what is a woman?

Today’s Women on Wednesdays post is a poem inspired by my personal journey. It reflects how nu gymnosophy / clothes free living impacted my concept of womanhood for myself.  

Of course this also honors our currently open Clothes Free Poetry Contest, which you should definitely check out!

what is a woman?

what is a woman?

they ask, they tell

in guesses we dwell

as if we weren’t human


and how does one dress?

in a skirt and a tee?

or in pants? silly me

I don’t know, I confess


and what of its face?

and how does it move?

and how does it prove

in societal space?


you know what I found?

that this is a woman:

simply a human!

does that astound?


how does one dress?

in every or nothing

perhaps only something

I know, I confess


whatever the face

however one moves

simply breathing it proves

in natural space


at the heart of the core

beyond cells and blood

our bright spirits flood

nothing less, nothing more


what is a woman?

they really can’t tell

little illustrates well

because we’re simply human


– hontouniheart

5 avril 2017