American Socialite model arrested on public nude walk in Australia

American model Gabi Grecko has been charged after a public nude stunt in Melbourne, Australia on December 18th 2014. Grecko was born on June 5, 1989 in Miami, Florida who is also a DJ, fashion designer and reality tv personality. Check out the uncensored video of her below.The controversial model and socialite, has been charged with indecent exposure by Australian Victorian Police. Grecko is understood to have undertaken the public nude walk in a bid to “tick it off her bucket list

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Desexualizing nudity means clarifiying intent 


First: eww. This guy obviously did not convince me to spread my legs or my labia. Because he was missing one very important point in his attempted guilt trip: intent.  

His point of view was centered entirely around one thing: him. How he felt, how aroused he was. There was no convincing him that nudity could be non-sexual in any context. Or pretty girls that he was attracted to either, for that matter.  

The thing is, I’m not responsible for his boner. If he pops a stiffy looking at Picasso, that’s not Picasso’s problem. That just makes him a weirdo. In contrast, I can tell you that posing nude isn’t a sexual act for me. I’m not thinking about getting my audience, photographer, or myself off.

Curators note: The writer’s point applies equally well to clothes free life as it does to nude art modeling. 

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Body paint in nature

The naked eye: Amazing photos of nude models painted into the backgrounds of nature scenes

This may look like any other forest but if you look closely you might just find a surprise.

Nestled in among the undergrowth is something not quite right, and it you concentrate hard enough you might just see – a naked person.

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Secrets of a Naked Yoga Model

Interview with clothes free yoga model

Naked Yoga – Luba Shumeyko,

Luba Shumeyko, pictured here, told me she doesn’t think these photos of her qualify as “sexy.” The Ukrainian model views them as a yoga thing first and foremost—she had someone on the sidelines checking her form the whole time, and her asanas are pretty much perfect. (“That’s a spot on Prasarita Padottanasana,” was probably the first thing you thought when you saw the photo below, right?)

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Curator note: Peter Hegre’s photo site has many images of female models that we consider sexual and some pornographic is a free advertising site for Nudist Models, otherwise known as “Life Models”

It seems legit