NZ laid bare

A high profile naturist is set to reveal New Zealand’s natural attractions to the world at an international conference.

Kay Hannan, of Marlborough, helped spearhead a bid for the International Naturist Federation to hold their world congress in Wellington.

It is only the second time in its 60-year history the event has been held in the Southern Hemisphere.

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clothes free yoga takes off in New Zealand

Kiwis join naked yoga craze in exclusive Auckland suburb

One of New Zealand’s most exclusive suburbs has joined the latest global fitness craze: naked yoga.

Every Tuesday night in leafy Westmere, dozens of people in a dimly-lit room are stripping off and hitting the floor for an hour-long session.

Since the class began last month, more than 100 people have signed up to the Auckland Nude Yoga database. In fact, Aucklanders are so keen, the nude classes are already selling out and organisers are on the hunt for a bigger venue in Grey Lynn.

“It is becoming very popular and every week there’s more joining the mailing list,” says the man behind Auckland Nude Yoga, who asked not to be named.

“I get countless emails every week from people seeking advice. The website is getting a lot of traction, people are curious and there are enquiries from men and women.”

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southern free beaches naturist club rises for WNBR 

To Doctors Point, for a naked lunch

About 15 members of the group rode from the Waitati Hall to Doctors Point yesterday at noon clad in helmets, the odd splash of paint and very little else to celebrate the World Naked Bike Ride.

It was the seventh time the group had participated in the event, which promotes issues such as renewable fuels, sustainable transport and positive body images.

Organiser Brent Patterson said the group enjoyed holding the ride in Waitati and finished the 3km trip off with a walk along the beach and lunch

Source: Otago Daily Times

controversy surrounding Brisbane WNBR

World Naked Bike Ride in Golden Bay draws nude protesters

This year’s organiser was controversial naturist from Lower Hutt Nick Lowe who is well-known for cycling around the country wearing nothing but a g-string.

In 2009, a woman motorist complained after seeing him cycling naked in Upper Hutt on World Nude Bike Day.

He was charged and convicted with disorderly behaviour for riding in the buff, but appealed it as far as the High Court, where he won.

Source: Nelson Mail

Beaching walking on Sundays with New Zealand’s Taranaki Naturist Club

Taranaki Naturist Club head out for their annual nude beach walk

This month eight new members were accepted into the club by the committee and Eagle says new people often become more comfortable with their own bodies because no one at the club is ever judged for how they look.

“Well, if you turned up in a pinstripe suit, then we might judge you,” Eagle laughs.

Although, there’s no pressure to get your kit off and new people are welcome to keep their clothes on while they adjust.

Source: Taranaki Daily News

Beaten streaker deserved it?

Stop flashing your bits around: Why I have no sympathy for Eden Park

He says one of the guards punched him several times, and so he’s laid a complaint.

Guy Ngata, the Eden Park chief executive said they’re investigating because while they don’t tolerate streaking, they don’t condone the mistreatment of people either.

Ngata is a better person then me. I wouldn’t be quite so sympathetic. I don’t understand the streaker mentality and never have. Why would you get naked and interrupt a sports game?

Source: New Zeland Herald

At least he’s wearing a helmet!

Man spotted riding his bike naked along a highway is a naturalist fighting a $200 fine in court for the right to cycle in his G-string

Naturist Nick Lowe got a few more stares than he bargained for as he rode between Havelock and Blenheim, wearing only a helmet, shoes and a leopard-print thong, handmade by his wife, reported.
Resident Christopher Lane said he and his children had attended the Muddy Buddy, a run around a muddy river mouth or estuary, for a family fun day in small town Havelock.
One the drive home, we passed a cyclist and it was just as we passed him we spotted he had hardly any clothes on!’

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Nude cyclist has reopened the debate of public nudity.

Mixed reaction to man cycling nude

As unexpected as the cyclist had been, Mr Hadfield was also surprised at the can of worms opened after he posted about his experience on a Facebook page.

He said he thought it was interesting that some people sexualised what happened while others saw it as normal.

“Most people thought it was funny, like good on this guy having this attitude and getting out there on his bike.”

Opinions were varied throughout a giant thread – some applauded the cyclist, while others said his actions were offensive and dangerous.

Source: New Zeland Herald -Hawkes Today

Judge whose pictures were posted on web site without permission under investigation

Naked judge investigated

The complaint is that the images of the district court judge adversely affect the standing of the judiciary and undermine public confidence “especially in the hearing of sex crimes, public indecency cases and the exposure of minors to pornography”.

The full-frontal nude pictures were publicly accessible on the Pineglades Naturist Club website. In one, the judge was posing on a lawn. In another he was playing petanque.

They were removed after inquiries from this newspaper and Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue said they were posted without the judge’s knowledge.

The Herald on Sunday has chosen not to name the judge.

The judge told the Herald on Sunday this week that he “understands the interest, given

Source: New Zealand Herald

Curator’s note: Furhter proof that it is too simplistic to just say everyone should be open about clothes free living. Each person’s circumstance is different as are the consequences of openly expressing clothes free life.

Photo of Naturist Judge brings more scrutiny  

Naked Judge – Right or Wrong – You be the Judge

“Ok… Nudist camps are fine if you are into it… But a judge at a nudist camp! If you were a paedophile you would hope you got that judge!”

Pictures of a naked Judge at a nudist camp have resulted in public outrage and a call for the Judges actions to be investigated.

The pictures show the Judge in full-frontal nudity have resulted in the Sensible Sentencing Trust being asked to lay an official complaint with the Judicial Complaints Commissioner.
Trust founder, Garth McVicar said the photos which were apparently used to promote the Pineglades nudist club had now been taken down had resulted in numerous calls and emails asking the Trust to consider laying a complaint with the Judges watch-dog.

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