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Whether you call it nudism or naturism, either way it’s all the same. It is a feeling of freedom, a sense of bonding with other humans. It is knowing that under all the labels, styles and outfits that fit us into a certain category depending on how we dress, we are all the same. We are flesh and bones — human! According to the XIV Congress of the International Naturist Federation, naturism is: “A way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encour

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Genesia Alves on our attitude towards nudity?

Editor’s note: A thought-provoking opinion piece by Genesia Alves on various attitudes about nudity, male and female nudity, and public vs. private. It was interesting to see that the author didn’t make nudity the item in question when it came to public vs. private. Rather, the critical question was really about whether to open vulnerable moments to scrutiny from absolute strangers online. She also raises a probing question about consent of children when it comes to being exposed to such feedback.


A picture by Heather Whitten of her husband holding her fevered son close, under a shower was taken down by Facebook for being inappropriate, specifically with regards to nudity. Both the photograph and the censorship raked up a predictable furore. Facebook has often been accused of policing women’s bodies, specifically breasts, while ignoring more serious issues like threats of violence against women and hate speech.

But how we react to nudity, both public and private, is a combination of personal upbringing and the milieu. Traditionally, Indians really shouldn’t be bothered by nudity at all. Our tribals and ascetics are often unclothed. Only two months ago, at 8am on busy Linking Road in Mumbai, I saw two Jain men walk buck naked across the street surrounded by a small posse of chanting devotees. But in Facebook-speak, it’s complicated because for women, it is all about location. While the Slut March and the bikini are touted as signs of liberation in some big cities (okay, maybe two) in the less civilised parts of our country, nakedness is used as a tool to shame, to disempower, to punish women.

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The resort problem of the single male

The Single Male Naturist

Well we have done quite well to date and have had a great number of really nice guys and girls who are single come to stay with us at Vassaliki. We have had a few bad eggs who got in but we removed them as soon as we were aware that they were there only to look and stare.

So how do we do it? We believe it is the first point of contact the guest makes to the resort. Most of the time it is by email, so be careful this can easily be misconstrued by the recipient.

What I suggest is calling the resort and speaking to the owners. We are very happy to discuss your holiday with you and discuss dates and accommodation requirements. Our policy is to allow singles on the resort as long as we still maintain a good gender balance of guests to give everyone a comfortable and pleasant naturist experience. If we cannot take your booking for the dates you give us we will let you know why and be happy to discuss alternative dates with you. Talking seems to be the last point of communication these days, but we feel this is the best way for us to find out if our resort is suitable for you. If you are genuine we will know straight away!! The perverts soon drop the guard and start asking inappropriate questions like “Are you naked right now”” being top of the list!!

Why am I writing this”? Well I feel the single guys seem to be discriminated against. So I decided to do an experiment. I was going to become a single male naturist and try and book a naturist holiday on my own. I wanted to see how I was treated and to look into how my company can offer a better service to this largely left out part of the naturist market.

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Women respond to unsolicited pics of male genitals

Buzzfeed reports two women are going beyond reporting unsolicited genital photos from men to IG they are telling the men’s girlfriends and wives.

Curious what do you think?

Here are two response from IG


male Nude Yoga in NYC

Le Male Yoga Adds Naked Yoga for Men

Some critics perceive Naked Yoga as sexual, but Schwarz says it is the most freeing experience and the class itself is sensual but not sexual in any sense. An added bonus is that it is much easier for the teacher to correct the poses and see the muscles and alignment of students perfectly, which is especially important for beginners.



Nudists At Nude Men Exhibit

Leopold Museum Invites Naked Viewers To Experience The Exhibition


The official invitation to go au naturel comes after an Austrian man spontaneously stripped down at the exhibition. (The visitor clothed himself only after a security guard asked him to cover up.) The concept of a nude art tour is not new, however. According to The Los Angeles Times, Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney also invited visitors to gaze upon their artwork in the buff “as a way to bring visitors closer to the art and help them gain a new perspective on the museum experience.”

One woman in ten: Why is naturism easier for men?

One in ten

One woman in ten: Why is naturism easier for men?

So, I went to my second naked swim the other day and it was very friendly, welcoming and relaxed, as I have come to expect from naturist meets. However, there was one thing that stood out at this particular swim:

I was the only woman.

It was a small swim, only ten of us in fact. Now, if I hadn't of met the majority of these men before, I think I would have been rather intimidated and may have been worried about being stared at etc. Had it been my first naturist meeting, I would most likely have run a mile.

What is it that makes naturism more appealing to men than women? Is it the fear that because they do not have the 'perfect' bodies perpetuated by the media then they will be laughed at, judged and humiliated?