that it is looking into the concerns of the nudists

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Germans love going clothes free on vacation/holiday

CNN reported recently that Germans by and large are very comfortable in their skin. In fact the report suggests that even they readily seek out opportunities for clothes fre vacations or holidays. Something that survived  the Nazi WWII regime. 

Divided by the Iron Curtain, united by nudity

Germany’s passion for clotheslessness finds its origins in late-19th-century health drives when stripping off was seen as part of a route to fitness and sunbathing a possible cure for TB and rheumatism. 

In 1920, while the rest of Europe was still getting feverish over the sight an exposed ankle, Germany established its first nude beach on the island of Sylt.

Barely a decade later, the Berlin School of Nudism, founded to encourage mixed sex open-air exercises, hosted the first international nudity congress.

The Nazi era brought mixed fortunes for nudism, its ongoing popularity tempered by a moral clampdown. 

Laws passed in 1933 limited mixed-sex nudism as “a reaction to the increased immorality of the Weimar state.” 

More restrictions followed amid claims the scene was a “breeding ground for Marxists and homosexuals.”

Nevertheless, it remained popular, enjoying support among members of the paramilitary SS. 

Rules were softened in 1942 but still subject to Nazi prejudices that predictably focused on Jews and other “undesirables.”

But war didn’t dampen Germany’s enthusiasm for stripping off, even when the country was divided by the Iron Curtain.

After the war, nudism was equally popular in both German states.

Even as the country was being split asunder in 1949, some in the West were busy founding the Association for Free Body Culture — an organization that today is part of the German Olympic Sport Federation and the largest member of the International Naturist Federation.

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Naturist experiences – My first time, Strandbad Wannsee Berlin.

From being a small child I found that I enjoyed not wearing clothes and dreamed of a place where it would be possible to go swimming and sunbathing without having to put on those uncomfortable trunks! It wasn’t until I was 22 years old that I finally had the opportunity to fulfil that dream. A few months into […]

More on Munich Germany’s designated spaces for being clothes free

Nudity Goes Legal In Munich

“Germans are often considered to be more at one with nature than us prudish Brits,” the Mail Online commented.

Atlantic Cities reaches an interesting conclusion: “Allowing nude sunbathing in these six places, Munich is in many ways only acknowledging a practice that has gone on for years.”

In fact, Germany has allowed nude beaches since 1920, and in Munich the Englischer Garten has been a place for people hanging out in the buff since the 1960s. Its “Beautiful Meadow” area, Schonfeldweise, is considered a must-visit for nudist tourists.

Also a number of spots along some of the islands over the Isar River that runs through the city are public nudist refuges.

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Urban Clothes free in Munich

Why Munich Went Ahead and Set Up 6 Official ‘Urban Naked Zones

The answer they came up with is a qualified yes. People in Munich are now officially welcome to go naked provided they restrict themselves to six designated areas across the city. While these areas’ locations in parkland gives them a degree of seclusion, none of them are fenced off or hidden away. One spot is barely ten minutes from Munich’s main square, located along a stream to which tourists flock

In officially allowing nude sunbathing in these six places, Munich is in many ways only acknowledging a practice that has gone on for years. It’s long been common to see people hanging out in the buff in the city’s beautiful Englischer Garten and in spots along the meandering, island-filled Isar River. Indeed, the practice is common across Germany, where the first naturist beach was set up back in 1920. In the former East Germany, the activity is more popular still, possibly because the longtime absence of strong religious influence there made people less anxious about it.

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Curator’s note: Very good read regarding the German approach to being clothes free a relief from city life to return to nature.


Deciphering clothes free Etiquette in Germany

How Do You Know When to Go Naked in Germany?

The first thing we noticed was that — as hip and stylish as everyone claimed it would be — the pool was filled with people of all ages, adults and children, having a grand family-friendly time. The second thing was that everyone else — every single person — was wearing a bathing suit. There was no nudity to be found, except for the three completely bare Americans that were we. Somehow we misunderstood the simple Deutsch dictate, whereby it’s completely acceptable to swim naked outside, and saunas must only be visited nude, but when swimming at an indoor pool in a naked sauna, a bathing suit must always be worn.

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Visiting public baths in Germany

Getting Naked With Strangers: The Baths of Baden-Baden

One of the long-standing traditions of German culture is to ‘take the baths.’ (And the saunas, but that’s another article.) Many cities have their own ‘baths’ and there are towns everywhere with the prefix “bad,” meaning bath. These are generally natural mineral baths, alleged to have curative powers, or at least health-enhancing properties. It is also tradition to take the baths naked. While some days or times may be set aside for one gender, as in Asian cultures, the majority of the time is co-ed.

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The need to be nude

The need to be nude

Some years ago, “Himself” and I toured with our son, who was stationed in Germany. In Munich I set out alone to visit the six monuments of that wonderful city. I saw a small church and was told there that a woods behind the church had a path leading to the first monument on my list.

I asked if was safe to walk through the woods and was assured I would be fine. About a block into the woods, I came upon two rather hefty elderly women sitting on a blanket talking and having a picnic. They were stark naked.

The ladies greeted me with a smile. I walked on in a state of shock, came to the monument, browsed around a bit and continued on. I asked an elderly Englishman if he had the time and we began to chat. He told me that I must see the Englisher Garden just up ahead on the right. He said he had no idea why it was called the Englisher Garden. A few minutes later I walked into the garden where I came upon a group of volleyball players, all nude. Well, it was something to see. I had to stop and look, so I pretended to be a fan.