body positive photos and the Internet reacts

Internet Reacts to Nude Photos of an Elderly Couple

A series of nude portraits showing an older, interracial couple is winning the hearts of many on Facebook.

The following image, which was taken by Arizona-based photographer Jade Beall, has been shared more than 15,000 times and racked up 21,000 likes on the social media platform. The people in the photo are 75-year-old Gerry and 70-year-old Darwin, “beloveds for over 20 years,” Beall wrote.

refuse to accept the wide spread (mostly Western) [sic] human belief system in regards to what is beautiful, especially when it comes to the sacred vessel we call our body,” wrote Beall, who is starting a new series on couples over the age of 60. “Why do we accept to believe that one thing must be more beautiful than another? Why cannot we embrace a million-billion definitions of beautiful?”

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Tired of Only Seeing Female Nudes In Museums? Abigail Ekue Has You Covered


With so many female nudes featured in art museums, photographer Abigail Ekue is set to even out the score.

Originally inspired to simply add a few male nudes to her portfolio, Abigail has since put together a much-hyped book, Bare Men: A Male Nude Photo Series (coming out Fall 2016), and has already displayed her collection in a pop up at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn


Source: Tired of Only Seeing Female Nudes In Museums? Abigail Ekue Has You Covered

New Zealand paper’s editorial says judge’s nudity no big deal

Editorial: Nudity not a big deal

Unless I am missing something, it’s not a crime to be a nudist and in this day and age it hardly seems scandalous.

It might prompt a giggle and a nudge nudge, but surely nothing a reasonable person has the time or inclination to be outraged about.

SST’s Garth McVicar appeared on Paul Henry’s show yesterday, where Henry openly spoke about about being a nudist.

McVicar argued that by having the photos taken down the judge had made it into an issue and could open himself up to blackmail.

Henry called the press release “ludicrous” and for the first and quite possibly only time, I agree with him.

Judges are people too and as long as they are not doing anything illegal in their spare time, or their hobbies don’t affect their ability to perform their function, then it’s no one’s business but their own.

Source: Bay of Plenty Times

Judge whose pictures were posted on web site without permission under investigation

Naked judge investigated

The complaint is that the images of the district court judge adversely affect the standing of the judiciary and undermine public confidence “especially in the hearing of sex crimes, public indecency cases and the exposure of minors to pornography”.

The full-frontal nude pictures were publicly accessible on the Pineglades Naturist Club website. In one, the judge was posing on a lawn. In another he was playing petanque.

They were removed after inquiries from this newspaper and Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue said they were posted without the judge’s knowledge.

The Herald on Sunday has chosen not to name the judge.

The judge told the Herald on Sunday this week that he “understands the interest, given

Source: New Zealand Herald

Curator’s note: Furhter proof that it is too simplistic to just say everyone should be open about clothes free living. Each person’s circumstance is different as are the consequences of openly expressing clothes free life.

Naturist judges photos allegedly posted online without permission

Naturist judge’s naked photos posted online

Photographs of a judge posing in the buff on a nudist club’s website have been removed after media enquiries this week.

Photographs of a judge posing in the buff on a nudist club’s website have been removed after media enquiries this week.

The Herald on Sunday reported the pictures showed full-frontal nudity of the judge and it was not clear how long they had been online.

According to the Herald, the images were used to promote the Pineglades Naturist Club in Christchurch without the judge’s knowledge.;


Curator’s note: maintaining individual privacy is an ongoing conundrum for clothes free community.

Topless photos carry message against sexual assault

# Powerful photos of topless women with anti-rape slogans written on their bodies

A photo series featuring nearly naked models has been shared online with the message that a victim of sexual assault is never to blame for their attack.

Rory Banwell’s images, taken in stark black and white, show women and men of various ages and sizes with powerful messages written on their bodies.

“I am not your property”, says one, and “Bisexual – Still not asking for it” reads another, all showing that a person’s body is always under their own control.

SourceThe Mirror

Curator’s note :  One blogger described these photographs as ignorant and provocative. 

Scam warning from AANR

A message from the AANR office.

This week a company purportedly called License Compliance Services, Inc contacted the AANR office regarding a copyright infringement on a photograph on the AANR website. AANR’s in-house cyber detective quickly proved that it was nothing more than a ruse to frighten AANR into paying a “settlement” of $740 for using a copyrighted image.

If you have a website and if you have acquired ANY free downloadable photographs to place on your website, you are vulnerable. Do not fall for this scam.

If you have questions or want more information, contact Melissa Sigman at, and she will share information or research your specific photograph to provide evidence that it is a scam.