To the religious naturist

Religion and naturism

Image result for religionYes, this is for the religious naturists, especially those who aren’t very certain if they can be naturists because of their religion.

First off let me make it clear that I am not religious.

I’m spiritual though.

Many doubts

When I read forums, articles and other bits and pieces I can’t help noticing that lots of religious people still have this worry in the back of their heads if they’re doing the right thing by leaving their clothes behind and going out in the nude.

It’s sad that this happens. Why this doubt? Your maker, creator, god, deity, name him, her or it, knows what you look like beneath those garments. After all, he, she or it created you, right? So why would it be a problem to go out in the attire your god handed to you?

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to christian naturism and also a page about nudity in religion which might be interesting for you to check out.


Another something to consider is that you are part of your god’s creation. A creation in which clothes weren’t part of the beginning (at least for the Adam and Eve part I am sure). They were naked in the garden of Eden.

In Virginia there’s a (rather controversial) church called White Tail Chapel. It’s located at the White Tail Resort. The pastor there, Allan Parker, invites everyone to come to his church the way they were born. Naked. And that is how he is too.

If you want to learn more about this remarkable place, have a look here.

For those not that interested, the website at might be interesting, though. It’s not difficult to find like-minded people if you take the trouble to wander around the Internet a little.

Don’t be afraid to be naked. It’s natural.

Christianity and Nudity

Historical review of nudity in bible and early Christianity

web site asks is clothes free living for Catholics

Naturism/nudism – may Catholics join?

Naturism – called ‘nudism’ in the USA – means living and playing free of clothes in sheltered surroundings.

Nudism celebrates the beauty of the human body. It is our profound Christian belief that God has created us as we are, and that our human bodies, as they are, should be enjoyed and taken care of as God’s precious gifts.

Nudism also celebrates our human freedom. Discarding clothes is highly symbolic of liberating one self from conventions, unwarranted restraints and anxieties. “For freedom Christ has made us free!” (Galatians 5,1).

We know from the Gospels that Jesus himself and the Apostles felt no false shame in laying off their dress (see for instance John 21,7). Jesus and his followers must have washed themselves in the Jordan or other ponds, undressing as they did so. Also, people were baptised naked

read more – Source: The Body is sacred

Naked and Unashamed?

For years, I’ve erred on the side of modesty. Maybe we need a little nudity after all.

I’ve heard Christians say that if we still lived in the Garden of Eden, we would all be walking around naked. The story in Genesis 2 seems to support this idea. It was only after God confronted Adam and Eve about their tragic and rebellious decision to eat the fruit that they realized they were naked. It was only after that choice that they experienced shame. And so God, in a gracious and comforting indication of his ongoing love for them, clothes them even as he sends them out. Without sin, would everyone be naked all the time?

Perhaps we should start a Christian nudist colony, in which we all claim our status as the ones who need not feel any shame before God because of the work Christ has done for us. Or perhaps we should look forward to walking around naked in heaven. My kids would certainly be excited about that prospect

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curator’s note This post categorized under sexuality when it deals with simple nudity as this religious publication like secular ones cannot seem to separate nudity from sexuality.