Yes, there is now a nudist restaurant

THERE’S a place in Italy where you can stuff yourself silly without the worry of staining that crisp, white shirt.
That’s because no dressed diners are admitted.
Welcome to L’Italo Americano, Italy’s first and only nudist restaurant that recently opened its doors near Milan.
The only rule is: in order to get in and taste divine food you must be totally naked.
No shirt, no panties, no boxers, not even a G-string or nipple shield to hide the most intimate body parts.
Inside, there’s a cool, speak-easy ambience that recalls American 1930s Art Nouveau, with posh white sofas covered in velvet cushions, brick walls … white plastic tables and red chairs.
Posters of The Godfather, gangsters and pin-ups mingle with tiny US flags stuck on the wall.
It’s nothing too sophisticated, which puts unclothed customers more at ease.
The decor is minimal and the black-and-white tablecloths resemble contemporary art sketches.
But the restaurant has been set-up in a clever way.
There’s a bar for evening drinks, a dining spot which transforms into a disco floor at midnight and a cozy candlelit lounge area for after-dinner relax.

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nudie foodies have increasing options for eating out

Naked Restaurants: Inside The Nude Trend For Naturist Foodies

It’s like going to any other restaurant advertising “natural ingredients:” A menu that offers mostly raw foods such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, smoked meat and fish, with an added pièce de resistance – patrons eating in the buff.

Naked restaurants, or “foodies for nudies” as many call them, are becoming a trend, and a number have been opening with great success in, among other cities, London, Milan, Tokyo, Melbourne and, soon, Paris.

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Living in the frenzied times that we do, dining naked and without smartphones is surprisingly pleasant

I checked out London’s naked restaurant and now I’m converted to eating in the nude

Located in a disused pub south of the river (the organiser asked me not to be more specific, presumably fearing some kind of naked flash mob), the vibe was very much ‘spa at a luxury hotel’ as I walk in, with guests in bathrobes lounging in a dimly lit bar that is all tree trunk tables, bamboo and candles. After changing and putting our clothes in lockers, my friend and I are led by a similarly naked waitress into the restaurant space, which is a winding hallway with little circular booths branching off, some shared, some private, depending on your level of comfort. Neither of us are particularly fazed by being naked around others (we say we’re good to share a booth but end up on a table for two) and frankly in 2016 it seems pretty childish to be, but the nudity aspect really isn’t that overwhelming – the space being so dark that passing figures are mostly silhouettes.

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everyone eats naturally


one thing to prefer natural food, but would you show up to a restaurant au naturel to eat it? It’s happening. (Hey, working out nude is already a thing.) Located in London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood, The Bunyadi, (bunyadi is Hindi for “natural”) is an “all-natural” restaurant, shunning everything from modern cooking appliances to preservatives, and yes, clothes. And according to The Guardian, the wait-list has almost 35,000 people.

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First impression of london's clothes free pop up resturant 

Exclusive: this is what it’s like to eat at the naked restaurant

Next week, London’s first ‘naked restaurant’ opens. As you may remember, the idea behind The Bunyadi is a kinda back-to-nature vibe, where staff and customers are unclothed, phones are banned and there’s no electricity – with food being cooked over a fire and light coming from candles. A full week ahead of the public launch, we stripped off and went to eat dinner with unclothed guests.

First, you pull aside the velvet curtain and enter The Bunyadi’s bar area, which could easily be a high-end spa. After ordering a drink, you’re ushered into a private changing room and instructed to remove your clothes, put all worldly possessions in a locker and change into a robe. Back into the bar, guests sipped cocktails and made small talk in white towelling robes. But instead of a post-facial glow, there was a pre-naked glow about the place; each guest eyeing the door, gearing up to be called through to the restaurant to dine in the buff.

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master chef semi finalist offers personalized clothes free dining experience 

Naked diners welcome at Gloucester restaurant

It would bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘intimate experience’ but former MasterChef semi-finalist Kathryn Minchew is more than happy to throw the doors of her boutique Gloucester restaurant open to naked diners.

Kathryn’s imagination was pricked when she got wind of London eaterie the Bunyadi offering the same experience – and it already has a waiting list of more than 27,000 would-be in-the-buff customers.
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pop up resturant in London to serve clothes free diners for three weeks

# A naked restaurant is opening in London… and there are already 10,000 people on the waiting list

Seb Lyall, the founder of creators Lollipop, said: ‘We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation.’

The website says they aim to create a ‘Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing’, using ‘natural, home-grown ingredients’ to envelope clients in the atmosphere.

Guests will enjoy wood-flame grilled meals served on handmade clay crockery and edible cutlery, in a space void of the industrialised-world’s modern trappings, their website says.

They will dine under a canopy of candle lights, creatively partitioned with bamboo and wicker, as they recline on wood-hewn furniture.

Guests will be offered a vegan and a non-vegan menu, and those who sit in the naked section will be offered lockers to put their clothes in as they change in to their gowns.

But the instagram foodies may have a quiet night as there is strictly no photography in the naked section.

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