A YNA Primer on top freedom in New York State

Topless Laws and Topfreedom in New York State

Like many U.S. anti-nudity laws, New York’s “Exposure of a person” law — Penal Code 245.01 — includes the female nipple when describing body parts that aren’t allowed to be shown / exposed in public. (With the exception of public breastfeeding.)

HOWEVER, this part of the law was nullified in 1992 by the NY Court of Appeals ruling in People v. Santorelli. Ever since then, it has been legal for women to go topless in public wherever men can.

topfree naturist in New York City
Topfree Equality in New York (Photo in Central Park, NYC)

It is a common misconception that women’s right to go topfree is written in New York state laws. In fact, the public nudity law (penal code 245.01) remains unchanged, but the 1992 ruling supersedes the law. Therefore, it is the ruling that makes topfreedom legal in New York State. (Please note that topfreedom is legal throughout the entire state of NY – not just in NYC, as the media will sometimes lead people to believe!)

There is one exception to the topfreedom law, which is that women are prohibited to be topless in public for commercial purposes.

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What’s the point of clothes? Why not clothes be clothes free?

‘Naked in New York’ photo project asks: ‘Why the hell do we need clothes?’

Photographer Erica Simone wondered ‘what the world would feel like naked, without the empowering or disempowering effect of clothing.’
Erica Simone nude in New York http://www.ericasimone.com/nueyork.php

The photos see her doing day-to-day things like shopping, commuting, catching a cab, buying cigarettes in a convenience store and taking a phone call in a cafe – except completely, utterly, brazenly, gloriously, rebelliously naked.

The project was “born out of an initial questioning about clothing and the importance of fashion in modern society,” she commented.

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Tomorrow is NY body painting day

Why Is Everyone in New York Getting Naked for Andy Golub? 

From ancient tribes in Asia and Africa (where humans are believed to have adorned their bodies with clay images of gods and war) to the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair (where inventor Max Factor Sr. was arrested for decorating model Sally Rand in his newly minted movie makeup), body-painting has a long and illustrious cultural trajectory. The art form hit the mainstream with a1992 Vanity Fair cover starring Demi Moore in a painted-on suit; by 2000, body paint had become a regular feature in Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue.

Difference is, Golub isn’t satisfied with art-fair exhibitions and photo shoots behind closed doors. He likes to bring his work—and the NSFW process—into the most public of venues, an aspect that has caught the attention of thousands of tourist passersby and the NYPD. And he takes it to extremes. On Saturday, he’s hosting the second annual NYC Bodypainting Day, a convergence of 100 fully nude models and 75 painters on 47th Street in Manhattan. His plan is to lead a naked march to the United Nations once the models are painted.
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Clothes free yoga as spiritual discipline


I choose to just go for it. Like ripping off a Band-Aid, I hurriedly shed my clothes and stuffed them in a cube as some of the more comfortable-looking ladies took the time to fold their undergarments and workout gear. (Side note: Should one wear yoga gear if one is not actually going to wear the yoga gear? I came straight to class in skinny jeans and a sweater.)

As we disrobed, a few of us made awkward conversation while carefully avoiding the mirror. One fresh-faced girl in the class nonchalantly mentioned her recent experience at Burning Man and giddily chatted up the teacher in the nude. I got the whole I’m-totally-more-comfortable-naked-than-in-clothes vibe from her. I found myself searching for the nearest window, from which to throw myself it seemed, but it was too late at that point.

We gathered to sit cross-legged facing the (very naked and perfectly toned) instructor, Monika. Class had begun, and Monika was saying something that I assume was very inspiring about our bodies—something about finding ourselves beautiful from the inside and out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t process a single word as I was in a rather vulnerable cat-cow pose that looked anything but beautiful from my point of view. My complexion resembled a tub of mayo. I instantly regretted not taking the class during the summer.

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Love yoga clothes free accept who you are

I loved naked yoga: Maybe I am a naked person!

So when I heard about Bold and Naked, a yoga studio in New York’s Chelsea where people practice “naked yoga,” I had two thoughts. The first was: “OMG that sounds horrifying. Don’t people know that downward dog is the leading cause of fart induction in the United States? Why would anyone subject themselves to this? I’m surprised the propulsion of people’s naked farts hasn’t caused the building to detach itself from its foundation and float away into the abyss, never to be seen or heard from again.” And my second thought was: “OMG I totally have to do this.”

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Where to Find Naked Yoga in NYC

YNA Guide to Naked Yoga in NYC

People often ask us what nudie activities they can pursue in NYC, aside from events. Well one of those is naked yoga! What better way to practice mindfulness and get in tune with your body than with naked yoga? Yoga has been increasing in popularity across the country, and naked yoga classes are becoming more common at nudist clubs. It’s a nice throwback to the old health-and-wellness tenets of naturism. In NYC there are studios everywhere, offering all different kinds of yoga. Luckily for us there are a few classes for naked yoga as well. Here is a short guide to naked yoga classes offered in NYC.

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Yogi reporter tries naked yoga and likes it despite registration process

I Made It Through Naked Yoga’s Offensive Registration Process, and It Was Totally Worth It

At regular yoga, I prefer to practice in the front row, because seeing a bunch of bodies in front of me always makes me feel crowded and claustrophobic, so I had no problem nakedly sauntering up to a space sandwiched between two dudes in the front row at Naked Yoga.

Here are the things that were awesome about it:

Soft lighting! Both the lobby area where you strip to store your belongings, and the studio itself are pretty dimly lit, so it’s really hard to see anyone’s bits in hi-def, even if you’re looking for them. I dare say you could even get away with not trimming your tampon string and nobody would notice it.

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Skinny Dipping in Woodstock, NY via YNA

Skinny Dipping in Woodstock, NY

YNA Woodstock

YNA Woodstock

It was fun exploring the town, but the day was blistering hot, so we really wanted to find a spot to swim. I guess we were pretty confident we’d get to skinny dip because we didn’t even bother bringing our bathing suits. The website swimmingholes.orglisted several areas, and we decided to try Big Deep. The website says, “Walk downstream for more remote places (downstream here bathing suits are NOT customary and many users would like to keep it that way!).” Well we’d find out if that was true. The directions were accurate, and we found the water just a short distance from the parking lot. There were a lot of people at the end of the trail, all in swimsuits. So we walked along the water and easily found a quiet area to strip down.