a nation of never-nudes

a nation of never-nudes

So why the puritanical disgust at the sight of our own flesh? More specifically, why is stripping off today so much more of a problem than it was 10 years ago? Is it that we’re tumbling back into the Victorian era, or are we simply protecting our children from a harm we have only recently begun to take seriously? Are we just more conscious of sun damage? Is it our fear of camera phones? Or, given our sexually saturated media culture, is it just some forms of nudity that we don’t like – those forms that are wilful, self-possessed and uncommodified?

Nudie or Nudist?

Good article about the emerging face of modern nudism

Nudie vs. Nudist?

The Nudie Argument – If you, like me, have seen those vintage nudist pictures, black and white images and very grainy from the 1930’s and 40’s, you may be able to understand why the whole nudism “thing” doesn’t really hit the spot when it comes to attracting young people. Some naturists today are trying to re-brand their image into something more modern and even use the term nudie to try and distance themselves from those old German pictures of blonde haired men and women dancing with hoops. We all know that these people are now very old or dead, but the misunderstanding of what naturism or the new nudie movement is all about lives on. They say that if you explain something then people will become less afraid of it, and in this article I want to quickly dispel the myths about nudists or Nudies and explain some facts.