INF struggling ro restructure

The first day of the INF Congress in Wellington revealed an organisation struggling with coping with change. Never before have there been this amount of proposals for changes to bylaws presented for discussion and voting as well as proposals of a more general nature.

The first day passed or rejected five motions for changes of the statutes. And tomorrow. Friday. the stream continues.

All delegates found a brochure from NAT on their table along with branding items distributed by the Australian federation.

Several participants had clearly decided that they wanted to go nude through the Congress. None of the Executive Committee members were among them. It must be said to their excuse that it was cold and during the afternoon even the Braves . .. like yours truly … put on all the clothes I had brought with me. And still froze.

Source: INF struggling ro restructure

Le camping naturiste est en danger

Nous avons appris, hier, par l’intermédiaire d’un message posté sur la page Facebook de La Dépêche du Midi que le naturisme est en danger dans l’Aude. En particulier du côté de Fleury d’Aude et de Saint-Pierre la Mer.

Une enquête diligentée dans les plus brefs délais a confirmé que le naturisme pratiqué depuis des années au camping La Grande Cosse pourrait disparaître. Cette décision serait consécutive à l’achat de cet établissement, en janvier dernier, par Franceloc (un spécialiste du camping 4 étoiles). La rumeur s’est alors propagée. Le camping deviendrait textile.

Un coup de téléphone au maire de Fleury d’Aude confirme la rumeur qui s’est répandue depuis peu entre le village et la plage. «J’ai en effet reçu au mois d’août le nouveau propriétaire, raconte Guy Sié. Cet investisseur souhaite que le camping devienne textile en conservant une zone naturiste de résidents. La raison est simple. Il se trouve que plusieurs d’entre eux sont propriétaires de leur mobile-home dans cet hôtel de plein air. Le camping de La Grand Cosse est un établissement privé. Le nouveau propriétaire est libre de la gestion qu’il souhaite».

Lire la suite: La Dépêche Fr

compromise at Israeli art school over nude painting

There has been an interesting series of developments around this issue. Take a look at the linked articles on the source as well. 

The head of an Israeli art school has rescinded the resignation he submitted last week following an uproar over censorship of a nude painting of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.
Larry Abramson, the art chief at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, announced his return on Wednesday after a compromise with the college’s president, Yuli Tamir.

Abramson had resigned after advising artist Yam Amrani to either remove the painting from an exhibition or cover Shaked’s face. Amrani opted to cover Shaked’s face with a black X and oval.


“Censoring a painting is clearly a blow to freedom of expression,” he said. “Establishing the council at Shenkar and enshrining its standing in the Shenkar statutes is an action that will prevent arbitrary restrictions of freedom of expression.”

read more: Haaretz

"naked loans" target female borrowers in china

China’s ‘naked loans’ force female students to go bare for cash

Shady internet lenders in China are reportedly coercing female college students to provide nude pictures of themselves as collateral

Under the arrangement reported by state media this week, some college students have agreed to send photos of themselves naked, holding their identification cards, to potential lenders. In exchange, they became eligible for higher loan amounts – two to five times the normal sum, the state-run Beijing Youth Daily reported.

Lenders tell the students they will publish the photos online if the loans are not repaid on time, often at usurious interest rates.

Read more: The Guardian

wow: heard, active and remembered – the takumbeng of cameroon and the political power of nudity

So often in the discussions across which I come in my physical environment as well as the feeds I frequent online, women’s nudity is discussed in the context of shame: the nude woman is either shamed or she is working to overcome shame. I recently learned, however, of instances in which women use their nudity as a curse against others or an ill omen upon others in the context of political action. Such was the case of the Takumbeng female secret society in Cameroon, particularly during significant political upheaval in the 1990’s, which is today’s focus for this Women on Wednedays piece.  Read more

wow poetics: my body matters, too

For this week’s Women on Wednesday, poetry takes the stage, as is appropriate given that is currently hosting the 4th annual Clothes Free Poetry Contest “The Body as Poetry” as well.

I offer a series of poems throughout the day today.


Photo 06-04-2016 11 14 31my body matters, too

my body matters, too
maybe not to you
or to the tweeting heads
or any online threads

but my breasts can shout
and wiggle all about
when I march my right
and for my freedom fight

my bones spell naked grace
paint joy about my face
as I breathe and flow
I light my soul aglow

perhaps my skin’s a sin
and there’s no way to win
covered or exposed
my journey no one knows

my story matters, too
my rights and history do
even if nobody knew
my story matters, too

– hontouniheart
5 avril 2016

Inspiration: on the (lack of) coverage of clothes freedom / top freedom experiences of “othered” women around the world





naturist action group discusses Dechenes open letter in depth

INF resignation

Although disagreeing with the direction the Central and Executive Committees are taking the INF-FNI, Deschênes makes no criticism of individual committee members, as some of the issues he is concerned about predate the current management. In the letter he gives 14 recommendations for a reinvigorated international organisation, which can be summarised as:

The INF-FNI is naturism’s equivalent to the United Nations and should be about facilitating communication between the national representative bodies.
The INF-FNI is instrumental in developing naturism as an ideology or philosophy, and one of its purposes should be communicating that ideology internationally.
The INF-FNI needs a small professionally staffed office to enable it to function, with greater involvement by its members, with managed expectations on both sides.
Although Deschênes says in the letter its contents is his personal opinion, as co-owner with is wife, Linda, of the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, producer and presenter of The Naturist Living Show podcast and a past President of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, in addition to his involvement with the INF-FNI for the last three years, his depth of understanding is therefore not inconsiderable

read more Source: Naturist Action Group

wow: women standing for rights in the middle east and north africa

In this week’s installation of Women on Wednesday, I highlight a few examples of women from the Middle East and North Africa engaging their nudity as a stand for political, social and religious freedom.

“And Still I Rise”

This video is of Maryam Namazie, and Iranian activist who connects women’s rights to discussions around Islam, politics, secularism, free expression and more. She also conducts a whole other host of work around the world. You can read her biography here:

Excerpt from her post on March 8, 2015 related to the video above for that year’s International Women’s Day:

So yes I am a free woman. I am a Kafir. Je Suis Charlie, Neda, Avijit, Salwa, Sadiq, Sameera, Rafiq, Monir, Katia*… the innumerable slaughtered over many decades in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

But still I rise.

I am, we are, Islamism’s greatest threat – a women’s liberation movement that will bring them – from ISIS to the Saudi and Iranian regimes – to their knees.


Nude Protest for International Women’s Day

This video is footage of the Nude Protest for International Women’s Day in March 2014 in Paris, France, in front of the Louvre.

Maryam Namazie participated in this protest with other women from several countries in the Middle East and North Africa (e.g. Egypt and Iran as referenced in the video above).

The main chant for the protest :

Liberté: Freedom

Égalité: Equality

Laïcité: Secularism

In this brief video clip, women speak to creating solidarity amongst women in the Arab world, in the Islamic world. They say they are taking a stand against issues including Sharia law, sexism, stoning, the veil and more. They are promoting religious freedom, with one woman stating, “We must put religion aside and allow people to live as they want to live. No one has rights over my body. I am in charge of my body, I do what I want.”

From her original post on her participation in the protest, Namazie writes:

Today, 8 March, International Women’s Day, Amina Sboui, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Solmaz Vakilpour, Safia Lebdi, Meriam Russel and myself protested nude in support of women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa at the Louvre in Paris.

I didn’t want to just hold the Islamic regime of Iran’s flag so I cut out the Allah in the centre of the flag and let it show my vagina instead. Much better, don’t you think?

We were arrested when 100 police converged on the area and took us away. We were released after several hours. 


One thing I wish to highlight is how the naked body becomes part of entire movements, standing for ideals such as freedom, equality, conquering oppression, and reclaiming agency. These posts and events might have been reported on during those years past, but I wanted to share them today, because seeing these women from the Middle East and North Africa engaging their nakedness to confront social, political and religious issues of concern to them was educational for me.

This also links back to a consideration I mentioned in my post for last week’s WOW installment, that if we are looking to see whether women are involved in clothes free living, we might not find answers to that under #naturism, #nudism #clothesfreelife. For some women, engaging their nakedness ties into other issues around their individual and collective rights. So, their activity is found in other categories and hashtags.

I would like to note that I, personally, don’t have any particular ties or sways on some of these issues at the moment. So, my sharing it here is not meant to speak ill or preferentially of any particular convictions. For instance, I have read and heard some women state that the veil is a source of power (among other important things) for them, and I respect that to be their truth and their choice. Rather, my interest in referencing these posts and videos here is to illustrate how women are engaging clothes freedom in various contexts for whatever is important to them. And at this particular point in time, when most of what I come across are topfree and clothes free movements in the United States and Europe, it was educational and encouraging for me to see women from Iran, Egypt and other countries in North Africa and the Middle East publicly engaging their clothes freedom for their particular passions and movements.