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NaturalFoundationYoga Med Retreat

Calling all clothes free yogis for Natural Foundation Yoga and Meditation Retreat! Would you be interested in a clothing optional getaway where you could shed your layers of clothing and step into a soulful experience of yoga practice, meditation, and other workshops?

If so, help us shape a unique experience by taking a moment to indicate your interests and preferences for such an opportunity in the survey below. Read more

Clothes free yoga retreat sells outs

After New York's first naked yoga studio, the nude Ibiza yoga retreat that has become a sell-out success

The retreat is open to both men and women and is on sale from £921. It will combine mixed yoga classes for the de-robed at a luxury finca (country house) set in 20 acres of fragrant pine forests on the north of the island overlooking the sea. The retreat has its own swimming pool and even a helipad for VIP guests.
The first experience, due to start in mid-May, has already sold out, so the company is hurriedly adding extra dates to cater to upmarket holidaymakers looking to get back to nature.
Company founder Jax Lysycia told MailOnline Travel: 'I’m delighted to now be able to add Naked Yoga on to our rosta of retreats at Formentera Yoga and look forward to adding more dates on to our schedule this year as it’s been incredibly popular.

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Naked Thoughts From a Naturist Retreat: Part 1

Naked Thoughts From a Naturist Retreat: Part 1

These words are powerful ones for me, words that are very pointed and instructive. As I consider them, I begin to find something worth saying about why I am at Green Haven, alone and nude. Of all the problems that seem to be surfacing, it is the problem of not really living that is at the centre. I wonder if the “why” or the “how” I feel into this state is even important. I am there. But, it isn’t all lifeless; there are moments when I seem to come alive, enough moments that it is worth the risk to dare even more to challenge the dark nights of my soul. What are those things that spark the sensation of being alive?
Nude moments – it is strange how simply taking off my clothing seems to get my heart beating just a bit faster, excitement and daring. Being naked is about freedom, the casting away of handcuffs that I had placed on myself. It’s as though I have declared that I am not hiding anymore.

I want to look again at what being naked is doing, what it is bringing forward. At home I have been getting naked more and more. Clothing is becoming something I put on only when it seems to be appropriate for some task, or if I would be visible by any person who happened to be walking outside our home. As well, I put on clothing when one of our neighbours comes to our house. I am usually nude when I write, and when I meditate. Before sitting in front of the computer, I take off whatever I am wearing and sit on the towel on my chair. As I write, I feel alive in the fullest sense of the word. Writing is a passion, something that is more imposed on me rather than a choice. I am driven to write, to put up my blog posts with images – all of which only now happens when I am nude.

Getting Ready For Second Retreat

I am busy preparing for another naturist retreat which will begin on Monday with me returning home four days later, on Thursday. I have been paying close attention to the long-term weather forecast hoping for a few warm and sunny days to be had. Somewhere between now and then, I hope to put up enough scheduled posts to cover my absence from access to Internet. I am looking forward to those days of quietness which comes from no Internet or cell phone service. I anticipate more in depth reading and journal entries and perhaps some solid development of my book about the healing that comes with the addition of naturism to the proces

via Getting Ready For Second Retreat | A Naturist’s Lens.

Aussie Nude Retreats

Aussie Nude Retreats

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A Blount County Nudist Retreat

A Blount County Nudist Retreat

Lee and Cindi Beasely are working hard on this 90 degree afternoon. Their retirement dreams are about to come true as these truck drivers work on their new venture.

Owner Cindi Beasley said, “Today’s society is fast paced anyway. We all need our own method of relaxation and this chooses to be ours and our friends.”

The Beasley’s are building a nudist retreat on their Blount County property in Horton.