RadioNOW 100.9 ‘Body Issue’ Featuring Kyle & B. Lord!

Every year ESPN releases the ‘Body Issue’ featuring athletes completely nude in compromising positions.  From gymnasts to boxers to Olympic medalists to this year even 3 Indianapolis Colts players, you never know who might end up in this popular special edition magazine.  Kyle & B. Lord were inspired by the magazine and decided to do […]

gonatural Magazine Issue #233 June 2015

Editor’s Letter: This magazine is packed with an exciting range of events and activities held over the summer. For the first time in my experience as editor, an excess of interesting articles arrived in my mailbox. Those items that didn’t make it will be featured in the September issue. The steering committee of next year’s…

Nude magazine photos raise eyebrows

Nude photos in ECU student magazine raise eyebrows


The student-fee-funded Expressions printed six full-page photos, some of full-frontal nudity, as part of its Dec. 6 issue of stories, essays artwork and poems exploring the theme “Hidden in Plain Sight.”

The photos depict a man and a woman showing what the photographer describes as an unattractive “mark” that’s “representative of those things people keep hidden every day.”

“The goal of this project was to expose the societal fear of vulnerability hiding in plain sight,” an explanation accompanying the photos reads. “People in American society cover their natural appearance with clothes, accessories and make-up. By removing those items, complete and natural beauty remains.”

No shirts, no shorts … lots of service

No shirts, no shorts … lots of service

A couple of months earlier, one of my editors had called with an assignment. He told me about a wildly competitive volleyball tournament held each September not too far from Pittsburgh at a resort called the White Thorn Lodge. The event has been luring quality athletes from all over the country for 39 years: D1 players, national team members. The comp is of such a high caliber, they call it the Super Bowl of Volleyball. “Anyway,” he said, “we want you and Struby to round up a team and write about playing in the thing.” (Struby is fellow Mag writer Tim Struby, whom I’d met a few times but knew nothing about other than that he’s more than a half-foot shorter than me, used to model and didn’t seem the volleyball type.)

“Sweet,” I replied. “Sign me up.”

“One more thing,” the editor said. “White Thorn is a nudist lodge.”