newbie’s first nudie experience

On July 12th was my 38th Birthday and for 2 years now ive been embracing the nudist life but mainly practicing as a home nudist but also been venturing out on my patio, I figure it was time to inhance my growth and try something new so why not a good time to try it on your day of birth, a true celebration! So I experienced my 1st Nude Resort! Won’t say I was Nervous but Anxious and turned out to be the opposite of preconcieve notions (just individuals sexualizing the whole automosphere of the resort and being gawked at) it was welcoming, calming, relaxing, pure freedom! It Confirmed my truth in this lifestyle, still been on a liberating high! 😍

Those nude drawings of Iggy Pop are finally here

Preview the result of the frontman/life model’s collaboration with Jeremy Deller and 21 artists before it goes on display at Brooklyn Museum
It’s been an incredibly long wait since we first glanced Iggy Pop naked and spread out over a table top surrounded by artists sat behind easels, immortalising him on paper. Finally, the resulting nude drawings are here and will be exhibited at Brooklyn Museum from November.

Pop’s foray into life drawing was a collaboration with British artist Jeremy Deller, who, along with Brooklyn Museum’s Sharon Matt Atkins, helped select 21 artists to capture their interpretation of the frontman in all his glory.

Source: Those nude drawings of Iggy Pop are finally here

Nude or naked?

Some of you may know that I write books. Writing books and stories means you have to consider the meaning of words carefully.

Considering the words ‘nude’ and ‘naked’.

They both refer to the state of being undressed, uncovered, clothes-free, yes. Still, to me they have a different charge as it were. Wikipedia’s take on these point to the same thing. Nudity. To me there is however an underlying difference.

What nude is to me.


To me this is nude. You may argue that I’m naked in this picture so let me explain. When I am nude, I’m undressed, I appreciate it to the max and I am ‘in my power’. I am undressed by my own choice and proud of my state of being. When I took  this picture it wasn’t warm. There was fog all around. Still I felt wonderful there, in nature, one with the elements of the moment. That is when you are in your centre of power.

What is naked to me.


Here is an example of someone I think is naked. It’s the ‘oops’ moment, the shyness, the not wanting to be seen like this.

It is when someone feels exposed and vulnerable.

Look at it this way: when you are nude and you walk around in the rain when it’s not cold, that’s all fine. You’ll get wet but you won’t shiver, you don’t feel bad.

When that same rain comes over you and it starts getting cold, you’ll feel naked. Exposed and vulnerable because this is not pleasant at all.

Note that this is just one example.

Naked does not always mean you’re weak.

Absolutely not, unless you make yourself weak. Having the courage to make yourself vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of a different kind of strength. The world live in is a hard place where being weak is frowned upon. You have to be strong, in armour, fast and in control. Daring to be naked means you dare to be yourself, to be a real person who doesn’t want to be strong all the time. Trying to be strong all the time will wear you out on an emotional level or even detach you from your emotions. You become a machine, a robot.

Naturists and nudists, as far as I have met and talked with them, have the deliberate ability to go beyond that trap. They bare themselves. They make themselves naked as well as nude. They want to be vulnerable. Go into the mountains where you encounter nothing but sharp rocks and take off your clothes there.


Me on the rocks in Wales

See? You are vulnerable. This doesn’t mean you’re weak. This just means you acknowledge you’re not made of iron and you understand how thin your skin is, especially when you scrape against that rock.

The vulnerability is where you put it.

As you see, there are more ways to feel vulnerable. Good ways and bad ways. Getting caught in something you shouldn’t do makes you vulnerable, even when you’re completely dressed. The power of allowing yourself to be vulnerable, naked, is something different. You bring that upon yourself. You say to the world, “Yes, this is me as I am. Naked, unprotected.” That kind of vulnerability should gather respect. It does from me.


It’s entirely different from the popular TV series ‘Naked and Afraid’ where people put themselves in danger willingly.

I certainly respect the courage of the people who do this, but I don’t respect their nakedness as the kind I described earlier.

Be nude, dear friend. And dare to be naked. It makes you more complete as a human.


inappropriately nude in art 

21 Times People Got Naked At Inappropriate Times In Art History

In these prime summer days, clothes can often seem like a cruel, sweaty burden. An unnecessary layer holding you back from your true potential. If only you could rip the itchy fabric from your flesh and dance free like the nature baby you were born to be! Then you’d be free, you’d be au natural, you’d be … probably, pretty inappropriate and awkward, but awesomely so. 

Art history contains a long tradition of people getting naked at the most unlikely of times. At a picnic, chilling with friends, fighting a dragon, kissing your dog by the seashore — there is literally no time too improper for these painted subjects to strip down and strike a pose. 

In honor of summer and nudity and art, behold 21 times (including the painting above) people in paintings got naked at really weird times. Not. Suitable. For. Work

read more – Source: Huffington Post

clothes free tempest in Central Park 

Female Cast Performs Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ in Central Park — in the Nude

NEW YORK — At a recent performance of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in Central Park, characters professed their love, flitted across the stage, and took an audience of more than 150 through the paces of the plot.

Oh, and they were stark naked.

This was the Free Tempest, a two-day production Thursday and Friday at the park’s Summit Rock that was zero-cost for the audience — and zero-costume for some of the all-female cast.

The play was co-directed by Alice Mottola and Pitr Strait in collaboration with the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, a group that gathers for topless outdoor book club meetings with the goal of normalizing the naked female form.

“We wanted to take our advocacy one step further with a big theatrical production that would allow full nudity in public,” Mottola said.

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Have I got nudes for you

# Emer O’Toole on the art of being naked

But Camilla’s idea was right up my street. She wanted to paint a traditional subject in a traditional medium, but include something that continues to be erased in western art: female body hair. As someone prone to puzzling over the fact that painted ladies are as hairless as baby hamsters, even in art from eras when women didn’t shave, I was intrigued. Sure, Goya’s La Maja Desnuda has an enticing hint of pubic hair, Courbet’s L’Origine du Monde is a bush explosion, and the few darker brushstrokes under the arms of Manet’s Olympia have been interpreted as, if not quite armpit hair, at least womanly stubble. Overall, however, our museums and galleries are full of women who have been plucked to the pores. So I said yes.

I am comfortable being naked. I attribute this to my mother, who thinks it necessary to be fully clothed in a domestic setting only if male visitors are due to arrive. She will cheerfully answer the door to her girlfriends in her knickers and bra. Once, an ex-boyfriend and I lived with her for two months after we came back from travelling. A few weeks in, he confessed, “The first time I saw your mum naked, it was weird. And the second time, it was weird. But now, it’s not even weird any more, which is really weird.” All of which makes her sound like some kind of free-love, earth-goddess hippy. She isn’t. She’s one of that breed of practical, commonsensical Irish farm women who thinks squeamishness about bodies is nonsense. Sure, don’t we all have bits?

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self described voyeur advertises for naked house cleaner

#Pensioner advertises for naked cleaner – would you do it?

A pensioner, identified by the Western Daily Press as John, has advertised for a new cleaner, at an impressive hourly rate. The successful candidate will get £20 an hour, and is expected to work for two hours a week. They have to be comfortable with unusual working arrangements, however, because he would like them to clean the house naked.

The 70-year-old, from Kingswood in Bristol, has stressed that he is happy with anyone aged 18-55, and with any body shape. He told the newspaper that he has had four nude cleaners so far, and has become friends with them all.

He admitted he was a voyeur, but he added that there was a sex industry he would use if he was after anything more, and he just wanted the chance to appreciate the female form. He has had heart trouble in the past, so isn’t as active as he once was.

read more – Source:  AOL Money

how to take better nude self portraits

This article talks about how to take better nude self portraits and contains some helpful tips and tricks that might help you improve your photos!

Before I start I just want to point out that anybody who follows me on twitter might notice that I share a lot of nude self portraits and this article is going to outline the steps I take to capture those self portraits that many have asked me questions about how I got those shots. Well there are a number of different techniques you can use & I’ll try my best to cover them in this article.

Personally, I normally use a camera w/a tripod for my photos but if you only have a cell phone I have outlined steps for those in this as well.

Camera w/Tripod

Here are steps for using a camera with a tripod.

  • Camera w/shutter timer or wireless remote (if your camera supports it)
  • Tripod
Some Photography Gear

Canon EOS M w/remote and Manfrotto Tripod

Now that you have your equipment you need to setup your camera on a tripod and get it positioned where you want it for the photo. You will have to guesstimate whereabouts that you plan to be in the photo.

Next you need to set your timer to at least 10 seconds (or set it to use your wireless remote)

When you are ready to take the picture push the shutter button and go pose for the photo in the desired area where the camera is aimed.

If you were successful you should have a new photo of yourself nude in your birthday suit on your camera.

Self Portrait of Matt taken with Canon EOS M.

Self Portrait of Matt taken with Canon EOS M. – More like it at Twitter

Cell Phone Tips

There are many ways to take self portraits with your cell phone and I have listed several different ways below.

Use an app with a timer
Set your timer on your cell phone to 10 seconds or so and prop up your phone against something so it stands up. When ready tap the shutter button and go stand where the camera is aiming for your selfie!

Use a Selfie Stick or camera stand
Use the selfie stick to aim the camera back at yourself while keeping the stick itself out of the photo. Snap the picture. Using a phone camera stand with your timer is an alternative to the tip above.

Use your Arm
This one is pretty self explanatory. Hold your camera out away from your body with your arm. The goal here is to capture yourself while trying to keep your arm out of the photo as much as possible.

Use a mirror
I only recommend this method as a last resort as it can result in some fairly tacky results.

Hold your cell phone up in front of you with the camera turned on (flash off) and aimed into the mirror. You should be looking at your cell phone screen and seeing your reflection in the mirror on the screen.

Adjust your pose until you are happy with the image and cannot see your arm in the cell phone screen. Snap the picture.

Share your tips in the comment section and let us know if this guide was helpful!

How YA Author Rick Yancey and Kim Kardashian's Nude Selfie are Related.

So, what do we think of this?To be honest, I am on the fence.Initially, I agreed with Moretz. In my initial opinion, I felt that the way Kim posed for the photo is and was reminiscent of the annoying sex advertisements that pop up anytime I try to stream TV online. Don’t be naive. We all know what I’m talking about. The ones that are like  “There are 15 hot single women in St. Catharines waiting for you to strike up a conversation. Don’t keep them waiting!”You know what I’m talking about.I would have had more respect for the photo if she actually revealed her nipples. If she revealed her nipples, I could at least have hoped that she was fighting for topless equality. But she doesn’t. They are censored out, a censoring which contributes to the criminalization of the female nipple. The photo seems entirely hypersexualized, and like I said, in my initial opinion, Kim Kardashian’s huge following base surrounding such a photo will inevitably lend a hand to the objectification of women. Moreover, when Kim followed up with this photo featuring the caption “

Source: How YA Author Rick Yancey and Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie are Related.

Kim Kardashian vs Aboriginal Culture: Only One Of These Images Has Been Banned By Facebook – New Matilda

A speech published in New Matilda which argues that Aboriginal women are shamed for their nudity, while the nudity of non-Aboriginal women is celebrated, has been banned by Facebook because it included an image of two topless women from Central Australia ‘painted up’ and performing an ancient Aboriginal ceremony. In addition, the accounts of multiple […]