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Naturist Association Thailand will arrange a Naked Run in the Jungle October 2016. The run will be either 2.5 km or 5 km your choice- if there is enough demand an extended 10 km will be added. But the 2.5 km run could also simply be a enjoyable walk along the jungle track to the finishing line.

The run will take place 23-24 October 2016 – the long weekend of the Chulalongkorn Day and will follow the format of the popular “mini-half marathon” that are currently very popular in and around Bangkok.

Naturist Association Thailand

What It’s Like To Race in the Bare Burro 5K Nude Run

Bare Burro 5K Nude Run at Olive Dell Nudist Ranch

The 7th annual Bare Burro 5K Nude Run will take place on April 10, 2016 at Olive Dell Nudist Ranch in Colton, California. From the event press release: “The Bare Burro run was started in 2010 and is now established as the premier nude running event in Southern California. More than 200 runners competed in 2015, running a challenging 5K course though the hills and hiking trails of the rustic Olive Dell Ranch, where the wild burros usually visible from the course inspired the punning name of the race.”

Below is a guest blog about what it’s like to run in the Bare Burro. Whether you’re an experienced nudie runner or new to naturism, this should be a fun spring event for those in SoCal! There is a discounted registration fee until April 1 and participation is limited to 300 people, so learn more and register now at

NAKED WEEK at Denison University

My introduction to Naked Week has thus far been mostly in the form of rumors and myths: a long-standing tradition of students appearing en masse, in public, and naked all week long. This is only my second semester teaching at Denison, and my first experience witnessing this spectacle. Beforehand, I heard several different accounts of the significance of this event. For some, it is a festival of body-positivity, breaking with social conventions in order to affirm the inherent worth and beauty of bodies. For others, it’s been described as another excuse to party or to get attention. I heard one person say that it inspires them that people are so brave; another said that it just makes them uncomfortable. To be sure, the motivations and intentions of Naked Week and today’s opening ceremonies are plural, shifting, at times communal, at times individual, and likely sometimes contradictory. But as an artist and a scholar of performing arts, a reality with which I am intimately aware is that the effects of any performance, any actions, will always exceed any motivations and intentions. The potential effects of any performance will remain in part unpredictable, and will vary more than anyone can control. Rather than speculate about the intentions or motivations of those who ran naked in front of their university community today, I want to take a moment to consider some of the possible effects of that action.

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College Students Run Naked to Relieve Stress before Exams

The naked truth about the Naked Run

The UC Berkeley Naked Run occurs each semester during the week leading up to final exams, during which a mass of students bare some — or in most cases all — and take a few laps through the stacks, much to the amusement or horror of the students studying. The run, which lasts about 20 minutes, culminates in a crowd gathering in the center of the library and cheering.

Most spectators watch with bemused looks as the naked students stream past while shouting and blowing horns. While many complain about the temporary disruption, most are ultimately put off by the smell that lingers after the runners leave. It’s not uncommon for the runners in the back to carry air fresheners.

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Run for it





Edvantage – Students run naked to celebrate graduation

A series of nude photos of graduates celebrating the end of university life in China has caused a buzz on the Internet.

In the photos, five graduates from Orient Science & Technology College of Hunan Agriculture University are seen running nude in the campus before leaving the college, reported.

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treadmill run

treadmill run

nude guy running out on treadmill

Run for the house?

Run for the house?