You Say You Want a Revolution?

Well, it’s true: we do want to change the world. Just like John Lennon wrote.

We want people to see women’s bodies the same way they see men’s: neutrally, as objects in the world, objects of beauty some of the time, objects of simple utility other times, in either event deserving of respect and fair treatment. The way we set out to achieve this is by going out in the world and using our bodies in a wide variety of ways, and doing it unclothed to the same extent men have been doing for ages, and hoping that repeated exposure to the sight will cure people of whatever concerns or anxiety or fear or prejudices they might have.

Most of the time this involves sitting in the park reading books — we are a book club, after all. But when Adam Benedetto of Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours approached us to suggest a topless bicycle tour of literary and historical sites in downtown Manhattan, we jumped at the chance.

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body painted in public at 60

This Is Me Having My Naked Body Painted In Public At Age 60

As I stood in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in New York City, all I could see in every direction were artists, models, and swarms of photographers. Today, though, was so much more than an average flashy New York event. The artists, you see, were not pulling out regular cans and tubes of paint, and the models were not donning fancy clothes — on the contrary, the streets were filled with people taking their clothes off. 

Today, in the middle of the bustling city, was the annual BodyPainting Day NYC, and for the first time ever, I was ready to join the fun.

I stood in line for body-painting artist Yvett Darcie, who asked me “Give me three words to describe yourself.” I was nervous to remove my clothes and allow myself to be vulnerable enough to let my body be a canvas for her creativity. The thought of being 60-years-old and naked in the streets of New York City with my aging body made me hesitate, but I also wondered how this experience might change and empower me. Over the past year, I have learned that change never happens in the comfort zone, so I looked at Yvett and answered “A Warrior Goddess” as I started to remove my clothes.

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Bodypainting Day 2016 NYC and Amsterdam

Bodypainting Day 2016: NYC & Amsterdam

BODYPAINTING DAY returns in 2016! Help SUPPORT the voice of the ARTIST, acceptance of all BODIES and human CONNECTION through art ! There are two Bodypainting Day events scheduled for this summer. The first will take place on Saturday, July 9 in NYC and then it’s happening again in Amsterdam on Saturday, August 20.

Bodypainting Day is a non-commercial public art event produced by Andy Golub and Young Naturists America. A large group of artists paint on the bodies of nude models over a 4 hour period in full public view. This summer we plan on holding 2 events.

New York City Bodypainting Day will take place on July 9th at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. 100 artists will paint 100 models followed by a march through the public streets and 3 double-decker buses showing off our work with the rest of the city.

Amsterdam Bodypainting Day will take place on August 20th at Museumplein. The event will more than double in size to 50 artists and 50 models followed by a march and a canal boat ride through the city.


We are planning to have 100 artists paint 100 models in NYC this year. In Amsterdam the goal is to double it in size from last year with 50 artists and 50 models.

Bodypainting Day remains a public art event that’s all about body acceptance and human connection through art. As always we plan to have models of all shapes and sizes, ages, races, sexual orientations and genders.

The theme for this year is “Inner Beauty.” Artists and body painters will connect with, and draw inspiration from, their models to create their original works of art.

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Taking a Leap

Leaping into the chill to express top freedom

The power of naked Erica Simone

Photographer Erica Simone Explores New York City Completely Clothes Free  

The pictures are taken everywhere: on the subway, in bodegas, in a library, on a plane. She doesn’t seem to have come into any legal trouble while taking the pictures. She explains the reasoning behind her photos on her site:

As I watch an image-absorbed society care more about the sales at Barney’s than the homeless people they ignore as they parade by, I began to ponder: “What would the world feel like naked? What if we didn’t have clothing to come in between us? Or if we couldn’t show off our social status? What if all we had were our bodies to express our personalities?” … From there, my photographic project was born. With a tripod and a couple ounces of adrenaline, I took to the busy streets to get a taste of New York in the nude.

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Give clothes free yoga a try

We Tried It: NYC’s Naked Yoga Class

I walked home after brunch, planning to shower and dab on some light makeup and body lotion before heading back out for naked yoga. But, once I got there, I realized there was no point in preparing; instead, I was going to do this completely au naturel. I arrived a few minutes early to the class’s secret location in Chelsea and was warmly greeted by my instructor (and BOLD & NAKED’s co-founder), Monika Werner. Monika’s inviting nature instantly calmed me down, and suddenly, the idea of getting naked in front of a class of 16 people (each class has an equal ratio of men to women) didn’t seem so intimidating.

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