Is nudity the new normal on Instagram?

So, is everyone naked on Instagram now?

It all started with Nude Yoga Girl, a 25-year-old who prefers to stay anonymous. She’s attracted more than 198,000 followers since November 2015 by sharing tasteful black and white snaps of yoga poses in the nod.

“Yoga and photography are my two passions and I wanted to bring them together in a pure way,” Nude Yoga Girl told the Daily Mail. She says her account is about empowerment, not erotica and her expert use of shading and shadows in her photos keep things decent. “I used to see fault with my body and that made it impossible for me to accept and love myself fully. I think it’s important to understand that anybody can struggle with self-acceptance. Yoga helped me to find it.”

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Nakedness A Sin? Perspective

Is it a Sin to Be Naked?

It seems like nudity remained completely kosher based on the pre-Fall world, and God didn’t insist they cover themselves before giving them a complete teardown. In fact, it almost seems like His provision of garments was a last-minute afterthought before He had the sword-wielding bouncer show them the door.

Yet despite the clear implications of this primordial story, Christians today still often think and teach that nudity itself is inherently sinful and shameful. Should I feel conviction and the need for repentance every time I shower or make love to my wife or go to the doctor? And from where does this belief system originate?

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Curator’s note: Excited to see that Christians are beginning to take another look at the the church line on the clothes free body as negative. This is how any potential change will need to occur by Christians themselves addressing the inaccuracies.

no costume

  “No costume that has ever been invented is equal in comfort to perfect nakedness” Charles Crawford

Clothes free psychology

The Psychology of Nakedness

But do humans really like to wear clothes? I mean if there was no social restriction, would we be really moving around naked in public? It seems to be an interesting question and the answer to it is quite controversial. What if I say yes humans desire to stroll around the streets naked and wish everyone would do the same! Would you fuckin’ believe it? If you’re a Freudian, you certainly would. According to the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud, our personality is made up of three components—Id, ego, and superego. The id is the set of irrational instinctual trends containing our animalistic desires, fears and repressed emotions; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego. So under the influence of our Id, we all have the urge to stay naked all the time (and have sex on the road like dogs), but the superego being the seat of morality forbids it like anything. The ego uses defense mechanisms to cope up with our anxieties of not being allowed to have our animal desires like being naked all the times fulfilled.

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Curator's Note: An interesting read on the physical and emoional aspects of being clothes free.

Body of evidence: do we fear nudity or nakedness?

Body of evidence: do we fear nudity or nakedness?

Irish paper explores the question of why we fear being clothes free

And then there is innocuous nakedness. The ‘calendar girls’, the naked rugby players, all raising money for charity, with a carefully discreet nakedness designed not to raise any eyebrows. No fannies, no willies. Nothing to worry about.

Because we do worry. ‘The naked rambler’, that chap who insists upon walking around Britain in all weathers with nothing on, has been repeatedly jailed in Scotland, because he refuses to be clothed. Nothing more than that. Yet he is regarded as a criminal. Brrrr.

“Stop reading and take off your clothes,” says Philip Carr-Gomm, in A Brief History of Nakedness. “If you’re about to read this in the bath, this would present no problem, but if you happen to be reading it in a bookshop or as you wait for a bus or a train, your life is about to change.”

We freak out at non-contextual, individual nakedness, calling it indecent exposure, or, at best, streaking or flashing. Yet, as a group activity in designated areas, you can partake in naked anything — sky-diving, beach rugby, bungee-jumping, surfing, boxing, swimming, skiing, yoga, dining, air travel, weddings. (The last three are not made up).

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Biblical Nudity – Nakedness and The Bible Book Review


Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Biblical Nudity – Nakedness and The Bible Book Review Biblical Nudity – The book “Nakedness and the Bible” does not claim to be a defense of naturism; it just claims to be an explanation of what the Bible says on both sides of this issue. For some time, people have used the Bible in an attempt to say that naturism is outside God’s law and should not be practiced by Christians. Various people within the nudist movement have praised the book including  Like them, I add my approval to this work.