newbie’s first nudie experience

On July 12th was my 38th Birthday and for 2 years now ive been embracing the nudist life but mainly practicing as a home nudist but also been venturing out on my patio, I figure it was time to inhance my growth and try something new so why not a good time to try it on your day of birth, a true celebration! So I experienced my 1st Nude Resort! Won’t say I was Nervous but Anxious and turned out to be the opposite of preconcieve notions (just individuals sexualizing the whole automosphere of the resort and being gawked at) it was welcoming, calming, relaxing, pure freedom! It Confirmed my truth in this lifestyle, still been on a liberating high! ūüėć

Questions from a newbie naturist

Joining the clothes free community has been overwhelming, but in a good way. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and words of encouragement. With that being said, I have so many questions.

  1. imageFor those of you who are single, how do you date living a clothes free life? How do you even bring that up in a conversation with someone you are interested in dating? What if they aren’t down with it? What if they want you to stop posting nude photos?
  2. If you live with your parents, and obviously this is for the younger crowd, how do you go about telling them you want to be clothes free outside of your room? For instance, living with parents, and even though she birthed me, my mother can weirded out when I walk around in a tank top and boy shorts.
  3. If you plan to have children – I don’t, but I’m interested to know – how will you raise them? At home they don’t wear clothes and at school they do? Will you live in a clothes free community? Will you homeschool them?
  4. For those who have been clothes free for a while, how did you go about being clothes free for the first time in public? Cruise? Resort? Meet up? What was the criteria of the setting that you would feel the most comfortable? I ask because I’m having a hard time finding communities that are not 90% older males.
  5. How do you explain to your friends that you live clothes free? How do you handle it when they look at you weird or don’t accept it?
  6. Is there anything else I should know before being clothes free in public? Any last words of advice, suggestions, things to be concerned about? Any safety tips?

Thanks in advance for those who respond!

Becoming a naturist almost one year ago – guest blog GaryS

It has been almost one year since I became a Naturist in 2015. Before this I had a experience of posing voluntarily as a Life Model in 2013 I think it was. What made it slightly awkward was there was a girl there from my Bible Study group. I had to build up some courage to do this. I felt it was inside me that I needed to do this. I had to perform in three different posses. I was glad there was a little electric heater next to my skin even if I did turn red on one side. I had fun doing this for about two hours.

Things went quiet for a while. I hoped I would be put on the rotation list to pose but nothing happened. Then I had to try and do something. By now it was January 2015, I decided to join British Naturism. Now I felt I will make some progress now.

imageI got my membership and went onto the forum to introduce myself. Which I did and I am glad somebody there who normally doesn’t want to be the main centre of attention helped me. He did showed me around a few landed clubs as a guest.¬†I also went to a British Naturism event held a WaterWorld which is an indoor water park. The weather in the UK is awful most of the time. There it felt like my ‘Rite of Passage’ being naked with another 270 people and I never felt so happy and normal. It also helped me to get rid of a lot of baggage from my Theology Degree too.

After this I never felt so happy and content with my body.

beginning where we are

Recently, a number of naturists /¬†clothes free lifers have expressed increased concern regarding individuals who use the labels of naturism, nudism or clothes free life while consistently posting sexual content. In turn, those posting such content express frustration when naturists argue that the content they share does not align¬†with the¬†intentions set forth by naturism.¬†From reading conversations on Twitter as well as the piece¬†written by the¬†Chief Editor and Curator for, “Naturism and Nudism Have a PR Problem,” and the comments associated with it,¬†I gathered that the contentions continue.

Much of what I have heard on¬†both sides of the argument speaks¬†to principle, which is certainly an important conversation. At the same time,¬†I have also found,¬†particularly from my yoga teacher¬†training, that in support of principle, the question¬†becomes, “What is the impact of my actions?” For instance, there are many ways to teach a yoga class. The more important question becomes less about what is morally right/wrong, or what I even like, and more about what is effective for a particular student or class on a particular day, given the intention.

24710706865_643939210b_oWith that in mind, I share with you what elements supported me and what did not support me as I stepped into clothes free life as well as things I have observed. Bear in mind that I share, not from a place of delineating moral values, but from a place of noting what did and did not work with regard to taking on clothes free life.  Read more

Newbie to clothes free living asks -Is It For Real?

I have read that, for naturists, being clothes free is not about sex. I am currently struggling with this concept, because most of my “social” exposure to clothes free anything is online via social media with folks who do not necessarily live clothes free. Based on the conversations that unfold there, the question that comes to mind for me is, “Is it for real?” Read more

Naturist/Nudist purists discourage newbie nudists

English: nudist nudism naked

English: nudist nudism naked (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been thinking about this for some time. As a newbie to social nudism it has been my experience, that’s my experience. It may not be yours, but when I started exploring nudism I experienced some long time nudists/naturists expressed such purist views to me that it discouraged the practice. As a newbie I kept hearing so many negative things about what I had to do to prove I was a true nudist that it really slowed my progress into social nudism.

Here are a few comments I encountered

  1. If you aren’t nude 24/7 you are really a nudist.
  2. If you are only nude at home then you aren’t a real nudist.
  3. Real nudists never talk about sex
  4. Real nudists don’t cover for anyone.
  5. real nudists let everyone know they are nudists because they are not ashamed.
  6. if you don’t go out into the woods and commune with nature you aren’t a real nudist/naturist.

The purism can also creeps into the online nudist world

  • If you don’t have a picture of yourself with your face online then you are ashamed of being a nudist and not a real one.
  • if you aren’t using your real name online you are not a real nudist
  • if you don’t have the right kind of pictures on your blog you aren’t a nudist

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