Trip to Vera Playa, Almeria

After much planning and researching, I finally settled on the Vera Playa Club Hotel in Almeria, Spain for my first naturist holiday. I arrived around 10pm local time that night, checked in and went up to my room. The room was decent with a comfy bed, bath/shower but was a bit dated with an old TV and a key safe but would do the job.

The next morning, I went for breakfast which was a typical european continental style breakfast with plenty of cold meets, cheese and some pastries. After breakfast, I decided to sit on the balcony for a wee while just to watch all the activity at the pool and the surrounding area. The hotel policy was the only place you had to be naked was around the pool so anywhere else you could be naked or clothed if you wish.

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Visit to clothes free camp leads to unexpected results

We visited a nudist camp, and had some unexpected results!

When my husband Ronnie* suggested that we visit a nudist camp, I was shocked! In time though, I thought the experience was very positive.

Let me paint our picture. Ronnie and I were “hippies” back in the late 1960s. We even went to the first Sunbury Festival in 1972, and may have shed some clothing back then!

Since then though, our lives have been pretty “regular” for everyday Aussies. We’ve just worked hard, raised a family and enjoy spending time with our grandkids.

We’ve probably always held on to some more grounded “hippie” ideals. We like to recycle, get outdoors when we can and have chooks in our backyard. Although I never dreamed of going naked again, at age 62

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Reporter says no to nude cruise

Nude cruises: The one thing I wouldn’t do naked

Nancy Tiemann, the president of Bare Necessities, says one of the attractions of clothes-free holidays is that she finds herself withholding less of who she is as she hides less of her body.
“I begin to accept myself, imperfections, and all,” she writes on the company website.
“I can assure you, for a woman who tried for years to match the unrealistic standards of beauty set by the American advertising industry, this can be very liberating. Clothes-free vacationing leads to body acceptance … your own.”
And she urges people to give social nude recreation a try.
“Believe me, once free of that extra baggage you will be much lighter and happier, naturally.”

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It’s nakation time

Get ready for ‘nakation’ on clothing-optional cruises

The cruise, organized by Bliss Management of Coral Springs, Fla., is part of a growing clothing-optional tourism industry — everything from cruises and organized tours to about 250 resorts and clubs, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation in Kissimmee.

Interest in “nakationing” has doubled since 2010, the association says. Cruises, in particular, are booming. “Nudists attract nudists,” said Nancy Tiemann, president of Bare Necessities Tour & Travel Co. in Austin, Texas, who has arranged clothing-optional cruises for 25 years. “They’re laid back, friendly and unpretentious.”

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The Merits of NakationingUsually, clothes are a big requirement…

The Merits of NakationingUsually, clothes are a big requirement for personal holidays!  Not mine!  I spend more time collecting LOTS of sunscreen, personal toiletries, reading material, sunglasses, hats, flip flops, my tablet, and various chargers.  If you’ve never been on a Nakation, you will need a towel and I would suggest packing at least two.…

Join AANR for a chance to win clothes free vacation 

Have you been thinking about joining AANR? How about renewing or reinstating your membership? If so, now is the time!
Everyone who joins, renews, or reinstates their AANR membership between January 1 and July 31, 2015 is automatically entered into a drawing to win one of 10 really cool nudist getaway packages, including a cabin for two aboard a Bare Necessities cruise and overnight stays at AANR clubs and affiliated bed and breakfasts.
Eligible memberships can be purchased online, by calling the AANR office or through your favorite AANR club. Early renewals are welcome.
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USA Today offers tips for clothes free vacation newbies

Bare necessities: Tips for nude vacation newbies

It’s not what you think
“A common misconception is that a nude cruise is sexual in nature,” says Whitmore. “In reality, it’s a sensual experience. Imagine the sea breeze in your hair, warm sunlight on your skin, and imagine it all without binding waistbands and underwire bras.”
Believe it or not, it’s common to see entire families nakationing together; it just depends on the resort.

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Free Body Culture Croatia Trip Report – Serenity Hart

Just a short ferry ride from Krk Island meets the 3 Star FKK camping Baldarin site on Cres, Island. A huge population of the naturist community here is German, as I walked through the campsite it was full of tents, campers and whispers in German.

World’s top 5 nudist hotels

World’s top 5 nudist hotels

For those who want to strip off during their holidays, destination website Trivago offers a selection of five of the most discreet hotels of this kind in the world, two of which are located in Greece.

What Really Goes On Inside Nudist Resorts

To assist in my quest for the naked truth, I approached representatives from three luxurious clothing optional resorts — Media and PR Director of Caliente Resorts, Deb Bowen; Owner of Desert Sun Resort, Elizabeth Young; and Niche Project Manager for Karisma Hotels & Resorts (Hidden Beach is the clothing optional property) Alejandro Perez — as well as Ray Aldag, a professor in the management and human resources department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who has over 30 years of experience in teaching and conducting research in such subjects as decision making, organizational behavior and culture, group decision processes, and motivation. Although he is not an expert in motivation for participating in nudism specifically, he does know a thing or two about the way people behave and learn. So let’s take a look at some of these potential misconceptions and see how our insiders and experts fielded them.

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