Volley Brawl is on at Sunny Haven – guest blog

by Chris

A day that changed our lives forever.

It’s funny how the people that introduce you to nude recreation always hold a special place in your heart. That first day you wonder if you will be accepted and fit in. What will it feel like to be naked around a bunch of strangers in a strange place you’ve never visited before? The overwhelming feeling of freedom and peace can change your life.

About 4 years ago I met my future wife Stephanie. We had only dated a few weeks and it was time to “come out of the closet” about my love for running around naked. I was nervous because we had been getting along so well and I really was falling in love already. I had prepared for the moment for days. I had AANR brochures and practiced what I would say. I finally got up the courage to tell her. She had questions and needed reassurance but was very open minded and understanding.

After a conversation that probably only lasted a few minutes but seemed like hours we decided to visit Sunny Haven Recreation Park in Granger IN together in May. I thought my whole life was in the hands of this one weekend. If she didn’t enjoy herself, I’d likely not be able to enjoy nude recreation again.

wpid-Photo-20140416100555.jpgWe arrived at SHRP with some of our friends from Indiana Naturists. The people from Sunny Haven and Indiana Naturists went all out making sure she was comfortable and having fun. By the end of the weekend Stephanie was just as hooked as I am. A new nudist was born and boy was I relieved. 2 years later we joined Sunny Haven as full members and enjoy the club as often as we can.

We always wanted a way to give back to the club that welcomed us with open arms and did so much to help Stephanie in the beginning. One day as we enjoyed breakfast with Roger,the President of SHRP, he told us the story of how Sunny Haven got started. Long history lesson made short, SHRP was started because of a wager during a beach volleyball game. The bet was the losers had to play the next game naked. Lucky for all of us the losing team kept there word and played naked. They learned what we all know now. Just about everything you do is more fun when you do it naked. Eventually the owner of the land where SHRP sits was donated so everyone could come hang out naked whenever they wanted. Sunny Haven was born.

Before Roger finished the story, we knew how we would do our part to honor that day and our club. The Volley-Brawl was born with 3 specific purposes. 1. to honor the wonderful people of both Sunny Haven and Indiana Naturists and that magical weekend 4 years ago. 2. To help other families have the same experience that we had. 3. To keep the wonderful history of Sunny Haven alive.

wpid-Photo-20140416095449.jpgIn June we will celebrate our 3rd annual Volley-Brawl with our friends from Sunny Haven and Indiana Naturists. To some it’s just an excuse to goof off and be silly while raising money to help attract new families to nude recreation. To Steph and I it’s a way honor that one weekend in May 4 years ago that changed our lives forever.

Steph and I would like to invite you all to come join us on Saturday June 28th. Come play volleyball or be a cheerleader. We will be having a silent auction all day and everyone is encouraged to bring an item to auction and to bid on items. The money raised is dedicated to help attract new families to naturism. For more information visit http://volleybrawl.indiananaturists.com

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Winter nude recreation

Another one for the boys! Thanks to @clynton_hebert for sending us this amazing topless tour. #TheToplessTour #Tahoe #Ski #Lifeisbetternaked #Adventure #Travel #Travellers

Saunas and Our Christian Belief

Cooling down near sauna

Cooling down near sauna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Saunas and Our Christian Belief


How do you cope with the sight of naked bodies?

Quite simply, there is nothing to cope with. The problem – whatever it is – only exists in the minds of people who have never tried any clothes-optional activity.

People imagine that the sight of naked people will be sexually stimulating and tempt them to immoral thoughts. It just does not work that way.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you thinking immoral thoughts in a naturist environment. But most people think they look much better with their clothes on. That may be the main reason why so many people worry so much about the ‘need’ to keep wearing clothes – it is not modesty, but pride.

Sue and I don’t watch much television, but from what we have seen, almost any evening spent in front of the box is far more sexually stimulating than an evening enjoying a sauna with some naturist friends. The conversation is better in the sauna, though.




Nudist Communities Attempt to Break Skinny Dip Record

English: Nude bathers on July 11, 2009 at Haul...

English: Nude bathers on July 11, 2009 at Haulover Beach Deutsch: Nacktbader in Miami Beach am 11.07.2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nudist Communities Attempt to Break Skinny Dip Record | Events | Colville / Stevens County News.

In a region surrounded by lakes and rivers, late night skinny dipping is as much a part of summer as lemonade and watermelon. This year, area nudist resorts and clubs are inviting the extended community to join them as they try to break a record for the most people skinny dipping at one time.

The World Record Skinny Dip Across America event is sponsored by the American Association for Nude Recreation and The Nudist Society and is an attempt to break the AANR’s previous record. In 2008, the AANR organized the largest skinny dipping event across the nation and became the official holder of the Guinness World Record.

Naked Thoughts From a Naturist Retreat: Part 1

Naked Thoughts From a Naturist Retreat: Part 1

These words are powerful ones for me, words that are very pointed and instructive. As I consider them, I begin to find something worth saying about why I am at Green Haven, alone and nude. Of all the problems that seem to be surfacing, it is the problem of not really living that is at the centre. I wonder if the “why” or the “how” I feel into this state is even important. I am there. But, it isn’t all lifeless; there are moments when I seem to come alive, enough moments that it is worth the risk to dare even more to challenge the dark nights of my soul. What are those things that spark the sensation of being alive?
Nude moments – it is strange how simply taking off my clothing seems to get my heart beating just a bit faster, excitement and daring. Being naked is about freedom, the casting away of handcuffs that I had placed on myself. It’s as though I have declared that I am not hiding anymore.

I want to look again at what being naked is doing, what it is bringing forward. At home I have been getting naked more and more. Clothing is becoming something I put on only when it seems to be appropriate for some task, or if I would be visible by any person who happened to be walking outside our home. As well, I put on clothing when one of our neighbours comes to our house. I am usually nude when I write, and when I meditate. Before sitting in front of the computer, I take off whatever I am wearing and sit on the towel on my chair. As I write, I feel alive in the fullest sense of the word. Writing is a passion, something that is more imposed on me rather than a choice. I am driven to write, to put up my blog posts with images – all of which only now happens when I am nude.

Ontario Naturist Resorts

English: Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy N...

English: Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy Naturist camp. Français : Piscine dans le camping naturiste des Monts de Bussy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Naturist Resorts in Ontario via Go Girlfriend


GoGirlfriend takes naked on vacation
Come to Ontario and get naked. We’ve got two great resorts to share with you today – swimming, camping, nature hikes, outdoor activities, a massage in the woods, rooms to rent, dancing at night, volleyball, music festivals. And it’s all done naked in true naturist (nudist) style. The freedom of a textile-free vacation meeting friendly people from around the world has its naked appeal.

Ms GoGirlfriend and I annually explore a new naturist resort or facility as we travel. Here’s a summary of our two favorites in Ontario.




Come as you are, kind of

English: Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy N...

English: nudists at Swimming pool  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just come as you are: Being naked frees the spirit and removes all the social barriers clothing puts up.


While touting acceptance and openness of nudism this naturist organization denies applications from men. Inconsistent.


The Naturist Foundation discourages applications from single men, and most of the clubs, too, are reluctant to allow them membership. Some hard-line clubs have even been known to force resignations from men whose wives have recently died. Everyone is anxious to dissociate themselves from what they call ‘the dirty raincoat brigade’. Sue Piper, chosen Naturist of the Year 1991, is its most articulate and convincing spokesman. She is PR for CCBN, and also runs a club, the Shabden Leisure Circle. Shabden is one of the few clubs which admits single men – after vetting – including one chap who became interested when he was 84. Sue doesn’t believe that anyone who is genuinely interested should be excluded, of whatever age or gender. Anyone who behaves improperly is asked to leave. Snoopers are soon ejected. A blacklist of known nuisances is circulated privately among the clubs. Back at Orpington, Christine had mentioned that she had good links with the local police force. When she pointed out a naked copper, I realised just how good.