Becoming a naturist almost one year ago – guest blog GaryS

It has been almost one year since I became a Naturist in 2015. Before this I had a experience of posing voluntarily as a Life Model in 2013 I think it was. What made it slightly awkward was there was a girl there from my Bible Study group. I had to build up some courage to do this. I felt it was inside me that I needed to do this. I had to perform in three different posses. I was glad there was a little electric heater next to my skin even if I did turn red on one side. I had fun doing this for about two hours.

Things went quiet for a while. I hoped I would be put on the rotation list to pose but nothing happened. Then I had to try and do something. By now it was January 2015, I decided to join British Naturism. Now I felt I will make some progress now.

imageI got my membership and went onto the forum to introduce myself. Which I did and I am glad somebody there who normally doesn’t want to be the main centre of attention helped me. He did showed me around a few landed clubs as a guest. I also went to a British Naturism event held a WaterWorld which is an indoor water park. The weather in the UK is awful most of the time. There it felt like my ‘Rite of Passage’ being naked with another 270 people and I never felt so happy and normal. It also helped me to get rid of a lot of baggage from my Theology Degree too.

After this I never felt so happy and content with my body.

Clothes Free Yogi January -Isaac

The clothes free yogi you should know for January is Isaac. When we did our firstfeature of clothes free yogis Isaac unfortunately missed the cut off date. So when we decided to add it as a regular feature he came to mind immediately. So he is our first clothes free yogi of 2016 and the first man to be featured. We want to introduce you to this multi-faceted clothes free yogi, we think you should know.

My name is Isaac McCrimmon. I am a 32 year old, single father of two residing in Reading, Pennsylvania. I am a veteran of the United States Navy and I am currently working as a Massage therapist, Yoga instructor and a Chef.

It’s fairly easy to judge a man after taking a single look. What’s difficult, is taking the necessary time to understand his heart. Give him the chance to bare his soul for you, and I promise you that he will. I see this after coming to face with a judgement call that, at first, I was offended by but later had to laugh at. It was not the first time, but it cut deep enough to warrant this post…

I’ve practiced yoga for nearly 15 years now. It wasn’t until recently that I began to practice in the nude. It happened by accident, really. It wasn’t a ploy for attention and it certainly isn’t because I think that I am anything special. That insecurity in fact, is exactly why I decided to do it. To come face to face with the “fear of self.” To force myself to learn to accept and love myself for all that I am. To learn to accept the flaws until I can learn to see them as perfections and nothing less. I don’t think that I’m cute. I certainly don’t see myself as sexy… But what I am, is human. Love it or leave it.

Please don’t assume that I want to be seen. Please don’t assume that I’m “comfortable” being seen. I’m not. But I will stare down this demon until it realizes that, “I am not afraid”. I have found a freedom and an honesty in shedding the layers. Beginning this journey to a clothes free lifestyle has shown me the importance of self acceptance and even more so, what it means to live selflessly.


adventure and lessons: reflections on a clothing optional event

IMG_0722.PNGThis year, I dove into a number of public clothes free events. All of them were magnificent, as I’ve written in various posts. With these wonderful experiences under my belt, I felt confident and ready to step into an experience where I wouldn’t know anyone at all, no previous contact or connection. This one was a little closer: Maryland Area Naturist Association (MARNA) (meetup site: I had been avoiding this since February, as I was afraid to go alone. I am glad that I finally braved it. However, on the whole, I wouldn’t say that it was an experience that ranked at the same level as my other spring and summer adventures. Read more

“reminding people how great they are” – an interview w/ katherine medina of nakedyogayyc

Introduction from hontouniheart:

I had the pleasure of conversing with Katherine Medina of NakedYogaYYC in Calgary, Alberta CANADA about her experience in practicing and teaching naked yoga. I appreciated so much of what Katherine shared in terms of the hurdles and  resistance that came initially. Then she shared about the wonderful things that students experience now that the classes have been up and running for a while. I am so moved by Katherine’s journey, and I hope this lights you with inspiration as it did for me.

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The ironic absurdity of the fashion industry

Our society tends to think of clothes free folks as pervs and sex fiends. To protect “normal” people we are meant to be kept hidden away from view with our abnormal behavior.

The perception of the body as purely sexual has been perpetuated to some degree by the fashion industry. Designers often use sex and the sexualization of the body to sell clothing. Case in point menswear designer Rick Owens showing at the recent Paris Fashion Week. For years the clothes free community has been trying to reduce the stigma male genitalia in full view when a man is clothes free. Now the designer has created a reinforcement of the sexualization make full frontal with his designs. See example below.


By completely covering the model’s body except the genital area with clothes he bring the focus to the sexual organs. Furthermore they are presented in a peephole kind of way. It is ironic that it clothes are sexualizing the body not being clothes free.

I am no prude but believe wholehearted that non sexual nudity is possible and actually our natural/normal state of being. Much of the clothes we don in society is much less utilitarian and more sexual. What do you think?

Clothes free fitness activities growing in Toronto

Phillip Coupal, a professionally trained counselor and body-worker, finds that naked yoga allows people to free up their bodies.

“When people practice yoga without their $150 lululemon pants, they are in their body,” Coupal said. “It levels the playing field, because the clothes aren’t making you who you are.”

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