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Newbies guide to nudism: Introduction to nudism

Each week until the series is completed a new article focusing on a different aspect of nudism will be published. Reading this series will allow you to learn what authentic nudism is all about, how to become a nudist if you haven’t already, what to expect when interacting with other nudists, and just as importantly what they will expect from you. You will learn where to go to meet and socialize with other nudists, be exposed to the basic rules of etiquette observed in social nudity settings, and receive tips that will help you enter the nudist lifestyle with confidence.

The information presented in this series will be factual, not just based just on personal opinions or perspectives. Rest assured that this series is not my personal interpretation of nudism. Along with some information based on relevant personal experiences and observations there will also be plenty of information included that has been gleaned from other authoritative sources. While there is plenty of room in nudist culture for individual expression, authentic nudism requires adherence to some foundational philosophies and ethical considerations that have under-girded the culture since the movement began.

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Your First Naturist Holiday – Guide

Your First Naturist Holiday – Guide.

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7 Things You Don’t Want To Be Doing On Your First Naturist Holidays Vacation

It is always perplexing anticipating for something that’s about to happen for the first time. Countless of nervous thoughts and disturbing scenes flash in your mind and almost always the things/scenes you imagined couldn’t be more far from the truth.
Going for the first time on a naturist vacation might be a tad frightening and overwhelming. It is best to prepare for this experience beforehand by researching and reading information about naturist holidays or by talking to a friend who have experienced this kind of vacation.
No one wants to be that person on a vacation who’s too uptight, who can’t quite relax and who has no clue what he’s doing and why he’s there in the first place. Yes, there’s nothing like the first time but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it.
There’s more to naturist holidays than just getting nude. There’s plenty to know and there’s a lot of misconception you need to get rid of. Read up and be in the know and let naturist holidays take care of the rest.

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Buff guide to Sunbirds Sun Club

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Buff guide to Sunbirds Sun Club

Sunbirds Sun Club, formed in 1988, is the longest established active non-landed (or travel club) serving Dallas-Fort Worth. Sunbirds does not own property, operate a resort or have any permanent physical facilities. Club activities consist primarily of parties at the homes of club members around the area and group outings to local resorts. In addition Sunbirds occasionally schedules group outings to regional nudist resorts, local non-nudist spots and destinations across the United States and the Caribbean.

While the Sunbirds Sun Club listing at the American Association for Nude Recreation website shows it to be located in Dallas within area code 75222, as noted of the club website Sunbirds’ membership is comprised of couples and singles from throughout the DFW Metroplex.

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Florida Nude Recreation Guide review

At the outset the book states “Florida is become a mecca” for the nudist/naturist lifestyle. Recent chats with nudists on online nudie communities bear out the premise for the Florida Nude Recreation Guide. Author Thomas Berns provides a valuable resource for anyone visiting the sunshine state and looking for clothes free naturist/nudist experiences. Berns starts by laying out the many options for nudist experiences in the state. He follows by giving a brief overview of the benefits of naturism and review of some misconceptions about nudism. A short set of frequently asked questions about nudism completes this introductory part of the book. The main portion of the book consists of the previously mentioned options for nude experiences. Beaches, resorts, cruises, camping, hotels and even clothing optional bars and festivals are covered. Each section gives a bit of background information on the nude activity such as cost or tips on how to prepare.  Read more

Top nudist beaches

Top nudist beaches

Naturist holidays are not a new phenomenon, but they are taking the travel world by storm as more and more nudists take their clothes-free lifestyle to the road, leaving luggage behind to catch rays on their … behinds.