The Boy Scouts Hit Up A Nude Beach

Parents of a San Diego-area Boy Scout troop are just a wee bit upset. [cbs-audio-player title=”Boy Scouts Hit Up A Nude Beach” artist=”Jody Dean” download=false image=”” url=”″  station_name=”98.7 KLUV”station_logo=””%5D A recent hike with a bunch of 4th grade boys included a walk through Black’s Beach, which is a well known nude beach. Of course some […]

Yes, I Want My Daughter To See Me Naked … Here’s Why

Right off the bat, I want to make it clear I’m not talking about my son in this article. I know some moms might be very pro-nakedness when it comes to teaching their boys that female bodies are more than sex objects but I’m not one of them. I intend to teach him all kinds of respect for the womanly figure but none of those ways will involve him having a mental image of his naked mother.

Although I haven’t gone out of my way to be naked around my 6-year-old daughter (and we haven’t had any direct discussion about my nude body), I certainly haven’t hid my body from her either. If I’m in the shower and she needs her hair washed, I’ll pull her in with me. If I’m drying my hair, naked as I do, I don’t mind if she’s standing next to me brushing her teeth. Why? I don’t want her views on what a body is “supposed” to look like to be shaped by the one-sided view the media presents.

Interesting mother OK with her daughter seeing her clothes free but not her son for fear of mental image. read more At Yahoo Parenting

The photographer censored on Facebook

Mother/photographer banned from Facebook share her story in interview

The photographer censored on Facebook:

At first I was shocked when people send me angry messages ………. I do not. If you see the true manic, bad people, not from the pictures that I post or Jock Sturges, where everyone is open-minded, and are naked. For me to know that people are happy to see someone like me and write me I’m empowering … Look, for me there is a special move. I live well. If you see me at my house, I would not say I’m a nudist, but I prefer to be naked. To me there is nothing amazing or unusual about that

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Original post is in Spanish quote translated using Google translate

Mom Arrested For Taking Nude Snapchats With Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

#Unfortunate incident made more unfortunate by the reaction

Mom Arrested For Taking Nude Snapchats With Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

(Reuters) – A photo of a topless Missouri mother and her bare-breasted teenage daughter in a hot tub has landed the mother in hot water with the law.
Mari Hieken, of Wentzville, Missouri, has been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment and could face a year in jail after the photo of herself and her 14-year-old daughter circulated on some Internet social media sites, law enforcement officials said.

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One commenter asked why this however image is fine to be on the internet


Julie’s Jabbers – Traumatizing The Kids With My Nudity « 103.7 KVIL

Julie’s Jabbers – Traumatizing The Kids With My Nudity « 103.7 KVIL.</p

The comments from my older daughter are bad but the worst ones come from the 6-year-old. Here are some of her greatest hits: “MOMMY, what HAPPENED???” “Oh NO, does that hurt???” Or my personal favorite,
“Is THAT going to happen to ME…when I’m OLD???”

Lucy can’t really be blamed because she is just following in the grand tradition of Nude Parent Shaming. Why, I clearly remember my own mother standing in front of me without a stitch on and SCREAMING at me for giggling. I also remember asking my father why he was carrying all that stuff around in his underwear.

So, I guess it’s just my turn. It’s OK because in due time I’ll be able to pay my children back with comments like, “You’re wearing THAT?” or “Oh sure, you THINK you love him,” or my own mother’s personal favorite, “I know you WANT more cake, but do you NEED it?”

Sad to have body shaming by kids


Newbie nudist parent seeks tips on introducing teenage sons to clothes free lifestyle

A recent visitor to clothesfree.lifecom sent me this question. With permission I am posting here. Please offer your responses in the comment section.

I am 44 and have my two boys living with me (13 and 16) I frequent a clothing optional camp ground that is just starting out. My boys and I love camping but I prefer to camp nude. I brought them to the camp on a slow weekend when there were only a few people and none where nude at the time. I sat them down and explained everything to them about the place. They seemed comfortable with it at the time.

A friend stopped by (clothed) and I explained that I was camping to introduce them to nudism, he understood and hung out and talked with us. After he left one son commented on his short shorts. I told them that he wasnt used to being clothed here and was being nice and threw something on.

I’m looking for advice on how to educate my sons on nudism and slowly bring them into it. If they want . It is totally up to them. But I would like to get a few tips on how to go about this.

Column: The photo story  uncovered — at last | Ledger Transcript

Column: The photo story  uncovered — at last | Ledger Transcript.


One day, Polly was in the local stationery store looking for an anniversary card when suddenly a certain photograph on one of the cards jumped right off the page at her. The picture? The rear view of an older couple, holding hands and strolling down a beach toward the sea. What’s so earthshaking about that, you might ask? Well plenty, if you recognized the couple, they were your parents, and oh yes, they were stark naked.

My parents are nudists

My Parents Are Nudists (Or As They Say: Comfortablists)

The older I get, the more I realize that life at home wasn’t strange because my parents don’t wear clothes… it was strange because of our openness. Most people I know couldn’t talk to their parents the way I could growing up. Most parents didn’t give their children such logical, straight-forward advice. A lot of my friends feel more open with my parents then they do with their own. You know how they say you should imagine people in their underwear to make them seem more approachable? I didn’t have to.


My Parents Are Nudists (Or As They Say: Comfortablists)

My Parents Are Nudists (Or As They Say: Comfortablists)

In 6th grade, a new friend came over and saw both of my parents lounging naked in the backyard. This is when I found out my family was a little different than most.

My friend screamed. I thought another rabbit had fallen into the pool so I screamed, too.

My mother leisurely laid a towel over my father’s bare butt (he was asleep, face down, thankfully) and slipped on her baggy London Calling t-shirt. It almost covered everything.

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