portraits of people with no clothes – the art of peter d’alessandri

We discovered the work of this talented artist through a follower on Instagram. We were drawn to realistic honesty of his work and the depiction of ordinary people with different and varied body types. We thought he would be a perfect addition to our artist profile and we are excited he agreed. We want to introduce you to the portraits of people without clothes the art of Peter D’Alessandri.

CFL-  Tell our readers about yourself. What kind of training do you have? How long have you been painting/drawing?

PD – I am a full time artist working from a studio in London. I went straight from school to art foundation, and then on to study for a BA at Norwich School of Art. I don’t know if it was because that particular art school was just a bad fit for me, or maybe because I was simply not ready, but I left art school quite disillusioned with art, and did not return to painting for nearly twenty years. I had become preoccupied with an ordinary life in the “real world”.
I was in my forties before I realised that my real world life was not as satisfying or fulfilling as I had hoped, and so began my reintroduction to art. I don’t pretend to understand why, but for some reason my simple love of painting – that urge to describe the world around me – had returned to me. So now I paint, and I can’t really imagine doing anything else.

CFL – You describe your work as non sexual depictions of the nude figure. Why do you choose that as your primary subject?

PD – I find painting the human figure an endlessly rewarding subject, and a constant source of inspiration. The problem I had at art school was that I could not find my “subject”. I became lost. I was always fascinated with life drawing and portraiture. But during this time, I struggled to paint the figure with my direct/alla prima technique, and so concentrated on landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes. I ultimately found these unfulfilling. That might be one reason why I stopped painting for so long.

On my return to painting, I had a much clearer idea of what I wanted to paint, and what I didn’t want to paint, and I developed my technique accordingly.

I described my work as the “non-sexual depiction of the nude figure” as that’s what it is; but that doesn’t preclude it from being interpreted differently by the viewer. I like the idea that what is essentially an objective description of a nude figure can be interpreted in so many ways, regardless of my intent.

CFL – You say your painting are portraits of people who just happen to have no clothes on? Why do you choose that language to describe them rather than saying they are naked or nude portraits?

PD -Because those words “naked” and “nude” are loaded; they have strong connotations or associations, whether we like it or not. I am constantly amazed at how people I would consider cultured and intelligent, are so often unable to see nudity as something distinct from sexuality; and “naked” is a similarly loaded word, described in the dictionary as:
1: not covered by clothing : nude
2: devoid of customary or natural covering
….almost as if being clothed is one’s natural state. How people interpret my paintings is entirely down to them, whether they see them as erotic or entirely asexual. Ideally I would prefer not to influence how they read my paintings with the clumsy use of words.

CFL – Your style is quite realistic is that a conscious choice and what message do you think it communicates?

PD – Yes, that is a conscious choice. I am trying to depict figures within a recognizable space, so it helps to maintain a certain level of realism, although I wouldn’t describe my work as “realistic”.
Style and technique are central to any artist’s means of expression. However, there is always a balancing act between style and substance. Whereas today I see style and technique essentially as a means to an end, as a student I became preoccupied with technique, to the detriment of my work, allowing my work to become overly stylised.

When I returned to painting, I began to get a better idea of the paintings I wanted to produce, but realised that I did not have the technical means to achieve those results. So began a process of study and experimentation, and exploring new techniques, which is still ongoing today.

CFL – Do you have any artists you would name as influences?

PD – There are many artists whose work I admire. With regards to their depiction of the human figure, I would say that early Bonnard, Gauguin and Diebenkorn all spring to mind. I’m not so sure which artists have influenced me the most.

CFL – You don’t consider yourself a naturist but the people you paint are simply nude Do you find any connection between art and naturism or what we call nu gymnosophy the philosophy and practice of clothes free living by ordinary people?

PD – Many of my paintings deal with the ideas of nudity and nakedness, and how they are perceived by the viewer. It’s a subject that fascinates me. In that respect, we are dealing with the same issues. As an artist, though, I feel that I am observing these things, and not necessarily making any judgement, or trying to express any ideas or views on the subject. I am deliberately leaving my work open to interpretation. It’s all part of my fascination with the relationship between artist, model and viewer. What you take home from looking at my paintings is what you choose to. How you interpret it will always be coloured by your own views.

CFL – If our readers what to see more of your work or purchase where could they do so?

PD – I have a website
I frequently post new work on Instagram
If they have any questions or comments, they can email

CFL – Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

PD – I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my work with visitors to your site.

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Clothes free life AMA – ask me anything

All next week from March 21-26 we will be hosting clothes free life Ask Me Anything. You can ask EarlD founder/editorial chief of clothesfreelife.com and myclothesfree life.com will answer any questions you have about the sites, clothes free living or his personal experience with the clothes free life. Simply post a comment with your questions and a reply response with the answer will be given. So if there is ANYTHING you have ever wondered about but didn’t think to ask ANYTHING heard but wondered if it was three now the time to get the answer straight fro the source.

interview with tim chizmar actor, comedian and producer of bare with us the movie

Tim Chizmar is a man of many talents and a true nudist. Chizmar has hosted naked comedy shows;he is an advocate for body positivity He is an on camera personality for clothes free news. He has written screenplays and acted in movies, done stand up comedy (clothed and clothes free), a true man about town. Chizmar latest project is a nudist comedy, he took time to answer a few questions about the project for CFL this week.


Tim Chizmar nudist and man of many talents

CFL – Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about your upcoming movie project Bare With Us. Looking at your resume you have a rich and diverse experience in show business from stand up comedy to movies how did you get started?

TC – Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to reach out to your readers. I grew up in a rough spot (as many comedians do) and thus comedy was an outlet for me to not take things too seriously. My parents are both convicted felons.. I’ll leave it at that as not to bum you out. I dabbled in theatre, ran a radio station, worked in professional wrestling, sold a screenplay, got into standup which lead to some tv/film work- my time promoting and performing in fully nude standup shows with a fully nude audience has been most rewarding and authentic to me.

CFL – It’s also clear that your are an authentic nudist tell us about your nudist journey?

TC – I’ve always felt right about nudism. Heck I was born naked, how about you? I was in college when I started modeling for art classes and realizing there was a community that thought as I do. My first resort was White Thorn Lodge in Darlington PA. Once I graduated from college with my BA I moved to sunny Southern California and discovered lots of nudist resorts and a few nude beaches, non landed clubs etc. I’m home!! My favorite places and groups are SCNA, Clothing Optional Home Network, Glen Eden Sun Club, Blacks Beach Bares, NITOC, Vita Nuda.. I could go on and on!! Plus we have a great WNBR every year!!!

CFL – By way of further introduction to our readers who may not know you. You have done a lot in terms nudism and show biz from your broadcasts on Clothes Free News to your nude comedy shows tell our readers a bit about that.

TC – It’s an authentic way to show my support for body freedom while having the chance to be silly. I say: love every body.

imageCFL – Why a movie now? What was the motivation behind Bare With Us?

TC – Corky at Clothesfree and I realized that my live standup shows are regional and this is a way to show it to fans all over the world. But only if we hit out goal!!!

CFL – The tag line for Bare With Us is “Not for the clothes-minded” a nice play on words. Is there a message you want to share through this movie?

TC – Yes the villain of the movie played by DYLAN BRODY a talented comedian that opens for David Sedaris, is a Dean trying to outlaw nudity at an Arts College. The message is in America we are pro violence and swearing but freak out about the most basic human right.. To be ourselves. Honest open real..

CFL – What do you hope folks will take away from the movie when they get to see it?

TC – That nude is an option. That you don’t have to be in your 60’s to discover nudism! Seems like nudist communities skew older because it takes us that long to realize it doesn’t matter what people think about you. Don’t live your live for other people. Try it. Live.

CFL – On your Twitter feed you mention some of the actors who will be in Bare With Us, Lahna Turner, Julianna Acosta to name a couple. How did you find actors to play the roles in the upcoming movie?

TC – Over the years of the naked comedy tours we’ve had various headliners. I took a survey of over 600 fans and cast based on their recommendations. Katie Hall and I came in tops, she has a history of having starred in the disappointing “nudist film” Act Naturally. I say disappointing because it did not embrace nudist as folks were sold on it doing at the beginning, instead it treated nudists like an Austin Powers skit with placed objects, clipboards in front of genitals, etc. this film we are shooting is authentic and not be a cash grab. I recommend seeing MASLIN BEACH as a truer nudist comedy, we will be closer to that one, Katie and I are excited to show what a real nudist film is like.

The cast of Bare with Us

The cast of Bare with Us

CFL – Why did you choose these actors? Are they nudists as well?

TC – They have performed nude on my shows. They are nudists or appreciate the cause and wish to promote it. Lahna had spent time as a photographer on a nudist project, Juliana is a proud nudist, Kevin loves the freedom, etc.

imageCFL – I noticed that the movie is also being co-produced by clothesfree.com and will be distributed though their web site. What can you tell us about this partnership?

TC – Corky and I go way back. I love his site and what it promotes. He and I share a legit vision to make the world a better place for body freedom and no shaming. Love Every Body.

CFL – You are launching a crowd funding campaign to find making the movie, can you give us some details on that?

TC – Yes- it’s fixed which means if we do not hit the minimum goal then we receive nothing, that’s to show how serious we are and that’s it’s not just a scam or something, also if we do not hit the goal we do not make the movie so we are asking people to meet us halfway. Once it’s completed we are giving it away for free to be viewed on ClothesFree.com

CFL – Is the crowd funding campaign the best way for our readers to support this project?

TC – It’s the only option! Nudists aren’t rich so we can only make it happen as a team.

CFL – I hope you will keep us updated as the project progresses maybe you’ll be a guest on our weekly podcast. Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

TC – Please share and spread the word, if you can donate a pledge that’s cool but letting like-minded folks hear about us is very helpful at this stage. Thank you again for the opportunity. ~Stay Naked

Help fund Bare with us


Outside IN – mom

Outside IN is a new series on clothesfreelife.com consisting of interviews with various people who do not practice naturism or clothes free living. The purpose of these chats is to hear individual personal shares about people’s history, experiences and perspectives regarding nudity. Most interviews will take place with people I know, as some questions might become quite personal.

First interview: Mom.
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Matt Richardson manga inspired art

Browsing through Tumblr late last year a recommendation popped up for a tumblr whose owner described himself as Part time artist Part time gamer Full time Naked Person. I was intrigued and explored the artists blog to find some interesting nude art work.

Artist Matthew Richardson, is from Charleston, SC. His hobbies include art of some form, including visual arts, music, and photography. Richardson says he recently resumed drawing as a way to pass time at work and between getting to do photoshoots. He has no formal training at all and has learned through books or web tutorials. Take a moment to enjoy the manga inspired art of Matt Richardson and read his bio below.

I discovered early on in my teens I hated wearing clothing unless absolutely necessary, so I didn’t. Now if I’m home, I’m naked. Great for keeping laundry to a minimum.

I specifically got into figure drawing (as opposed to trying my hand at manga years ago) and found that it’s what I’m best at drawing wise. My artistic process is pretty straight forward; I started out finding simple poses online to practice with, and now I find poses that are similar to an image I want to draw, or will attempt to freehand it. I try to sketch a couple of ideas a day.

All my sketches start out on paper, but as I now have a working tablet, I use that sometimes to play with coloring them for a different look. When I was younger, I wanted to draw my own comics/manga. Around high school, I gave up drawing and when I hit college, I focused all my creativity into choir/a capella/writing music. I was great at the first two, but earlier this year  I picked up drawing again. I was told that i still sneak elements of manga in.

I actually don’t have models in person, although sometimes I have used friends I’ve photographed for reference. I don’t exclusively draw women of color, but I do believe in creating the art I want to see, and I definitely want to see more women of color in art.

You can see Richardson’s sketches on his tumblr http://mrich2029.tumblr.com/

Color me stress free – Interview with Karl Gude creator of the Nude Coloring book

Have you ever imagined you were Michelangelo or another famous artist? Need to lose some stress or do some creative meditation? Looking for a body positive way to release pent-up creative energy?

Well Karl Gude has got just the thing for you. It’s the Nude Coloring Book. Clothes Free Life discovered the book through Twitter and reached out to its creator for an interview. The Nude Coloring Book seemed like something that would be used by members of the clothes free community. It could make a great gift for some or buy one for yourself. Read more about this unique resource and its creator in this interview.

CFL :Tell us about the genesis of the coloring book; What made you want to produce a nude coloring book?

imageKG: I noticed that there were a whole lot of coloring books out there for adults to help them deal with stress through meditative coloring. I assumed it had to be one that featured the nude figure but couldn’t find one in any of my searches. So I saw an opportunity and decided to go for it and create my own. I’ve drawn the human figure my entire life and I’m pretty good at it and I wanted to do a book that was tasteful and celebrated the nude.

CFL: What audience did you have in mind for the book?

KG: The audience is anyone who has ever dreamed of being Michelangelo or any of the abstract expressionists or other artists Who have illustrated and celebrated the nude figure in art. To enjoy this book one doesn’t have to be a Michelangelo, they could color a person blue if they like! It is technically for an adult audience, although I’m body positive and think that nature isn’t something to hide or be ashamed of. I’m sure there are many people, I hope, who would let their kids color in this book.

CFL : What was the process of development from conception to completion.

KG : A few of the nudes in the book come from sketches and drawings, I didn’t have real models who have posed for me. While others came from a website, posespace.com that features nude poses. The background images, which are super interesting, vary from the skyline of New York City to giant bugs, were primarily taken from my own travels and in some cases from images I found online like the bugs. Once the sketches were done I scanned them into Adobe illustrator and autotraced him to clean up the line, and then save them all into one PDF file along with the title page. I created the cover and back cover in a separate PDF file and use them to self publish on Amazon.com using their nifty program called Createspace.

CFL: I noticed you are journalism professor and creator of infographics, how do those aspects of your life factor into the creation of the book, if at all??

KG: My art experience in the professional world has help me realize that you can make anything you can set your mind to. There’s a new process and a professional quality level that I have instilled in me for punching the clock and getting the work done. I have about 80 hours in this book!

CFL: Tell us about some of the contents of the book.

KG : There are 22 nude male and female figures in the book posing against a wide range of backgrounds from realistic seems to random shapes. I also wanted the user to be delighted by the scenes that they were seeing the models posed in front of. So they’re a lot of fun to look at, even if you don’t color them!


CFL: What do you hope people will do with the coloring books they purchase? Color for one I assume, but is there anything else you hope will come from the interaction with the illustrations in the book?

KG: I’m hoping that people don’t feel intimidated by the book because they feel that they have to color the human figures as though they were Michelangelo! I’m hoping they paint them blue and green and polka dots and stripes and anything else they want and not color in the lines even! Each page comes with a hashtag for sharing the work on social media platforms and I’ve created a Facebook group that is listed in the front of the book people can join to share their work. I was thinking that if I were coloring this book I would sure want to see what other people came up with for the same page and this is a simple way that users can do all that. I just want to type in a term and see all kinds of different interpretations of how to color that page!

CFL: As an artist and illustrator what is your view of non sexual nudity and the clothes free body?

KG: I am body positive! I’ve drawn every size shape and color of the human body and with each drawing I get a little bit better! I included two of those “art” drawings in the front and back of the book.

CFL: You have invested a great deal of time and energy in creating the book. How has it been received so far?

KG: The book just went on sale last week so I’m still anticipating a lot of sales momentum by getting the word out, as we are here. The book was such a joy to make that I want to make another one because the Zen the people get from coloring in the books such as this is the same I get from drawing a book like this.

CFL: Were you aware of the clothes free/nudist/naturist community before you did the book?

KG: I have been a member of a nudist resort (Solair in Conneticut) and it was quite an experience! Definitely not sexual at all. After a little while you don’t even realize anybody has their clothes off and I started to be kinder to my own body and less judgmental. 🙂

CFL: You tweeted recently that you seem to resonate more with fringe groups of people as you get older. Is the clothes free community as a group you could see yourself connecting as an artist or supporter?

KG: As I said I not only support clothes-free communities I have been a member of them and still go when ever I can. So yes, I am a huge supporter

CFL : Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.

We encourage our readers to check the Nude Coloring Book and get to coloring clothes free! Order the book on Amazon in two versions.

Karl Gude, the creator of the Nude Coloring Book, is the former Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek magazine and at The Associated Press. After a decade at Newsweek, during which he covered a wide range of stories from the collapse of Enron to the World Trade Center attack, Karl was invited to create two programs at Michigan State University: one on infographics and another on Creativity and Complex Problem-Solving. Karl is a painter, cartoonist, illustrator, and writer who consults with Corporate Communications firms and governmental agencies (like the CIA) to help them create understandable infographics. He also writes a column for the Huffington Post, has presented at three TED-x talks and given a pair of talks at South-by-Southwest (SXSW), the technology conference in Austin, Texas, on the Power of Visual Storytelling.

clothes free art – artist spotlight: marie jørgensen – artbymajor_yogaprints

virasana_artbymajor In one of the recent rounds of the Natural Foundation Yoga challenge, we were delighted and honored to have as one of our sponsors the amazing Marie Jørgensen, also known as artbymajor_yogaprints on Instagram.

Marie’s work caught my attention right away for its brightness, honesty, variety, depth and character. The theme of her posts on Instagram is clothes free yoga, and her subjects depict a wide range of people.

I love the joy and strength of her work, all beautifully articulated. I was also lucky enough to be honored by her work when she chose me as a subject, too. The spirit of her work is bright and uplifting , so of course I had to grab an interview with her and spread the word to all of you. Enjoy her share!

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