Australian mayor forced to remove nude painting post from Facebook or lose account 

Mayor forced to remove nude art from Facebook


Left with the decision to take down the image or have her account closed, Cr Dowell chose to delete the offending image. Not , however, without unleashing her disapproval on the social networking platform:

“Sincere apologies to artist Deborah Kelly and her brave subject Simone. I’m sad to say that Facebook forced me to delete the photo of them standing in front of Deborah’s work in her exhibition that opened last night at the Lismore Gallery.

The pic was reported and if I didn’t remove it, my account would have been closed.
I’ve deleted the pic reluctantly as my use of FB is an important part of my civic role – and I’ve told FB that when I end my term of mayor I will close my account.
Source: The Northern Star

Naked and nude

There is debate about the different meaning of nude and naked. This just reflects the strangled thought of those who resent it. It is just the norm. Clothes are the divergence from it. They protect us, but they also shout social status, passing fashion, even nationality and political allegiance. Naked is just human.

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The clothes free art of Susannah Martin

The Huffington Post describes the artist as portraying nudes from a female perspective where women are simply operating without clothes in the outdoors. This caught my eye and gained my attention, as I firmly believe that this non sexual depictions of the clothes free body is what will normalize nudity in society. So I reached out to the artist who graciously agreed to provide some of her work for a sample gallery and answer a few questions . What follows is a short interview and a sample of what HuffPost called the hyper-realistic work of Susannah Martin. I hope our readers will enjoy it then visit her site to see more or to acquire one of her pieces.

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Student discouraged – by Philip Gladstone – acrylic on canvas.
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