Naked Rambler heads home

Eastleigh’s naked rambler heading home once again

Eastleigh’s own ‘Naked Rambler’ aka Stephen Gough has been released from prison in Scotland earlier today where he has finished serving the latest in a string of sentences totaling six years for refusing to wear any clothing while hiking around the country.


Rambler Gone in a flash

The Naked Rambler is gone in a flash

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Naturist Gough, 53, was homeward bound after marching all the way from Edinburgh in the buff without being arrested.

Since coming here on a plane in 2006 Gough has been behind bars almost constantly after racking up an amazing 18 convictions related to his nudity.

But his persistence paid off when he was freed from Edinburgh’s Saughton nick on Friday and cops turned a blind eye.

As he jubilantly stepped over into England last night he beamed: “I have a lot of great memories of Scotland and its people that will stay with me as long as I live.”

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Another Rambler has charges dismissed

Another nude rambler
A rambler who strolled naked across a Leeds beauty spot has won a year-long battle against his conviction for a public order offence.

Naturist Nigel Keer, 42, has been appealing against the charges since magistrates found him guilty of causing distress to a woman who was walking her dog on Otley Chevin last October.

And yesterday a judge at Leeds Crown Court told him that the charges would be dismissed because it was unlikely that Mr Keer’s naked walk had caused anyone any distress.

The court had heard that Mr Keer was arrested by off-duty police officer PC Mark Buxton, who said he saw a woman appear “distressed” when she had noticed Mr Keer rambling on the Chevin on October 11 last year.

But Mr Keer had denied the claims, and said naturism “is about body freedom and in a way it is a mild protest against the expected social norms of wearing clothes every day.”

Why I can’t agree with the Naked Rambler

Why I can’t agree with the Naked Rambler

And as for this “the human body is not offensive” business, we all know it’s not meant to be, but to some of us it is. Perhaps the Rambler (Stephen Gough doesn’t know how some of us girls were brought up. The Michaelangelo book in our school library was Queen Victoria style, with fig-leaves. Even the life models at art school wore jockstraps, back in the age of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. So it still comes as a bit of a shock to some of us to see a strange man naked. Especially in an aeroplane or on the main road. We might scream, cry, run away or laugh, but we wouldn’t stop for a chat.

Naked Rambler


He said: “To conform with everyone else is the easiest way but when you conform you compromise your principles.

“I am not going to give up. Stay naked is the word.”