Beautiful And Peaceful Loch Ailort (via My Naked Adventures)

During my recent Scotland trip we had a day out. As lovely as it was around Glencoe, we decided to travel out to the most western part of mainland Britain. On the way we passed Loch Ailort. We still had the low cloud, but it looked so beautiful we had to turn around and find a place to park. With the tide out we had plenty of space to wander out and have a look around. Once away from the road it quite secluded, and incredibly peaceful.

My mate is used to me stripping off at times when out and about on our photography trips, so is fine with me taking time out to enjoy the freedom of being clothes free. The air was very still, the temperature mild, and with the secluded peacefulness of the area, i could not only get some photos, but have time to really take in the beauty of the place whilst nude.

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The Truth Behind Germany’s Nudist Hikers Laid Bare (via Culture Trip)

Fancy yourself a naturalist? Germany’s bare-all culture might make it just the place for you.

Outsiders might be shocked when they hit the spa, the lake or the park in some parts of Germany and discover a profusion of naked bodies hanging about. Nudity in Germany is not such a strange and taboo concept as it is in most other parts of the world; in fact, rumour has it there’s even a club of bare-butt-only hikers on the loose in the mountains.


Happy Nude Hiking Day! Here’s How to (Legally) Make the Most of It (via Men’s Journal)

Today marks the first day of summer. It is also, unofficially, Nude Hiking Day — a lesser-known holiday observed by a select but enthusiastic few. If you’ve ever had the urge to feel the wind between your legs while rambling up and down the trail, today is the day to do it. Really. The law is on your side, if you play your cards right. Here’s what you need to know.


VivAlpe 2017

Now relentlessly our business and, after 2016 extended the program by including the month of December, here we officially present the exciting hiking program of 2017.

Many innovations in the field, first of all the coverage of all the months of the year, in some cases with more monthly outputs, outputs alternating read anything harsh, daytime outings and, second novelty, nights out, then three long journeys or trips that exceeded the thirty kilometers and two thousand meters of altitude.

In early July Emanuele will again be on the 3V tracks with the new edition of his 2017 TappaUnica3V and have been programmed for the occasion two accompanying tour, one, longer and at night, at the start and the other, day and short, arrival.

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clothes free adventures in nature

What began as a dare soon became a passion when I very quickly realised that the weirdest thing about being naked was that it didn’t feel weird at all. Then I discovered Instagram sites such as Clothesfreelife and was inspired to explore more.

Being naked at home became the norm, but that then prompted me to take the freedom outdoors. Again, Instagram posts became my inspiration but the problem lay in finding places to go where I could be free of clothes without ‘alarming’ the clothed hikers and bushwalkers.

But with a bit of research and planning (and often luck) I found it was certainly possible. In general I look for quiet, yet inspiring wilderness areas in my state of Victoria, preferably with a river or waterfall for swimming, or secluded tracks for exploring.

I do take a cotton ‘hiking kilt’ with me in case I encounter others en route who might not appreciate the freedom of being clothes free… But I have yet to use it – even when some hikers wandered past me while I was swimming in a river. They waved and said hi. They understood.

I now go hiking almost every weekend – sometimes solo, sometimes with a mate – but always making time to ditch the clothes and go for a swim, a sun bake, some naked contemplation or a cheeky wander.

Not only has the clothes free life encouraged me to explore the beauty of nature and the freedom of the wilderness, but also, surprisingly, increased my body-confidence. When you’re naked, there is no pretence… just freedom. Viking steel

Free hiking video French no subtitles

interesting video showing group free hiking and rock climbing some serious terrain. Another good depiction of clothes free recreation. But alas in French with no sub titles so just enjoy the scenery.

Mohonk Preserve Clothing Optional Trail At Split Rock

nude hiking while my clothes were drying in th...

nude hiking while my clothes were drying in the sun (Photo credit: Rick McCharles)

Mohonk Preserve Clothing Optional Trail At Split Rock. Read full article

Mohonk Preserve – We went there on a sunny day in August. There are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails all over this mountainous rural area, not to mention rock climbing and various other outdoor activities you can do there. The place we went to is a clothing-optional section on the Coxing Trail. The closest parking lot is at the Coxing Trail Head. This lot fills up quickly. It was full upon our afternoon arrival so instead we parked at the West Trapps trail head. This was a longer ways away (approx 30 minutes), but a nice hike anyway! It’s a relatively easy hike, but sneakers are recommended. The trail runs along a stream called Coxing Kill, and first you pass through the clothing-required part, along with a

popular spot called Split Rock. Then a ways down you reach that sign posted on the tree.
And you can remove all clothing and be as freely nude as the wildlife! [There is so sadly no established name for this area. Many refer to it as Split Rock, even though that’s the name of the textile section. More on this later.] A little further down we found the area where people (mostly men on this day) hang out on the flat rock lounging out in chairs or on towels. It’s in the middle of the woods so there’s a mix of shade and sun. The stream of water moves steadily around the rock, creating pools and little waterfalls. So pretty and serene!;