10 Things I Learned while Meditating Naked. (via Elephant Journal)

Sometimes heat really is the best catalyst.

I recently returned from a Vipassana retreat (10 days of silence with approximately 11 hours of daily meditation). To say it was intense is a bit of an understatement, so I will be doing a few different posts about my experience. This first one is just to break the ice, so to speak.

This month, I attended my retreat in the small town of Kaufmann, Texas. I am so very grateful I didn’t wait until the session in July because southern Texas is hot. It’s soupy, muggy, sticky hot. I felt overdressed in my modest garb, and each walk from the meditation hall to the dorm room left me feeling like a greased pig. (Okay, perhaps the metaphor only occurred to me because it sounded like something they might say in Texas.)

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Meditation Au Naturel — Naturist Lens

The practice of meditation au naturel is priceless. It’s been a driving day towing my camping trailer to my grandson’s home as we will be heading to a camping site by a lake (his father, him and me) for the weekend. The drive passed through sunny stretches and pouring rain and thunderstorms, several times. By…

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Clothes free meditation can be therapeutic

Naked Meditation: How to Completely Accept Your Naked Self

Our naked self is an important part of who we are. Nudity is a natural state, but it’s often seen as something vulnerable and personal. Many cultures teach us that nudity is something to hide and to be ashamed of.

This makes us create a prison surrounding who we really are. It’s also the main reason why so many people are disconnected to their physical bodies and sexual nature.

Back in 1967, there was a small, underground movement in psychology that was called “nude psychotherapy.” The central concept was that by becoming more comfortable with our own nudity, we also become more comfortable with ourselves.

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Poll: Natural Foundation Yoga and Meditation Retreat

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clothes free meditation rationale and technique


We spend a tremendous amount of time and energy maintaining the ego. The ego, as I am using it, represents the self that we are currently embodying. For instance, I am not Patrick. I am a divine eternal Spirit that is currently manifesting as Patrick. Patrick is my ego. I have no problems with Patrick, I thoroughly enjoy playing the role. But for me to feel as though Patrick is all I am would be flawed.

Being nude is taking it back to the first step. Nude is how we all come into the world. All incarnations on the entire planet start out nude. There is nothing shameful about it. It is simply the Tao; the way things are.
Nude meditation takes it all back to the first moment when you are still in direct communion with Spirit. There is no Armani suit to strengthen the self esteem. There is no shoe collection showing what a fantastic sense of fashion you have. It’s just you and Spirit. Which, essentially, is where you always are but forget in the process of putting on the facade of the ego.

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Nude Meditation: The Benefits of Meditating Naked (via Meditation Relax Club)

Are you comfortable being in your body? Find out how nude meditation, a peculiar type of meditation, can help you accept yourself more.

The benefits of meditation have been proven countless times: it lowers stress levels, boosts the immune system and increases your energy. The same goes for the effect it has on your inner self, improving your social skills and emotional stability.

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Meditation clothes free

Naturist Meditation

This has been a part of me since I was a child, so I don’t know what it is to “become” a meditator. I often find myself in a modified state of conscience. One of the strongest such experiences was at 15. I was walking along the Mediterranean coast on a track which snaked through rocks, pine and fig trees, idling from cove to cove. It was a real pleasure to just wander. The sun was beating down beautifully. Eventually, I fell upon a naturist beach.

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Naked Meditation

clothes free meditation is best

Naked Meditation

The interesting bit is that for meditation it is always emphasised that it’s important to wear clothing that doesn’t feel tight or restrictive.

Now, what can be less restrictive than no clothes at all? (Except for when it comes to your own mind that tells you to wear something because being naked is wrong? In which case you should retrain your mind, but that’s my opinion.) That is the awareness I had when I started into nudism and naturism. After trying it, I decided that meditating in the nude was the ultimate way to do it for me. There is literally nothing that is ‘around’ you. No itching from fabric, no restraints from elastics.

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